Saturday, March 7, 2015


Women are manifestations of Mother. She is generatrix or creatrix of this universe.She is faithful companion of man and partner in life. Woman is the mighty work of God, the queen of the house, a real Governor, the Lakshmi who adorns the house, the sweet companion and helpmate of man.

Women are in no way inferior to man. They are patient, enduring, devotional, loving and more self-restraint by nature. They are also fit to tread the spiritual path and reach the goal of life. 

Pure, unselfish love and sacrifice is described as the inborn nature of women. A house is  a Vaikuntha (heaven) where a husband and wife are harmoniously united  by the chord of pure love , where husband and wife study religious work, do regular japa and meditation. A woman who is devoted to her husband  is rare flower on earth, a blessing for the house and a brilliant jewel for the family.

Women with their Pativrata Dharma can do anything. Savitri brought back life to her dead husband Satyavan. She fought with the God of death actually.Nothing makes a woman more esteemed by man than chastity. Women, although fallen into great adversities is protected by her power of chastity. Modesty is the ornament of women. To go beyond the boundaries of modesty, to behave like a man, destroys the elegance , grandeur, grace and beauty of the fair sex. Modesty is  a wonderful mixture of humility, politeness, decency, elegance , gentleness and sweetness. Modesty is the mark of true nobility. A woman without modesty is a flower without fragrance. Modesty raises a woman to the status of divinity. A modest woman command respect from all.

Woman must be educated on the right lines.Cultured women are blessing to the society. Education and culture should make them ideal woman , immortal and glorious. The progress and prosperity of a community or nation   depends entirely upon the education of women. The education of women only can raise the country to her original condition. If you educate the woman , you educate the family and educate the whole nation at large. If any nation is to be built up, woman should have proper culture.The future generation depends  upon the mother of today.Mother is the backbone of nation. She has to give moral and religious training.

Women have a peculiar religious instinct in them. They are devotional. They infuse religious spirit in male through their daily conduct and practical life. That house is miserable place where in the husband moves up in spirituality and wife pulls him down in sensual grooves and vice versa. A woman is true wife who is a good homemaker. She is a true wife whose heart is  devoted to her husband. She is a true wife  who is faithful to her husband. The wife is source of Dharma, Artha, Kama. A wife is a friend when she talks sweetly. She is father on all religious occasions of religious rites. She is like mother in times of illness and woe.

Mai-ism says that if you make one brother religious and righteous he is by himself alone. He may discontinue if there is displeasure at home. If you make one sister righteous and religious there follows an army of relations  that are in one-ness bondage and blood bondage with her.

According to Mai-ism the right central pivot of any nation for the development of its religiosity, righteousness, culture and civilization, its virtuousness and piousness, is it's womenfolk in general and the mothers in particular. Woman is the maker and dictator of man through her mysterious and wonderful powers  of protection and infatuation. Further if we want to raise up the spirituality, morality, religiosity, sociability and nobility of a nation or a community, the female world would have to play the most glorious part in that nation lifting work. Home discipline and home education under the watchful superintendent of mothers and parents is the foundation of  national character-formation.