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147. Says the Founder, "The bitterest atheism of a man is simply a straw-like thing which is blown away on turning the blast of a misery into a beautitudeful breeze by Mother's Grace. These are proved facts and not oratories. The Founder has seen most thinking educated people changing from the most vehement " No " to weeping and repentant " Yes ", within a few hours of the Mother's Grace-Showers."

    This changing from most vehement " No " to the most repentant " Yes " is unbelievably subtle. Few people realise that it is the She-monkey mind of man that sometimes raises him to the high palatial terrace and sometimes buries him in the deepest and darkest cellars of despondency. People have always heard but few have practised the secret of being an unconcerned and uninfluenced spectator. Few have learnt to laugh at their own contrasts, contradictions and inconsistencies. Few have thought of what passes in their own mind and life, spiritually.

148. According as that mind is cheerful or sorrowful, the whole outlook changes. The whole sky gets bright or cloudy. People say at one moment : "There is nothing like Sun". The cloud disappears and the very same they, at the next moment, say : "The Sun is surely there." None of the two contradictory statements is necessarily a lie or a hypocrisy. People actually and honestly feel like that. Only thing is they have not risen to the height of seeing the game play of the mind itself as an introspective expert spectator. They are immediately carried away as their mind chooses.

149. When you are in trouble and disappointment, everything gets dark. When  the miraculous  Grace showers, the whole view changes. Let me first talk about this point in a humorous light manner, applicable to most of us. A beggarly relative of a rich zamindar in Benares was invited to stay with him for eight months in two sessions in a year for almost the whole of his life. Every time he returned from the Zamindar's place, sometimes he would talk about him as "the most charitable and in every way a Godlike man", at other times he would call him "that beggarly fellow". What was his opinion about the man?? No opinion. It is only the royal or indifferent or poor treatment, that is the true giver of the opinion. It is none of his own opinion. Another instance. Just try if you like. "Catcha" poor brahmin, you being rich. If he comes to your place just when you are on your royal dish and he is hungry, ignore his hunger and palate but make him sit by your side and you go on praising all the dainties in your dish, which he has only to see. After your dinner, he remaining hungry, just ask him, "What do you think of the rich Shethias of this city? Imagine his answer. Half an hour later, let your wife call him in for dinner with every praise and reverence for his piety, every sweetness and daughterly endearment, pressing him to take yet more, asking his opinion about each dainty, and let her in the end say "you took practically nothing, very little. You do come next-Sunday without fail, I will be waiting for you." Let her then now ask the same question. "How are the Shethanis of this city?" He will say "cuckoos that ever enlivened forests". More or less everyone of us is like that claiming relative and that begging brahmin. We joyfully dance with praises and prayersifwhen and providedMother keeps us happy gay and jubilantWe don't want treatment meted out to usto have anything to do with our work and doings. During a little calamity or a discomfort or worry, all cheerfulness, faith, belief, praise-word, everything evaporates and we deny the very existence of God. Few are disbelievers about the existence of God, in their heart of hearts. Fewer are the believers of God that are not His beggars; and our talks about and dealings with God are entirely dependent on how He keeps us. I am talking of the usual worldly men, however intelligent and good they may be. Their no " is nothing worse than their yes and their yes is nothing better than their No ".

150. Let us now turn to the serious side. Nothing is more thrilling and mystic, in the matter of the said change to " Yes ", than the vivid description about the Saint of Saints, Swamy Vivekanand. " Yes must be seen in the wholesale change of the outlook, the very way you deal with the world, the life itself, leading you practically to a relinquishment of all worldly pleasures and possessions. " Yes to be a permanent Yes requires a huge sacrifice and an acid test.

    The first contact with the reality of life convinced Swami Vivekanand (then Narendra) that unselfish sympathy was a rarity in the world. There was no place in it for the weak, the poor, the destitute. The world often seemed to him to be the handiwork of the devil. One day, weary and footsore, he sat down in a Maidan. Some friend sang a song about the overflowing grace of God, perhaps to comfort him. It was like a blow on his head. He explained in bitter anguish and despondency "Please stop that song. Such fancies may be pleasing to those who are born with a silver spoon." He asked to himself, "Does God really hear the fervent prayer of man? Why is there so much woe in His benign kingdom??" He sometimes concluded God was a myth and if He did exist, to call upon Him was fruitless. If God did exist but was deaf to our prayers, it was a cowardice to believe in, and to be obeying God merely through fear of hell.

    But notwithstanding these atheistic views, the vivid memories of divine VISIONS specially after his CONTACT with Paramahamsa, led him to think, God must exist, and there must be some way to realise Him. Otherwise, life would be meaningless and that the way has to be found outonly in the very midst of all troubles and tribulations.

    One evening, suddenly he felt as if by some DIVINE POWER the coverings of his soul were being removed one after another. All his former doubts regarding the co-existence of divine justice and mercy, and the presence of misery in the Creation of a Blissful Providence, were automatically solved. By a deep concentration he found all meaning and was satisfied.

151. Let us dive deep. Do you think there were any new answers which Swamiji had not heard before? If it were something like that, Swamiji would have turned the whole world to be theistic with that magic wand of an intellectual response recipe. It is something much deeper- the very same arguments with which the ears have been so often deafenedBut they have their momentAnd that moment comes when the finalmost thing of Grace dawns. The very same arguments, today you will be satisfied with, but tomorrow you will say, "I was deluded." What is it then?? Two illustrative matters, I will say. Take the Surveying instrument box for instance; you may use the machine, do all your work, but while you set the instrument in, a simple imperfection of a smallest part's adjustment, will make it impossible to close the box. You are twisting some parts, raising some, lowering some. You are busy doing something which you yourself don't knowOnly thing isyour desire that the box be closedgoes stronger and strongerSomething takes placeAt some moment the box closes. It closes with a spring. You can't open it easily. None can dabble with it thenceforth without a key. You heave a sigh of relief. You can't say why it was not closing and why it closedOnly thing you know is that your worry is over and you have the fullest  fixity. It was the intensity of your desire that brought forth by repeated trials (about the logic whereof, you know nothing) the perfection of the adjustment and the setting and the permanent closing of the box.

    The truest understanding about it is that your mind must cease to ask and raise questionsNo answers will satisfy you. And your satisfaction can only be the result of your own intense-most desire and unceasing effort, to be satisfied, abandoning and forgetting all other things. That condition of yours pulls the grace-shower and your thirst is once for all allayed. No questions and no answers but the annihilation of the mind in the matter of the monkeyish-ness of asking questions, beyond all human-answering limits.

    Another matter of an illustration or rather an allied idea, is this. The best physician may give you the most efficacious medicine, but if it does not remain in?? There comes the Divine Mother's Grace. Take my word, you know nothing about the working inspite of your highest boasts. At best they are mere surmises. My best advice is "go on trying medicines after medicines; the moment of Grace at length does arrive and you are saved."

    Three words in the above description about Swamiji are most important. VisionContact, and Divine Power and they combined, give the solution.

    Why should you be so very stubborn?? Why do you require God's existence to have been proved to you??, like a prince who would not shake himself from his seat till all the possible conveyances are announced to have been ready in waiting for him, before you are prepared to do anything? Is there any man, even the king of kings, who had not had to do certain things although he did not will it?? We do so many things, about which we know nothing and about which there is no willingness, but on the other hand there is a definite unwillingness. Look upon all your efforts and troubles in this direction with that eye and readiness. Does the newly married girl (not of today) go to her husband's parents so very willingly? She is actually weeping when she leaves her father's house, as she advances each step. Years after, she says to her father mother and brother " Do come over to my house ". Follow the path which has made so many happy and successful in finding God. Leave all senseless foolish notions, none was born like you. Millions were there like you. Tie down all your doubts and difficulties and dislikes in a packet and hang the packet on a peg.

    Secure the CONTACT with a Saint. That requires no particular rare fitness. Serve him. Remain with him as much as you can. He will introduce you to the DIVINE POWER. That Power will give you VISION. Thereafter start the machinery of the mutual power raising through revolutions of " One's self, One's Guru, One's God. One's Guru, One's Self," ad infinitum.

    If in spite of such repeated simplest instructions, you are hesitating, it only means you are merely a talkerYou have no urgeYou are yet too immature. Satisfaction has come to so many, and it must come to you sooner or later; only a question of time.

152. Carry relief to the world and the world is yours. It will join you in the praise of Almighty. God is not hungry of your praises. Praising is a part of the remedies to help yourself for your own good. Study the situation most minutely, meditate deeply, and you will come to no other conclusion than that the present world of the heaviest tragedy needs The Most Merciful Motherthat does not weigh the world's actionbut forbearsforgivesand forgets and relieves the world's miseries out of a magnanimity of Her Ownself without a word of even recognitionAndthat is Mai-ismthe propitiation of God as Motherwith love service devotion and unconditional cheerful self-surrender.

153. The Founder's views on this matter are of the nature that can be seen from the following. He was once a famine supervisor in Baroda State. There was a laid-down standard of the quantity of excavation and the daily wage in proportion to the work. The maximum rate was 4 annas a day which would help to just keep the body and soul together. After his appointment, he soon saw in about a week's time that more than 80% could not be entitled to minimum-meal wages. By starvation, the coolies became weaker and weaker and doing still less work. The vicious circle started. He was moved with pity. He became extremely liberal in his measurements and saw that every one got the minimum so as not to starve. The shortage of work of 3000 persons was gradually increasing; he hoped it will be made up, but that day never came. A complaint had already reached the head office that he was too liberal and it was ordered that a sub-engineer should give a surprise visit and check measurements and the total amount paid. The Founder had handled over his fate in the hands of dearest Mother, after profound sorrow on hearing the report.

    During this period of this suspense, His Highness visited the place. The technicalities of the work were inspected (not the finance). His Highness was quite pleased, but the Founder was trembling within his heart; "all this satisfaction will disappear on sub-engineer's report." But there was Mother at his beck and callever protecting him. Three days later, Her Highness came over. She expressed great satisfaction at the healthy glow joyfulness and the minimum number of deaths and illness, etc. in the Founder's famine relief camp. She called him at her royal tents. This was the conversation. Her Highness said, "I find your famine work arrangement has shown the best condition of preservation in the whole of the State. What do you wish me to do for you?". "I propose distributing clothes to all your work people". The Founder said, "They will be praying for God's blessings on your Highness more and more for the bounty. They are already more than grateful for their very lives being saved." The queen saw there was some deep meaning. She abruptly said, in fewest majestic words "Be plain." Founder said, "I have been very liberal, too liberal, in measurements." "That ought to be, is it not? The object in view is to see that poor people survive." Her Highness guessed more than half things, on looking deep into the Founder's face.

    The chief engineer then, all of a sudden, came over to the queen, to pay his respects, with the executive engineer. The queen simply laughed, while interviewing them and said, "I was just talking to your supervisor; he told me he was very liberal in measurements. I said to him that he ought to be, for the object in view for which famine works have been started." When was the executive engineer to have another chance like this? He picked up the opportunity, "Your Highness, I have been constantly visiting the work and I have found him working best and I have already strongly reported recommending him to our chief Engineer Saheb here." The Chief Engineer took not a second to shake his head with an artificial smile, as if to convey he had received the report and had already issues orders which had promoted him. Said the kind-hearted queen, "That is the way of the best officers and departmental heads. No Head of a department could be happy without a truly contented staff and no discontented servant would be efficiently working," etc. Needless to say, the Executive Engineer sent a memo to the sub-engineer to cancel the inspection and the checking of measurements. Mother saved the Founder. " Be serving Mother's childrenMother is at your beck and call".

    His Highness would be seeing efficiency ". Her Highness would be seeing the preservation and the well-feeding of the subjectsThat is the difference of God as Fatherand God as Mother. What does it matter on the whole, if out of 100 of the religious code rules only 10 are strictly observed? If men are for religionis not religion for men as well?? Is not preservation of the religion a more vital issue than the strictest adherence to Law's orders and the things stated in the Scriptures?and laid down centuries before?? 

154. If saints and most illustrious God-beloved souls and sons leave their mountain-caves, river-banks and sea-costs and living-in-aloofness, if they condescend to just be in midst of the people entrusted to their care, study them, try to find out solution for their burning questions and insurmountable difficulties, pity their weakness and guide them in every step and make people stronger and stronger in religiosity, the task will be more successfully satisfactorily and happily done. Take up yourself a major part of ignorant unhappy children's responsibility, while doing your best to make up the shortage below the normal standards. Mix freely and be one of them. Familiarity will, I admit, bring contempt, at least a devaluation. None would be awe-inspired of you. None will give you big names. You may be even considered below the average, and even mad. But what of that? You will be doing much more solid work and make a handsome return of what the world has done for you, in so many ways, giving you the very inheritance of religiosity itself which has enabled you to be what you are now (The Superman). Don't forgetYour physical needs are supplied by the world itself. All things said and done, there is above you the highest Queen Shree Maharani Mother Mai; to bless you for your troubles and give you an unimaginable lift in your efforts towards salvation if at all it (Jiven-Mukti) has remained unattained. What does it matter?, if a saint's salvation is delayed by some few lives because he has been engaged in the noblest and loftiest work of discharging his debt to the world before he gets into God's plane and gives his final goodbye to the world??

155. The latter half of 1942 which the Founder passed at Bombay was greatly useful in the matter of the spread of Mai-ism. Shri Swamiji Asimanand having heard about it came over there and gave a thrilling discourse on the greatness of Mother and principles of Mai-ism. Here the spiritual powers of the Founder were getting more exhibited. Some innocent girl, turned away by her husband and husband’s parents, was received honourably and lovingly in the house. A radio songstress that was ill of typhoid with all the hopes lost, was most speedily cured. One of the devotees got a miraculous lift from the post of Rs. 250 to be an officer as a head with a trebled pay. A lady who had lost her husband and whom she had loved most dearly all her life and who was on the verge of turning lunatic or committing suicide was gradually brought to the normal quietude. An officer who had been degraded for over two years was restored to his former post. So many things were there, which not only benefitted people but gave a convincing proof about the highest efficiency of Mother’s Mercy on devotion and straight-living and gave a complete idea about what the Founder Mai Markand was to Mai. It is a folly, not to immediately grasp the truth, that the last thing is an indispensable practical requirement for the spread of what the Founder has to leave as Mother’s Message. 

156. People began to understand him about what he preached as the last panacea and the drowning man's last steel-straw. Mai-ism led many young people that never cared to know about God or Religion and who had a contempt for religion for reasons known generally to all, to realise its importance. They were brought in direct connection with Religion, as Mai-ism is religion mainly of service and Sadhana. The thickest veil for so many was torn asunder. Of course, it was only the first step. Some people did remain selfish and soon forgetful and loose after the calamity disappeared, but then they were raised from state of total blankness to the stage of periodical devotion under calamities.

    Some few did rise to permanent devotion and even to Nishkama Bhakti. Being trained to school-going is in itself not a small satisfactory thing for ignorant, world-dipped wayward and rebellious children of Mother, whom She was pleased to bring on the proper path. Sakama Bhakti or Nishkama Bhakti, the highest achievement was the training and raising of the mind to relishfulness in religious matters from the rotten sense-pleasures.

    The Founder is burningly anxious to see that not only the world but the religious teachers and even saints themselves, set a highly religious value to service and sacrifice. Infuse the spirit amongst people to serve and sacrifice for one another in the very commonmost daily routine life. Pull them up in devotion even though they be approaching you for some desired objects. Let all discouraging and destructive notions go. Let there be no belittling of their religious enthusiasm and progress, with the mischievous hypocrisy of Nishkama Bhakti. In the matter of being moved to pity and running to help or to save others, don't bring in your cold heartlessness  under the sheltering pretext of the Prarabdha theory of everyone suffering because of one's past bad Karmas. Don't be indulging in the cruel indifferent attitude with the sophistry of not dabbling with the Divine Law of human suffering.

    The mentality of pleasing the talkers and talks of Divine knowledge, and the dancing and dancers under the name of devotion, as hundred planes higher above that of service and sacrifice, should be buried deep. We have entered a new age of new circumstances, where almost every one of the new world has to pass through the trouble of the new triple fires. The new situation requires that the practical action of service and sacrifice be reckoned at a much higher value than the dry Divine knowledge talks or barren fruitless effusions of devotion.

    The most illuminated head and the most developed noblest heart have their worth and utility, only if the body is sound healthy and undiseased. Service and sacrifice are the hands and feet with which the body works and on which the body stands.

    For heaven's sake, don't create annoyance by saying service and sacrifice have been already given a high religious value. Don't evade the issue by saying, "We have never said service and sacrifice are bad things." What is wanted is a positive preaching with every emphasis, temporarily throwing all other better things of religion. Don't escape by laying the blame on the shoulders of the people themselves. Repeatedly hammer them with the scriptural quotations, which state, nothing can be achieved without Tyaga (sacrifice). Open their eyes with your emphatic assertions that without the solidity of service and sacrifice, they are not practising, but merely playing with Religion. Don't narrow down the loftiest word of Tyaga (sacrifice) to mean Home-Relinquishment or some such extremely astounding action alone. One can practise Tyaga and make sacrifice for another in the smallest manner, as well.

    The true understanding is that one who cannot make a sacrifice in smallest matters, is simply bluffing when he talks of big sacrifices.

    Begin yourself giving and creating high values to persons that render service and make sacrifice for public, mankind and individuals even in small worldly matters. You yourself start to set up precedents by coming down to the common men's plane, for teaching people to serve others even in ordinary distress and helplessness. The world that has reverence for you will begin to walk in your footsteps. The world is what its highest people make it. Teach your religion with service and sacrifice as its very first alpha and beta. Mai-ism says there can be no religiosity without selflessness and there can be no selflessness without Love. There can be no Love unless you begin and have constantly before your mind that you please God as Mother by loving and serving and sacrificing for Mother's children. The said truth can never be permanently set up in your heart so long as the truth is not replenished with the strength of a religious commandment.

    The Founder is not looking for any immediate success and result. He is passionately fond of recording religious experiences, and conclusions. He is working not only for some few people in this age but for ages to come- Possibly, if records survive. There is a time for everything. If there is none, nothing is lost. What could even otherwise have been a better use of his life?? Atleast he is pleasing his Mother. Religious matters have very long periods of waitings for results, in terms of centuries and halves and quarters, but nothing lesser. This one Idea is constantly before him. Let him and his work be a big cipher, but he is in the line and a fish of those waters. These questions have to be viewed universally, and one has just to see, how the world fails to profit by its saints, during their lifetime. How difficult has it been to establish the Shishya-Parampara, continued lineage- the relationship of the Masters and disciples?? Let the new and modern world have then the modern ways of learning through records books of teachings and experiences.

    In the first place, the life of a saint is often very short. Even the longest life is really too short for the work any saint can do. So many years pass away before he has any confidence in himself. Still more years for him to have a conviction that he has something to give to the world. Still some more years for him to be determined to undertake giving. Yet still more years to lapse before he is freed from his worldly duties and bondages. After that he is himself ready, some decades pass away before the deep-sleep-indulged world begins to know him and look at him. Yet some more years to overcome oppositions, harassments and accusations (usually by the nearest people).

    In the end, as Founder has observed most sorrowfully, by the time a saint is in a position to open his mouth as a recognised teacher to pour out his heart and multiply his soul, and by the time people decide to hear him, understand him, study him, follow him, and imitate him, there comes up the most deplorable moment of his being called away.

    Regarding which true saint, the world has not most repentingly said, shedding hot tears, "The world would have been immensely benefitted if he had lived at least some ten years more!!?"

    The world bewails and curses the cruelty of Death in snatching away a saint, but it has never once introspectively thought and said "We are sleeping too snoringly, "over our saints." Whoever can give something however little, let him not leave the world without giving in person or on paper.

    "The world leaves the living and decorates the dead" as was stated in a composition composed and sung by a Mai-ist devotee in one of the meetings, when in a large congregation the Founder was conducting the worship of His beloved Divine Most Merciful Mother.

                            Jay Mai,                               Jay Mai,                                Jay Mai.



[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]



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