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71. All the various details about the Founder had become so very popularly known that he was addressed as Mother and dear Mother or Mai or Mai-ji by all interested in Mai-ism. Even some college professors and others (like Suryanarayan Sastry of Madras) who took part in the conference and congress addressed him as " mother ". In such a serious thing, as a printed address in casket which was given to him while on transfer in a meeting convened by more than 8 small institutions, the Founder was addressed as Dearest most-Merciful Mother". This practise of addressing him as mother " has continued till now.

72. The Founder's Mother-absorption is most interesting to know, and thrilling. Some people who knew him would address him as Mother. If there be any letter which did not start with " Jai Mai " from a man who had a religious relation to him, he would tear it out and write to him " Your letter did not begin with Jay Mai, so it has been torn out". " Please write again". Even the greatest scoffers of his would say, "If you want any work from him, talk to him about the mercifulness of the Mother to the world. He would do any thing, give you anything." If any one, of course initiated, finished his letter without a reference to Mai, he will be out of his mood and logic. "You want your son to recover, etc., you ungrateful mortals?, you have not even the courtesy to inquire about our Mother??" "Let love die but not even the barest courtesy?". And the suffering boy will not recover soon. If on the other hand anyone wrote " Please tell Mother, the boy is suffering much," he will dance and immediately reply, or even wire, " Mother will cure your son before next Friday " and that would surely happen. Founder says, I have seen so much bankruptcy that with full knowledge about insincerity I want Mother's remembrance and name-repetition. I am satisfied with even that much. Atleast, let the courtesy be there. Let it be even a lip-stated one. It is better than ungratefulness and absence of consciousness itself."

    It is the most frequent accusation, often sweetly flung in the face of the Founder. "You remove the miseries of them, who talk with artificial sweetness about the Mother and cheat you, whereas one who are plain-minded and do not cheat you remain unheard and unaided". The Founder would reply "I am fully aware of the wholesale bankruptcy. But I prefer to be cheated for Mai's sake with Her lip-glorification rather than die thirsty in the dry and dreary desert of " NO MOTHER'S NAME."

73. When he went to Nasik, in 1933, he was carrying Mother's picture in his hands. On the way from station to the college quarters, there was a heavy rain which made it impossible for the motor to go further. Volunteers took away the bags and baggages. One of them said, "Please give that picture to me. I will carry it safe." Said the Founder, " That picture is my MotherShe is the most obstinate mother and most naughty childShe won't go in any handsShe will harass me to carry Her myself all the long way offunder rains; just take Her." The weight was so heavy. A young man of twenty himself half-bent down in water as if overloaded. None else dared trying, although Founder had to carry Her all the long way off, tired and under rains. Founder often says " Mother harasses me too much. I don't know whether She is Mother? or a pampered only-Daughter?"

74. He would misunderstand any talk as Mother's talk and be a fool when he would be disillusioned. Any word such as " other ", " further ", he would hear as " Mother."

      One very, interesting instance was this.

      One day, one girl, 24 years, entered his place saying " Is mother here?" Founder ran to her with every devotional overflow. " Yes, Yes, She is here, Come in." He took her to the picture, performed a small quick Arti and gave her Prasad. The fact was something else. The girl was given an address of the building and her own mother had come to the adjoining block. The girl was wise enough not to give a shock to Founder by telling the truth as she saw him over joyful with supreme devotion. The girl went to the next block where her mother was seated and the mother with her daughter came to Founder for Founder's Darshan. Founder was so much ashamed when he knew facts. With tears, he said, " Excuse me, please excuse me. U am mad after my Mother and feel as if the whole world has no other business to do except to be occupied with Mother and Mother's workLet my Mother however make amends for my folly. Have you any misery"?? Their eyes were wet. The mother said, " She my daughter herself is unhappy." "Her husband has gone to Africa, does not send a single pie, not even a letter."  The Founder danced, blessed the girl by putting his hand over her head. "What a wise girl you are !! You did not spurn and laugh at mean old devotional fool". "Within nine Fridays, you come here with your husband's letter and the money-payment information." This actually happened. The husband repented, wrote a letter and sent some money. They were reconciled.

    If one addresses him as Mother or Mother's son, faithfully and wholeheartedly, that means practically an end to his difficulties. Mother won't displease Mother's child, unless the recipient of the Grace does not deserve it, or is completely disentitled by Prarabdha.

75. Most important event which has led to the broadcasting of Mai-ism in masses of Gujerat and Sowrashtra was the initiation of Rev. brother Keshavlal B. Pandya alias Kanishta Keshao, editor of " Shakti " in Gujerat and in charge of Mai-mandal and Mai-Mandir in Nadiad. The spread of Mai-ism in poorer and less-learnt classes, in Gujerat and Kathiawar, was mainly due to his untiring day and night hard work, with the dedication of his life to Mai-ism. His work can be imagined from the fact that there are not less than a hundred Mai Mandals (Mother's lodges) and over fifty different places and there are two Mai temples, one at Nadiad and the other at Rajkot, in charge of Rev. brother Keshavlal and Markandray Vasavda alias Mai Kalapi (Mother's peacock) respectively.

76. Keshavlal was a devotee of the old school of the Hindu Mother Mataji. He was an assisting clerk to the editor of " Jyoti ", a local paper in Nadiad. On hearing reports about Mai-ism, he took an appointment with the Founder residing at Toddiwala road in Poona. Keshavlal in the first place was sorely disappointed on a homely talk for about more than two hours. He had expected a Hindu Mahatma and a devotee with a temple management and he had expected a devotee's talk in which the praises of Hinduism and Mataji, greatness of Geeta and ancestry, would be overflowing. He was surprised that in the Founder's place there was nothing like deity-grandeur and bathing-sanctity and a separate temple-like place for worshipping, etc. The Founder talked in the universal strain and especially on God as Mother and not as power, and without reference to Amba, Bahucharajee, Kali, Bhavani, etc. He did not eulogise the pilgrimage-places or past devotees. He talked of fundamental of Mai-ism, viz., service, love, devotion and self-surrender. Both returned home from the Bund garden where they had been. Keshaolal was dejected. He had spent his time and money uselessly. Said the Founder, pointing out to a simple Mother's picture with nothing around it, "Shall we Pray and Worship?". The question was merely a confusing one as if praying was playing, with nothing done in readiness and nothing to be done. Keshaolal said dejectedly, "Yes. I don't mind." "What is to be done?" Founder replied, "Do whatever you like. Sling, dance, meditate, kneel, pray, prostrate. Do whatever you love best. There is no particular method with Mai. You know best what will make you most absorbed in Mai."

77. Keshavlal said, he would perform Arti. The Arti was prepared. While he waved the light, before he finished the first line of "Namo devyai Maha devyai shi", he had Mother's full vision- he could not utter the next word " Shivayai ". The arti dish fell off on the ground from his hand and he fell like a tall tree under a hurricane storm repeating " Oh ! Mother ! I did not know Thee and recognise Thy devotee!!" He rolled on the ground and placed his head in the lap of the Founder crying him "Mother? Excuse me. I did not recognise Thee". He had to be consoled by pouring two buckets of water on his head in the cold night. When he came to normality, the Founder took meals with him, talking most sweetly. After dinner, the Founder asked him "Now let me know your religious difficulties or obstacles in your religious progress, if any." Keshavlal said with great joy " What do I want more? When you have showered on me the grace of Pratyaksha Darshan Eye-to-eye vision of Mother)?." This is exactly like Paramahamsa and VivekanandPerhaps much moreYou introduced me to Mother here and now alonewithout my preparation taking its own time." The Founder told him, "That is because in a particular matter, viz., " Visualisation ", you were almost ready. You needed only a Guru to give the final stroke". Then the matters took the turn of worldly personal matters and he was asked what he proposed to do in life. The Founder was extremely surprised when Keshaolal said, "He would do Mai's work, if he was blessed, as he was from his birth passionately devoted to Ambajee. The Founder blessed him with the most brilliant success in Mai's work. The
" Jyoti " was changed to be " Shakti " as per Founder's advice which was started in 1936 and for years together Founder wrote important articles introducing the name Mai and Mai conception and explaining Mai-ism. Keshaolal was given a sanctified picture of Mai which he installed in his home and which made him fortunate enough to construct a Mai-temple for Mother. Mai has now become almost an every home word in Gujerat and Sowrashtra. Surely the Founder gave all credit of spreading Mai-ism in Greater Gujerat to him. The Founder being in service (unlike many religious preachers who have little to sacrifice financially on accepting religious career and who are free to take up full time religious work which again becomes and avenue of their support as well) did all contactual spark work, during all the available hours outside his office hours.

78. In a short period of 2 or 3 years, public opinion was developed and the people were trained to receive the new pure and unadulterated conception of Mai and Mai-ism. In 1937, Brother Keshavlal, in the preface of his Chandi path, printed the week-life-extension incident above described which led to the installation of Mai and starting of the Mother's Lodge. He also printed the Mai mantra " Jay Mai " with all necessary instructions by the Founder given to him dated Friday 29-1-1937. He openly expressed his gratitude in these words " As I am a principal member of the Mother's Lodge and as a result thereof, as in my heart the Motherly conception of God has been born, I have been able to attain a good deal of enlightenment and progress in my religious life." Regarding the Mai Mantra he further wrote, "Pujya Markandbhai (Founder) has permitted me to put before the public this Mantra, acceding to my longstanding request. I as also many others have many miraculous experiences about the efficiency of this wonderful Mother's-Mantra."

79. Some time after, in about 1938, Keshavlal got a strong wave of renouncing the world. He then ran down to Poona. On meeting the Founder, in his office, (being nearest to the Railway Station) Keshavlal could not contain himself and wept so bitterly that the Founder had immediately to leave the office and take him home. The Founder gave him the right understanding, assured him he had a glorious religious future and that the work that he was doing was as efficient a measure for his self-elevation as the Sanyas. Founder emphasised the point that Mai-ism believed more in service to others that are suffering for want of clear understanding and guidance and solid assistance in religious progress than in striving for one's own progress aloneleaving the world to his own fate. Somehow, Keshavlal was only half-pacified and it was on this occasion that the Founder had to explain to him the most subtle ways of thinking religious problems with their independent fundamentalintrinsicrationalistic true valueswithout being guided or carried away by traditions or usually prevalent beliefs and conclusions. Keshavlal finally gave the Founder a promise to continue his Mai work and returned to Nadiad. The work was resumed and vigorously pursued. The popularity of Mai went on increasing especially by the new idea started by Keshavlal about the "Name Yagna of Mai." Thirteen and forty crores of "Mai" names were written by different devotees about 15 and 20 thousand in number in 1941 and 1947 respectively from about 500 cities, towns and villages. In this undertaking Founder fully encouraged him and got Mai's Madrasi and Belgaum devotees to add to the names' number in terms of lacs. This propaganda of Keshavlal made it possible for him to raise funds for Mai-Mandir and a Mai temple was constructed in 1941 in Nadiad, (between Baroda and Ahmedabad.)

80. The spark of devotion and Mai service and Mai belief proceeded further from Keshavlal and several Mai Mandals (nearing hundred and each having nearly 100 to 125 members) were organized by him at different places. One important feature was the construction of a similar Mai temple at Rajkot, in 1943, in Kathiawar or Sourashtra. Outside India Mai-ism has its followers and Mother's Lodges in Singapore, Malaya, Nairobi, Mombasa, Daresalem and Aden etc.

81. Numerical strength is no small factor in judging about the merits if any Institution and therefore these facts rightly claim their due place here, in this publication, representing as they do the extremely widespread foundation of Mai-ism. These two Mai-devotees, Brother Kanishta Keshav and Mai Kalapi, have done numerically huge work in midst of the masses of Gujerat and Kathiawar, the former through " Shakti " paper and the latter through Bhajans and Kirtans, and devotional poems garhas and Bhava-geets. These printed in booklets are popularly sung in Mai meetings and Mai worships. The basic work of changing the power aspect " to the Mother & child aspect " has been admirably doneand practically by nowthe old conception of Mataji has been reformed and refined to be that of Mai. (Please read Keshavlal's letter to the Founder dated 17-6-1938, printed in Shakti-Prasadi Part III, page 415, in support of this final brilliant achievement). That change in the very conception itself has resulted now in a general mass disbelief in the matter of past mal-practices and wrong harmful religious beliefs in the name of Mataji, which had made it a matter of ignominy, as admitted even by Mataji's followers themselves and in prints, for any one to be known as a devotee of Mataji. "Devi Bhakta" had been a taunting and a ridiculous word for a drunkard, one with no morals and full of wrathfulness, resentment and vindictivity, and secret powers of subjugating or ruining others that would hurt or insult him. People would altogether evade them, fear them and shun their company, with a constant fright of giving any unconscious offence and being ruined by them with their superior or inferior,white or black, super-powers.

82. Regarding this healthy improvement and a drastic and overhauling change in the mass mentality, brought over by Mai-ism and Mai-Swarup, the following observations made by a college professor in Bombay, a Mai-ist, while offering his prostrations to Mai-Swarup on the last Guru Poornima day, 28-7-1950, are recorded here, as from a responsible experienced keen observer for years of the mass mentality in Gujerat and Saurashtra, in this respect (printed in a Gujerati book).

    "The direct result and fruit of the Kali age is atheism. It was largely augmented by the so called reformers of the society, who pulled the mass towards materialistic happiness and planted seeds of irreligion. The centuries-old current of the national religiosity survived all destructive efforts but has surely got extremely weakened. In such times of embarrassment on all sides and from all quartersas the Saviour of mankindMai-Swarup Mai Markand has raised his finger to show us the most Merciful Mother Parent and has renewed Mother-worship under Mai-ism with an altogether new conception and new form and new belief. He has facilitated and made a-new the old, the centuries-old path, long forgotten, misunderstood and misinterpreted. In the pastvillains have cheated the blind-faithed massin the name of sainthood and Guru-domMai-Swarupa has torn asunder the black and dark thick veils that intervened between the Merciful Mother and Her childrenwith right illumination and eye-opening through his personal teachings and writings. He has not only torn off the suffocating veils but has shown ways of Mother-worship that can be well followed conveniently in the changed circumstances of the modern world. The sacred teachings of Divine knowledge which were not merely simply kept concealed from the general public. but were utilised to strike fears, establish superiority, extract money, and get benefits, have been laid open by Mai-Swarup to all without the distinction of caste creed or colour. The stagnant waters of religiosity have been made to flow smoothly all over the religious worldWhatever evil things (such assuperstitious black magicand religious sanction to immorality in the name of religionhad crept inin the true Mother-worshiphave been all swept out and annihilated. Let people once decide and determine to give a trial to this religious remedy of removing their sufferings. All ye that have their faith in the assurance given by the writer of these words!! Do believe that, just as the writer has experienced himself, they too will have a miraculous relief of peace and bliss on commencing the repetition of Mother's most efficacious Mantra. " Jaya Mai, Jaya Markand Mai, Jaya Markand Rupa Mai, Jaya Markanda Rupa Markand Mai."
    Mother Be Blessed. Those old beliefs and religious mischiefs in Her name have been by now deep-buried, ash-burnt only live now in mere memories of the past.

          Jay Mai                Jai Mai            Jay Mai                                                                                                                                         



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