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PARDON SEEKING PRAYER  / अपराधक्षमास्तुतिस्तोत्र 

अपराधसहस्राणि क्रियन्ते अहर्निशं मया । दासो अहमिति मां मत्वा क्षमस्व परमेश्वरी ।।
Thousands of misunderstandings, huge blunders, crimes and sins are perpetually being done by us. Pardon us them all with the consideration that " We are thy wicked children".
आवाहनं न जानामि न जानामि विसर्जनम । पूजा चैव न जानामि क्षम्यतां परमेश्वरी ।।
मन्त्रहीनं क्रियाहीनं भक्तिहीनं सुरेश्वरि । यत्पूजितं मया माई परिपूर्णं तदस्तु मे ।।
We do not know the inviting or parting formality ceremony or courtesy. We do not know how to worship. We do something  somehow, without scriptural observances, ceremony or devotion.Ye Mother of Infinite Mercy !! pardon us.
अपराधशतं कृत्वा जगदम्बेति चोच्चरेत ।  यां गति समवाप्नोति न तां ब्रह्मादयः सुराः ।।
Having committed hundreds of sins and crimes, Thy devotees who repeat  Jagadamba - Jay Mai - are given a forgiveness which is unimaginable by Brahma,principal deities and others.
सापराधो अस्मि शरणं प्राप्तस्त्वां जगदम्बिके । इदानीमनुकम्प्यो अहं यथेच्छसि तथा कुरू ।। 
Full of sins we are, but we have surrender ourselves to Thee. We are to be pitied for what we have done. Do with us as Thou wishest.
अज्ञानाद्विस्मृतेभ्रान्त्या यन् न्यूनाधिकं कृतम् । तत्सर्वं क्षम्यतां माई प्रसीद परमेश्वरी ।।
Whatever more or less, action or omission, as a result of ignorance, forgetfulness, misunderstanding, indolence, etc. happens in our case or proceeds from us, please pardon us for  that [ and set all right considering Thy own greatness and Thy universal fame of Mercifulness  and Forgiveness and the universal belief about Thy own never-failing grace ] .
 मार्कण्डमाई जगन्मातः सच्चिदानंदविग्रहे । गृहाणार्चामिमां प्रीत्या प्रसीद परमेश्वरी ।।
Thou art the fulfiller and controller of desires. Thou art the Mother of the whole universe, Thou art existence, knowledge and bliss.Please accept our worship made blissful by the love which thou bearest to thy children.
गुह्यातिगुह्यगोपत्री त्वं गृहाणास्मात्कृतं जपम् । सिध्दिर्भवतु मे माई त्वत्प्रसादात्सुरेश्वरि ।। जय माई ।
जय माई जय मार्कण्ड माई
Thou art mystery of mysteries and Thy mercy is inconceivable of all inconceivables, Thou art the protectress of protectionists. Accept whatever is done by us as best, and by Thy grace . Oh Mother, let our truest welfare and victory be achieved.
जय माई जय मार्कण्ड माई
EXTRACTS FROM   माई सहस्रनाम पठणम्  / PHALASHRUTI / [ FIRST EDITION 20 MARCH 1953 ]

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SMRITI DHYAANA स्मृति ध्यान 
(1) Lasat Kachaa लसत्कचा - With Thy hair adorned with champaka flowers
(2) Kanat-Kotir कनत् कोटीर - With Thy crown of Kuruvinda Mani gems resplendent
(3) Ashtami Chandra अष्टमीचन्द्र - With Thy forehead like crescent shaped moon
(4) Mriga Naabhi मृगनाभि - With the musk tiny mark, like moon-spot
(5) Toran Chillikaa  तोरणचिल्लिका - With Thy eyebrows like green auspicious buntings as entrance arches of the palace of Kaam Raaja 
(6) Meenaabha Lochanaa मीनाभलोचना - With Thy eyes like playful and speedy fishes playing in the beautious 
lake of the face
(7) Naasaa नासा - With Thy beautifully attractive nose like the fresh new blown champak flower 
(8) Taaraa Kaanti ताराकान्ति - With Thy nose jewel excelling the splendid Mars star 
(9) Karna Poora  कर्णपूर - With Thy ears decked at top with Kadamba clusters 
(10) Taatanka ताटंक - With Thy ear-rings representing Sun and Moon
(11) Kapol कपोल - With Thy cheeks that eclipse the Padma Raga brightness  
(12) Bimbshree बिम्बश्री - With Thy lips, which put the colour of fresh Corals and Bimba fruit to shame
(13) Dwijpankti द्विजपंक्ति -With Thy two teeth rows like buds
(14) Karpoora Vitikaa कर्पूरवीटीका - With Thy betel leaves in Thy mouth, the fragrance whereof maddens the deities of all directions 
(15) Manda Smitaa मन्दस्मिता - With Thy soft sweet  smile, which in its fulness of Glory enchants Thy devotees
(16) Kachchhapi कच्छपी -  With Thy sweetish word. More musical and sweet than any musical Instrument
(17) Chibuka चिबुक - With Thy Chin which Thy devotees catch to turn Thy face forcefully towards themselves
(18) Greevaa ग्रीवा - With Thy neck, which thy devotees bend on their hanging and swinging themselves, in group, most endearingly 
(19) Mangala Sutra मंगलसूत्र - With Thy sacred new thread, never to forsake Thy Devotees 
(20) Kanak Bhujaa कनकभुजा - With Thy soft and strong lovely arms, adorned with various ornaments 
(21) Lola Muktaavali लोलमुक्तावलि - With Thy necklaces of gems and gold having a dangling pearl
(22) Kuchadwayi कुचद्वयी - With Thy nectar reservoir breasts to suckle thy children
(23) Madhyamaa मध्यमा - With Thy waist which carries Thy children after the suckling stage
(24) Kati Vastra कटीवस्त्र - With Thy rosy tinted garment adoring Thy waist
(25) Kati-Patta-Bandha कटीपट्टबन्ध - With Thy belt of dazzling gems set in gold
(26) Kinkinikaa किंकिणिका - With sweetest music flowing from the jewelled bells connected with the belt
(27) Uru उरू - With Thy beautiful smooth and soft thighs, which form the lap for Thy further advanced children devotees
(28) Jaanu जानु - With Thy jewelled disc like knees which appear as frontal globes of the Divine Elephant
(29) Janghikaa जंघिका - With Thy calves like the sapphire studded quivers of the God of Love
(30) Gudha Gulphaa गूढगुल्फा -With Thy ankles strong and round 
(31) Noopoora नूपुर - With Thy anklets the tinkling music whereof and the dazzling light of the gems set wherein madden the ears and eyes of Thy devotees
(32) Koormaprishtaa कूर्मपृष्ठा - With Thy Lotus Feet, the convex side whereof is arched like the back of  a tortoise 
(33) Nakhadidhiti नखदीधिति - With Thy nails, brightest rays radiating wherefrom rush into the hearts of Thy devotees, and dispel their Darkness and ignorance 
(34) Paadaambujaa पादाम्बुजा - Finally, with Thy Lotus Feet the Final Refugee of Thy Devotees for the highest attainment of Light, Life and Love.
(35) Avyaaja Karunaa Murti अव्याजकरूणामूर्ति: - With Thy Innumerable and Impartial Mercifulness and Compassion 
(36) Bhukti-Mukti-Pradaayini भुक्तिमुक्तिप्रदायिनी - With Thy ever-readiness to devote the highest Enjoyment and Emancipation to Thy devotees



Spurn me not MOTHER DEAR, 
From THY blessed LOTUS FEET.
Where else can I find a sympathetic ear ?
Where else safe retreat ?

Whom show the bleeding wounds,
Of my lacerated heart ?
How forget my bitter woes ? 
To whom open my pent-up mind ?

What to eat and where to sleep ?
Or where in silence weep ? 
Where find a seat, much less rest ?
Why live at all with a fallen crest ?

No, I will not leave Thee Mother Dear,
Who dares touch me or come so near,
Knowing me well as THINE own son ?
Futile will be Thy artful command,
Do THY worst but here let me die,
At THY FEET, saying " Mother " JAY MAI.

Defeat I own, my naughty son,
Wayward thou art, but thou hast won,
My lap throbs for thee, ever dear !
Come up, come up, have no fear.

Merciful MOTHER, I knew not THY lap's bliss,
As into this wide world I went forth,
There gained ample worldly wisdom,
Lost sweet innocence, Thy kingdom;
And my place on thy lap as a wicked son,
Oh ! accept me as I am, Blessed one.

EXTRACTS FROM THE BOOK : माई सहस्रनाम पठणम् 
First Edition : 1953
Publisher :- Universal Mai-ism Trust, Mai Niwas, Saraswati Road End, Santa-Cruz ( West ) MUMBAI 400054 INDIA