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MAI'S Grace through Sincerity, Serenity, Self-help, Service and Self-Surrender 

Jay Mai Jay Mai Jay Mai

302.The Founder's first residence in Bombay [ Mumbai ] was that of P.M.R. in Santa Cruz सांता क्रुझ ; the second of Malad मालाड , and the third of P.M.D. at Matunga माटुंगा . This P.M.D.had wonderful experiences  of Mother's Grace.He was suffering from an incurable disease.Someone told him," When you are fully assured the disease can not be cured by doctor , tell me, I will bring a religious doctor who will surely cure you. "The Founder was taken to P.M.D. He could not pass his stools without a painful crying for an hour and a half. The host was a puccaa scientist and an atheist.He began thus," I do not believe in God and Religion and all the humbugs going in the name of Religion.Please excuse me for being plain spoken. In as much however as my wife and children have a claim over me , I do not object to follow your any instructions." He wife and daughter begged the Founder's pardon and entreated Founder not to ind the impudence. The Founder said," You have no idea of Mother's Mercy. I will be here next Friday."

303. The next Friday, Founder prayed to the Mother that was installed and performed his mantras , etc. and gave him water. " just have  a drink and go to your lavatory.Wonder of of wonders !No pain at all !! Atheism which was there for over forty-nine  years evaporated in two hours. P.M.D. asked," What is the whole process working ?" Founder said," MOTHER'S PURE AND SIMPLE GRACE.
304. Founder laughs in his sleeves when any one unthoughtful man is shouting with his bombasts of
" Where is God ? Bring him to me . I will put him in a test-tube  and see what He is made up of ." Mother would change the wildest atheists to be weakest lambs , in no time. They must have that as their best fortune.

305. " A change can not be a complete one in a day " - P.M.D. began to think in away, that there may be certain effects of previous treatments which accidentally synchronised  with his drinking          " the  sanctified water ". He very respectfully and apologetically expressed his doubt. Founder asked," Do you think you are cured ?by after effects of your past medicines ?Well then , report to me the results of tomorrow. " The same old crying !! P.M.D. was made to be convinced that the medicine lay latent in the magnetised Lotus feet Waters.
P.M.D. argued, there must be something like a phonetic effect. A certain sound may be attracting element from ether , which might have the curing property.Founder said," What is the meaning of this obstinacy ? If you fins a wonderful drug administered to you by Doctor of Medicines , would you not believe in the story as to how and where it was being prepared ? What is the meaning of your fabricating some theory and some argument based on mere imagination and dismissing the theory explained by the successful experimentator  and administerer himself ? "

306.P.M.D. decided to perform the very same things , which the Founder did. The water did give a partial effect.There were repetitions of experiences.  Founder's "water" had full effect. P's "water" had a partial effect. No water sipping the same old crying !! Which doctor or a scientist can explain this paradox ?? P. had already after few days , turned to be a believer; but still even up till now , he believes there is something in the Founder himself and he does not go beyond the Founder . Although he now admits the existence of God in abstract conception. Just as we find in the case of Girish chandra Ghosh  regarding Blessed Shree Paramahamsa , he would insist on holding , " You yourself are Mai; you can do what you will; I have no proof for believing there is some higher power outside you . and other than you , working through you; I simply accept it because you say so. "

Unfortunately the modern world , a combination of a scientific brain and a devotional heart is an extreme rarity.A scientific man has as his weapons an extremely keen intellect and mental penetration to work upon the out side practical actual, workable , visible world . A devotee has as his weapons, an emotional attitude of internal purity and humility . A noble character and a righteous living with morality, virtue, religiosity and law-abindingness  is an indispensable requirement  for a devotee.He has his own very scruples and is not an ever changing opportunist. He is on the whole for  constant unchangeable varieties. He has his wonderful strength or overpowering nervousness  according he has devotional flights  God's Grace and proximity to his God, or despondency on the saturation of the idea of his unworthiness and over consciousness of his being below the disciplinary standard. His substance to work  upon is the ideal invisible universe ,as he sees.
A scientist has a torch of a few furlongs ' further light and is sure of the grounds he has covered.  He has however no definite thing as a destination and a desideratum  at the destination ; he can not say what he will be leading the world to. On the whole , he is experimenting withe unknown.
A devotee is dependent on the sky-lightning alone. He runs up his maximum under the God's Grace fighting. He knows the destination and the desideratum and is cent per cent sure about it. During the halt periods  between two flights under the lightening , he has an immense joy as the immediate fruit of his exertion , which gives him every confidence about the right direction and the never-failing of hid guide and God. He gains a potential energy   for further flights and a vision of the nearer proximity to the destination. His path being one of entire dependence , the point of great helplessness is that, though wonderful and miraculous happenings may proceed from and through a devotee , he can't promise and stand a guaranty for even a smallest surety.
Science and Religion, although seemingly diagonally opposite , are the right and left hands , for the horizontal and vertical wheels of a compact machinery, which serve humanity and and are both subservient to the Mother's Divine Will. The one deals with grossest element of matter and the other with the subtlest element of mind. But both are governed by the highest Almighty , whose Grace wise men should ever implore , be he a devotee or a scientist.

307.Founder had to stay at Malad and he could not go to P.M.D. as often as required. P.M.D. suggested ," You depute your powers to my daughter. ". Founder deputed his powers to her for the period P.M.D. was ill. She was made to sit before Mother and the needful initiation and delegation ceremony was done  . Since then, the daughter's doing what Founder did , had the full effect, till P.M.D. was completely cured.  

308. During the treatment period , once P.M.D. had an urgent work. He had to go out, leaving his swing.P.M.D. told his daughter to pray to Mother, to give him rest of three hours  when the usual other pain should stop.Said he ," Pray in the name of Mai Kaka ( The Founder ) ". P.M.D. was entirely painless. He went into the Fort फोर्ट  and attended a lot of work. While he was returning in a taxi , the pain started, just between Dadar दादर  and Matunga माटुंगा  . He looked at the watch. Exactly three hours after , the pain reappeared !!

309. The Founder , at the undeniable request of all home members , stayed at their place requesting P.D.D. to allow him to stay there. The disease was entirely cured with in " nine weeks " - the usual time period which the Founder states to all.

310. There are certain peculiarities about the Founder, which are interesting to be learnt. One thing is , he is extremely fond of mango-pickles or pungent things. If there is case of high fever , ( of course , of the usual type ) , he would ask for hot pickles , or for the preparation of the most pungent chutney चटणी. As he would go on eating , at intervals , the temperature would go down. This is an interesting thing.

311. Once in Poona [ Pune ] , Founder was called for by a sister, the wife of a high class Government Officer ( who attended Mother's Worship in Fridays) as her husband had a high fever.In less than an hour , on Founder's eating pickles, the temperature became normal. At the time of his returning home, the lady said, her nephew was to be married at Surat, and there programme was to start the next morrow evening and they were to perform the ceremony . What will happen if her husband would get fever again tomorrow or at Surat ? said the Founder laughingly," Do you require to be yet taught the remedy , after personal experience ? Whole thing depends on the quantity of pickles or the chutney you can spare for Mai ."The Founder returned home. In the morning on awakening he was informed , a big pickle jar was arrived from G. Saheb . Founder laughed outright and sent a note to the lady stating   that he would  see that there is no fever at least toll they return from Surat and they start for Surat safely that very day. There was no fever.

312. Another funny instance was at Hubli. A high fever was reported by the mother of an officer.Founder replied," I am sorry, I can  not come, but prepare a nicest pungent chutney and send it to me immediately, just a cupful. This was at 10 A.M. At 2 P.M. , a peon came over withe news that the fever instead of going down  was increasing. The Founder began with his fretfulness pacing the floor before Mother, " Useless worldly people !!! Doctors would take away big fees, but they die for two annas chutney to be offered to Mother. They are not sending." At 5 P.M., mother herself came.She said ," He is not yet alright. On the other hand the fever is increasing ." Founder was ruffled with failure , lost his patience internally , but said sweetly in a low tone," What else can it be ? If you can not send even two annas chutney to Mai ? " Mother said ," What do you talk ?  I had immediately sent it. " It was not received ; the officer peon had gone away to his home , intending to hand it over to Founder in the evening, before night meals.
Said Founder," Well, now you can not go. " Founder asked his cook to prepare  chutney.He began eating it. He said to her," You are not to go till news comes from your home that he is normal." Very soon , a peon came with the said news. 

313. The founder has his own funny ways. Once a graduate girl ( over 28 ) came to him with her mother.She was not getting a husband. A devotional lady of Khar, a she-disciple of well known Saint told to the mother," Why you remain thirst on the bank of river ?? Why don't you catch our Markand Mai ?? One day, the mother simply entreated the Founder  , but the devout lady threatened him with the claims of daughter ," In this whole big world , can't you find one young man to accept our S.S.L. ? Give me  a promise.I won't let you go till them. " She actually made him to promise her.The Founder was a guest at her house. " Alright , within nine weeks; but , provided she does what I ask her to do."  " And what do you want her to do ?" " A very simple thing. She has to come my place ( quite near and sing every night " Ghughat Kaa Pat Khol .Re. Tuze Piya Milegaa. घुंघटके पट खोल तुझे पिया मिलेंगे । " Off Thy veil, thee-concealing garment , tear off open up, To thee, Thy beloved will meet " - a mystic meaningful BHAJAN-GEET OF KABEER . Within in less than two months ( six weeks ) , she got an educated and satisfactory husband and the wedding took place later. 

314.Whenever there is a serious case of a disease , Founder asks for beautiful notebook with best paper and best wrapper. He would then retire in a room and go on writing what pleases him . The note book is not top be returned. His absorption in Mother while singing Her praises  and writing them in a notebook would be working miraculous cure there. " Nine Fridays" would be the maximum time limit. 
Very recently, there was a case in Khar , constantly head shaking paralytic lady , under treatment of a doctor charging 70 Rs. per visit, had lost all hopes.  Someone suggested Founder's name to her. He went to see the patient. Founder said," She will be cured within the nine weeks ending 9th June 1950, provided you go on supplying nicest blank note-books and "R.K.P.'s Life " costing Rs 8 " . This book was immediately purchased  from "R.K.Mission . "  The lady was cured completely within six weeks. 

To be continued in the next post 



[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]




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