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366.Once let the experience of the Divine help on God's Grace bu obedience to the Guru's guidance , on Mother worship and prayer and resulting intercession by God's pets and devotees, be spread, even though in a scattered manner , but yet all over the world.
Regarding the resulting benefit both spiritual , as also worldly, one man does go higher and higher though slowly and invisibly, even though he himself does not feel so or get convinced about his rise. We do some times hear frequent complaints from beginners about no progress or benefit being had, in spite of continued devotion. On the most precise analysis, the disease of that sort of belief is bound to be found in certain wrong beliefs, and ignorance and complete irrational thinking about Religion. Some reasons are this : (1) People want to buy heaven out of penny. (2) The progress is not seen  till actually flows from well-pump, although water has been rising in the pipe with every stroke (3) Spiritual progress or benefit as of bliss and of cessation of worry, fear, etc., is not counted as an achievement although enjoyed and never agreed to be forgone (4) People don't differentiate between material and spiritual happiness.Happiness is mostly taken to mean material and worldly happiness. (5) Other people's happiness  for comparison and contrast is pictured only on imagination and in absolute ignorance of facts (6) Some have such a crude notion about happiness, that they won't feel happy  unless they are perfectly happy in every manner, every direction , every side and in every type. (7) Some have a natural habit or weakness of ruminating over their few points of unhappiness (8) Some have an extremely narrow view about the amount and type  of labour required to achieve some solid progress.
The whole difficulty arises from the fact that people do not know their real levels , and have not before their eyes the different higher and lower grades of evolution. And on the top of that , whenever any one decides to be taking up the course of self evolution, he usually commits the blunder of putting himself in a class much higher than his real one. His time and labour gets wasted  like the attendance of college lectures by a primary school boy. There are other wrong notions associated with this age , of a democratic nature which retards the spiritual progress - " Automatically we are becoming better and better ." " What one man can do , another can as well do." "We have limitless internal powers though dormant," and so on. Humility and obedience  and discipline  and principle of being on the over exerting side , rather than failing on account of only a slight under-doing , all are gone.
Just as there are physical limits , there are mental, moral,religious and spiritual limits. You can't go beyond them.
The only difference is that physical limits are too gross to be enlarged , whereas other limits can be enlarged , even to wonderful extent by exertion, practice, sacrifice and suffering. The mind must be trained to discern smallest subtleties and see distinctions  of lower and higher grades.

The Founder classifies devotees into nine groups . [1] MAAI DARSHAN BHAKTA माई दर्शन भक्त  [2]  MAAI PRASAAD BHAKTA  माई प्रसाद भक्त [3] MAAI AARTA BHAKTA  माई आर्त भक्त [4] MAAI LAUKIKA BHAKTA  माई लौकिक भक्त [5] MAAI SAADHANAA BHAKTA  माई साधना भक्त [6] MAAI VIDHARMI BHAKTA माई विधर्मी भक्त [7] MAAI JIVAN BHAKTA माई जीवन भक्त  [8] MAAI SHARANAAGAT BHAKTA  माईशरणागत भक्त [9] MAAI ANANYA BHAKTA  माई अनन्य भक्त
No.[1] is just for casually seeing things. No.[2] is for small gains and company pleasure. No.[3] is actually distressed.No.[4] is a good religious honest and honorable house holder with family life. No.[5] is one with a religious goal and who exerts his utmost, leaving all other matters as subsidiary, top achieve the spiritual progress.No.[6] is one , who having achieved powers and a high spiritual stage, looses his balance with swollen head and begins to slip with retrograde  motion.No.[7] is  an established firm and fixed soul who lives his life with religiosity, in every thought , word and deed. No.[8] lives his life as self-surrendered, caring for absolutely nothing except the welfare of the whole humanity, in the best service for Mother's children ; he lives the life of a Mother's world minister . No [9] is engaged in nothing, except mother and Mother's personal work  and contact and communion.. He is in direct relationship  with mother and has retired from  his services  rendered to the Universe.

The experience of the Founder described before , in the hospital at Ahmedabad  and in Hubli for twelve days, are instances of Ananya Bhakti, the former one being of the Dwaitistic nature and the latter of devotion midway between Dwaitism and Adwaitism, almost approaching the final Adwaitism.
In this Ananya Bhakti, a stage arrives known as AARTA PRAPATTI - आर्तप्रपत्ती  when the devotee finds it impossible to live as a separate entity from Mother. Living as a separate one becomes intolerably painful.Then , he merges in Mother, like MIRAA BAAI  मीराबाई in LORD KRISHNA.
Spiritual aspirant must have a clear understanding about Bhakti भक्ती , Saadhana साधना  and Prema प्रेम . A Bhakti भक्ती  in the first trio of the above nine stages has the joy of protection. A saadhakaa साधक  in the second trio has the joy of enjoyment; and a PREMI प्रेमी  in the last trio has the bliss and ecstasy of Love.The central trio is the most complicated and immature aspirants, if they have thrown off proper guidance , get entangled and go downward.
A word for this Sadhana period. "Saadhanaa" साधना  requires a strictly disciplined life . You must have a superlative value for an established long -durated routine of an orthodox Brahmin's life, without the delusion of the routine alone being everything, living a life of morality, character and virtue.The worldly value attached to money making and money amassment should go, except to the extent of the minimum requirement of having money in your hands when you actually need it indispensably. The whole chain of world bondage  has innumerable links, so very invisibly and in-separably inter connected. You can rise above money lust only to the extent you have risen above the attachment to wife and children and pleasures of worldly life . There, there the limitations-consciousness, the living much above pennies - caring and the understanding about the waste of exertion over a much higher attainment than that of one's  natural worth, which the Founder is hammering upon, comes in.
The Founder mainly insists on Brahmacharya ब्रह्मचर्य , Ahimsa अहिंसा , Aparigraha अपरिग्रह , Satya सत्य  and Shudhha-Aahaar शुध्द आहार .[ Celibacy, Harmlessness, on-acceptance, truth and food purity].
A Saadhak should never be any obligation of any other man, of any nature. This Aparigraha is of the highest importance in this rotten age.He should always be a giver. He should secure as much Asanga  as possible.Non-reliance, Non-attachment and Non-contact. Minimum of dabbling and maximum of silence and solitude. Every evil thought, every lie and every injury done to others  should be felt as a self-inflicted blow. Regarding food, never forget that each food element , that goes to form your body , head and heart , has not only a material quality, but mental. moral, religious and spiritual property as well.At least, let nothing go below your throat, which is not mother-dedicated.
Make your advance in Gyana, without forgetting that the Gyana is not for intellectual relish , but for translating best and sublime truths  and principles into life actions and actual living.Make your progress in devotion , without the extinguishment of your common sense and rationalism , without the shrinking of your worldly duties , without a mere blind faith and following , without narrowness and bigotry - on the top of all the above , without every now and then - begging.
Don't remain under the centuries old delusion about the results of mechanically done Mantras , Anushthaans etc. It is Mother that grants success , on being pleased. The results of your prayers , Japams etc. are dependent on how much nearer and lovelier you are to your Mother . How far you are righteous , virtuous, pure, good and benevolent and how far your service and sacrifice for Mother's children goes . All these count much more than  your flowery language , correctness of pronunciation, richness of offering and strictest observance of scriptural Karma-Kanda details.
I want to stamp out this extremely high importance  that has given to external and demonstration details. With a view to therefore drive the superior truth home , I am driven to quote an illustration , although the book is becoming too big for my poor purse.
A certain Government Officer (G.B.S.) was deputed to a certain State with an extra allowance of Rs. 250 p.m. As soon a he received the Government Order  , he ran down to the Founder and Mother : " How can I maintain two establishments  with so much only extra ?" "You must request Mother to give me Rs. 600 per mensem. There was greater happy and sweet quarreling all over the night." As if Mother is bound  to do what i say." Finally the Founder yielded at 4 a.m. and said," I may at the most speak to Her about Rs. 500."
The officer agreed, but insisted on the prayer being made within his hearing .The Founder prayed " Mother, give Rs. 500." The officer hastily thrust in  and spoke in continuation these words "and free bungalow and free motor." The Founder laughed , but continued his sentence  with the suggested addition. The next morn., the officer made a representation to his boss , who said," Government would never change orders once passed . It would be dis-obedience not to accept.But yet, leave it to me. Let me think what to recommend. " The officer came out, extremely anxious to know whether he finally decides to request Government, or drops and if at all he recommends , what he proposes. When the draft came out to the Head Clerk  for typing , what doe the officer read ?? " Rupees Five Hundred per month with a free bungalow and a free motor."
The Founder says," You yourself be the best of men, dearest to Divine Mother  and your Guru, and let all riff-raffs of scriptural duties, routine observances , theoretical controversies, directions of facing etc., have  a secondary place. What you are is more important than what you do or have .
Highest devotion means simply talking over to Mother, just as listlessly as you talk to your mother in the kitchen on your way to your room with your friend , to the purport that the friend is dine with you.

The mass should note," saints are for contact and co-residing , Gurus are for opening heart and instructions and Siddhas are fro strict obedience and disciplinary action. Love and Service should be common to all. "
The distinction of Gyana and Bhakti , or Bhakti to Impersonal God or Personal god is this. In one case , the hunger disappears; in another , an entirely unknown man is sent with a rich dish. In one case, the mother of a dead child is asked  to bring a few grains from a house  in which none had died, to bring child to life. The mother gets the illumination. " Death is most natural process. There should be no grief." In the other case. the Bhakta moves his hand over the dead son , the son revives . and mother returns home with revived son. Both the paths have their highest points of wonderful utility, Glory and Bliss. One is Light, another is Life , and both, conjointly or independently, lead to Eternal Bliss.(Love).


[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]




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