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414. Let me explain rationally what is meant by," Having known which, nothing remains to be known" regarding the said Truth. Does that mean you know from here , how many puppies  your bitch has delivered hundreds of miles away? No. The most prevalent misunderstood meaning !!Is it that some higher spirit tells you an answer to any question? No. The only meaning is , your mind reaches a stage  when it neither raises any such worthless questions , nor does it care to know even if that worthless knowledge were imparted to you by any outside agency.

415.You are served with a dish containing hundreds of most nicest dainties ; you take the best thing and your are filled up and say," I have eaten  enough " , Once you are filled up to the point of vomiting at the very mention of eating anything more , you never think of other eatables. You do not want to be approached  with other dishes.You reject them by saying " I have eaten them all".
This is how I interpret. I am not denying clairvoyance or telepathy or any higher powers of knowing everything past present or future , if there be, but for a Mai-ist this interpretation  within rationalistic limits , I consider quite enough. Other things may be true, but are  not indispensable. Further, even if it is or be a fact that the past present and future are actually known , it is my personal strong opinion to you are much happier , and the world too, far less necessary agitated, by your keeping silent and telling people you can't and don't know and advising them to restrict themselves to their rational conclusions. To be knowing everything is no requisite qualification either for peace , or bliss or salvation.

416. As so often repeated , the highest teaching is through the Guru in the language of silence. The essence of the teaching is "ANNIHILATE THE MIND ITSELF." At least , stop it from being perpetuated with millions of thoughts and doubts rising like the billows in a disturbed ocean. Acquire the perfect state of quietude where mind itself refuses to be disturbed from its absorption and dissolution in itself, Soul, Guru or God.  

417.Human life itself is the most unfathomable and mysterious thing. Atheists and scientists may think , they can be happy without any knowledge of Divine Laws , but they can not escape the happiness and misery of the head and heart, especially when both go beyond physical cure , with all the discoveries on the physical plane.And why? Even regarding happiness on the physical plane , one great,(extremely great) , barrier has always to be taken into account. IT IS MONEY. All the happiness and comfort  of physical plane improvements are available to you, but provided you have money to purchase that happiness and comfort. This results in love of money , which gradually runs men to be voracious and ferocious beasts.

418. To turn over to the occult forces, it is love and hatred that rules the world and practically all the dealings of man to man. It is therefore that Mai-ism can afford to remain silent in the matter of the usual hundreds of things mentioned in the name of Religion  , once the tendency of loving others is created.Love is attraction. It may be of any type.There is one type of attraction between the shortage and superficiality  , another type of attraction between similar things , a third type of attraction between dissimilar things  and so on. Just a mango stuck up to the tree at one stage, does not fall even  when there is a whirlwind , whereas at another moment it automatically falls down  in the most quite atmosphere , so goes the most mysterious feeling which we call "LOVE". When and for which reasons , love comes or goes , none can satisfactorily explain.The wisest have to sit hand-folded. calling its appearance or disappearance, as GOD'S WILL.
When this attraction is of the highest intensity, or of the lowest relishfulness, Providence alone knows and manages . Leaving however all cases of both extremities, in the usual run of life , the world can already make itself much happier  by putting into practice , the Mai-istic commandments of Love and Service.

419. During the Hubli period , there were other wonderful experiences.  One lady acme over to Hubli  with her husband  and marriageable-age-daughter  of twenty five or so , not getting a husband. They stayed about for five days. For one night , the daughter was made to lie on a mere carpet before Mother's picture all alone. A husband was almost an impossibility. She was given certain Mantras to repeat .On their going home to Bombay[Mumbai] , on the very same day, an England returned engineer made an offer  for the girl  and the very letter which referred to their safe reaching at Bombay by the first post contained the gladdening news.  



[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]




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