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46. The Founder attaches great religious importance to this novelistic idea of a congregation of all ladies, without distinction of caste creed and colour or age, in strict purda without any gents or (even) boys, meeting together in the spirit of religious sisters to have religious discourse and thought-exchanges, prayers, worships, refreshments, prasads, etc., on the Dashera Day. The requirement of the purda has a deep significance to provide a safety against any unusual custom or belief. If that provision is not there, Muslim sisters would stand precluded; so also the Hindu ladies of royal orthodoxies, as also the ladies whose husbands and relations are strictly against their womenfolk mixing freely with men.

47. The Founder has the highest intensity of faith and belief in that, the mere gathering of the said nature pleases Mai, the Universal Mother, most immeasurably and moves Her to shower Her blessings of prosperity peace and bliss on such meetings' attendants and their families. It is not merely an imagination of a religious mind, but a direct command and communication by Maiin unambiguous words in dreams. To the Founder himself, it means a period of great penance and austerity during the immediately preceding Navaratra to move Mai to make the function glorious enough and to propitiate Her for the Grace-showers on the suffering humanity. The apparent inconvenience is there, as gents cannot accompany their wives, as easy frolicsome escorts. However, this preclusion itself is suggestive of the main idea, that the ladies are attending a religious function of sisters. The Founder wishes all ladies to meet as sisters, daughters and mothers to one another, mother and the children folk respectively, and not as wives, would-be-wives for a pets of men in the Mother's temple while meeting for a concentrated prayer, once a yearlasting for not more than three hours at a stretch. The meeting for its maximum efficacy is meant to be a gathering around the Universal Mother of Her softer and more religious-minded and more grace-needing and more home-happiness-responsible daughters, as far as possible temporarily deadened in respect of the sex-poison-mind running, at least for those few hours. The spiritual nectar that can flow and serve as an antidote against all bitterness of different communities and religions can flow only from Mother OF ALL, the Most Merciful Mai, and through propitiation by and intimate mutual relations of, human mothers alone. Such meetings represent the smallest manageable universally-minded sister-folk-world's miniatures and carry their remembrance for years after the event

    If you make one "brother" religious and righteous, he is by himself alone. He may discontinue if there is displeasure at home. If you make one "sister" to be righteous and religious, there follows an army of relations that are in oneness-bondage and blood-bondage with her.

    The right central pivot of any nation for the development of its religiosity, righteousness, culture and civilisation, its virtuousness and piousness, is its womenfolk in general, and the mother-folk in particular. Woman is the maker and dictator of man, through her mysterious and wonderful powers of protection and infatuation.  

    The Founder wishes that there be sisters' social functions of the said type as there were at Poona on 9-10-1932 and at Madras on 1-10-1949, on Dasserah days, periodically, if not annually. 

48. Soon after the Installation on 2-9-1932 and the sisters' social on Dashera day on 9-10-1932, the Founder was deputed to go to Belgaum, Dharwar, etc., for his official duties. He became from now Mai's missionary. In the very train, Mother was worshipped at Belgaum by a huge number of ladies travelling in second class and others in the train, with garlands, sweet-offerings, and Arti. " Prasad " was carried away by people right up to Madras. The Founder was entirely joyful. For persons who can set a liberal value of divinity to religious ideas emotions and actions, worship by a large congregation of ladies in a train was surely an extraordinarily unprecedented event, in rhyming with the sportive and jolly nature of Mother. There is no precedent of the congregation of ladies of all different religions, uniting together to pray to Almighty God as Mother, as in The Poona Sisters' Social. One has never heard of an instance of a Divine worship on a railway station in the train in 2nd class in an unoccupied compartment by the varied (unknown-to-each-other) train-travelers, including especially ladies. 

49. At Belgaum, on return from Dharwar, Hubli, Gadag, the Founder was taken to a great Sanyasin who was a Ganapati-devotee and whose predictions were reported to be wonderfully correct. He would just move his eye from top to toe of the visitor and begin to say a few most meaningful sentences and then would say " Bhago ", (run away). Those few lines would be the sum and substance of the visitor's and questioner's past present and future. The Founder had his turn and the Sanyasin told him, "If you sit till all are finished, I have to tell you a lot, but in strict solitude. In one word, so that you may not remain in suspense, you are the Founder of a new Universal Hinduism-revised religion". The Founder was staggered as to how he knew these matters and he had full one hour's sitting in solitude with the Sanyasin during which he gave several predictions and instructions. In the end, he said "Believe all of my words to be true if within a month from now, you start a religious institution".

    It is Mother's most mysterious and fanciful Divine arrangement that when the last drop of faith and enthusiasm in the devotional-heart-lake is on the point of drying away, when the devotee throws off and cuts off all his cords except the main-most one, with Mai and Mai work, when he vociferates with deepest despondency "From this moment all my connections cease," then Mother moves, gives some convincing proofs of " he being Hers", with some wonderful experiences and fills up again the devotional-heart-lake to the brim. The summer heat of the worldliness makes the last drop to evaporate, but before its complete evaporation, the monsoon of Mother's Grace-showers runs a deluge.

50. On return to Poona, he was pressed by all that had seen Mother's miracle of the sisters' social, to start an institution for universal prayers and lectures on different religions and spreading Mother's conception and worship. In less than a month from the date of the meeting with the Mahatma of Belgaum, a Mother's lodge was started on Chaitra Suda PadvaNavratra Goodi Padva day (27-3-1933). Meetings were held every Sunday with printed hand-bills distributed all over the city and mention thereof in the local papers. It was attended by all religious people, and lectures were mainly about the principal tenets of Devotion, Love, Service, and Surrender, as emphasised supported and preached in different religions.

51. The Founder dealt with Harijans by various lectures and Mother-worship in the"Depressed-class-mission" and at his own place and gave religious teachings to so many youths who began to worship Mother in their own places. 

52. There are so many instances of Mother's Grace that would be read with interest and a few experiences may be narrated here because they go a great deal to show how Mother does help Her devotees-in-distress, most miraculously.

53. A Parsi lady who served as a chair-woman in sisters' social had one night a trouble. Her brother asked her for a sum of Rs. 500 as he was in difficulty. It was Friday night. She said, she would pay for him off his bills amounting to even more than Rs. 500 in arrears, but that she would not give any cash because he was sure to lose that in the race-course the next day. The brother got wrathful and ran in the street shouting, she may read in the papers the next day the result of her refusal. The lady was terrified. How could she run after him? So, in her despair, she shouted for the Founder "Oh my brother? Oh my Mother? Who can save me? Who would bring my brother back?" She decide to go to the Founder, when, in the bungalow itself she saw Mother who told her "My son is just now having a nap after a long exhaustionDon't go and trouble himI will bring your brother back within an hour and a half". The brother who had gone to Bund garden with a determination not to return home, returned. All of them in their happiest mood motored to the Founder and joined in Friday prayers. They narrated this experience to their friends and that added a lot to the popularity of Mai-ism.

54. One of the Mother's devotee's brother at Madras was in some great prosecution-difficulty though he was innocent. He was praying and worshipping as initiated. Once he was so much un-nerved that he decided to run down to Poona to be blessed. He had a dream in which there was a room in which the Founder (whom he had not seen) was sleeping and Mother was patrolling and guarding the Founder. He entered the room. She asked him "Why are you here? What do you want?". He said, "I want the Founder as I am in great difficulty". Said She, " Don't disturb my sonHe is fast asleep after a bitter weeping for me. You want acquittal, is it not? Well, I promise you, you now walk off, let him sleep."

55. The man wrote about the dream to the Founder and asked its meaning and whether he should come down to Poona for blessings. The Founder, as we have already seen of him regarding suspicious nature, asked him the details of the room, direction, things lying, the posture of the Founder, etc., as he saw in the dream. The Founder said to himself, "There are many dreams which are result of one's own thinking, so let me get the details". Details came forth. The Founder had three pillows, under his head; he had a blanket which was brown with black squares. He was sleeping with Mai's picture by his side. These and other details equally tailed/ The Founder said, "You need not come down to Poona, but pray, pray and pray". He was later acquitted.

56. The funniest part of the whole Mai-grace history is that the Founder in spite of so many experiences always remains doubtful. The cause of that is the age in which he is born and the western education. He would say, "Is it not likely that these people create stories? just to please me and increase their own importance?" Two experiences were however very wonderful which his eyes cannot deny. One of them was this.

57. There was plague in Poona. People left the city. The Founder also lived on Toddiwala road. One lady came to him and told him that Mother appeared in Her dream and said, "Those who want to save their families should attend my Friday prayers." The Founder told her, "I have very small space here. Your own desire has materialised itself in the dream." With all reverence, she was a bit wrathful. She spoke words which showed she was severely distressed. "Do you think, Mai? (Mother)? that we are not fit and Mother will not talk to us in the dream and that you can alone have all the monopoly?" "However small we may be for Her Grace, there is no question of worthiness. I tell you, Mother is actually living in your house. If you like, you may test. She is going out at 5 a.mand moves in the garden and returns within a few minutes."

58. The Founder gave the substance of this talk to his cook and his servant and asked them to keep a watch and shout him if they saw Mother. The next morning, both of them, the cook and the servant, were on the keenest watch. At about five, they heard a sound near the door as if someone was unloosing the chain and they saw the door opened and closed quite speedily and the chain swinging and hanging vertically. They ran out, looked all round outside but could see nothing and none. The next morning they reported Founder, "The door chain was loosened and we heard the sound but we could not see anything, so we did not wake you up." The Founder used a lock, kept the key with him. The next night, the cook and servant shouted. The lock was opened and there was the sound of the doors striking freely as if they were broken open most angrily. The Founder ran up. He saw the doors wide open and the lock opened, hanging loose on one side and the chain on the other. He ran in the garden and saw Her just before disappearing. He danced like a madman with joy and composed a poem which is sometimes sung in Mother's Lodge meetings. "Bagan me fool chunan ko jayre meri Maiya." "In the garden, flowers to pluck, goes my Mother." Orders were issued not to close the doors by night or to open them off at 4 a.m. The preceding woman was obeyed. Friday prayers began in a spacious terrace and there was no case of a plague attack in the vast number of families that attended.

59. However, the most wonderful and interesting experience of the Founder was this. One young man who had lost his equilibrium due to his wife's death was in the spiritual service of the Founder, after he was restored to normality. One night he made a very strange statement. He said, "Mother just passed in front of our doors in a royal splendid car and She told me, "you come over with Kakaji (Founder) to the Globe Cinema (in Poona city). I am going there. Bring him without fail. He thinks a religious preacher loses all his austerity and Punya by seeing the CinemaHe needs a relief nowDon't fail." The Founder thought the young man's head had again turned. He thought all his labours of mental recovery on him were lost. He tried to make that man forget but the latter would not leave him. Both went to Globe Cinema. The picture was "Maya Machendra". The other man had absolutely no peace of mind. He would go out of the theater leaving his seat and come in every five minutes till finally, he came in shouting "Mother came just now in the very same car." The Founder was getting nervous in case that man's head became turbulent and wild in the cinema theater itself. Few minutes later, that man shouted, " See, See, See there. She is sitting just in that balcony all alone." The Founder was more than stupefied as he saw Mother there in the balcony all alone on a gem-bedecked easy chairBoth were steadily gazing at Her. After 4 to 5 minutes, they saw Mother getting up most hurriedly. Said the other man, "Kakaji, Mother is going away," and he ran out. The Founder also ran after him. They saw Mother getting into the car with a lightning speed and the car flew off.  

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