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MAIISM NOTES 512 AND 512 [ A ]

512.Founder says," Thus in my opinion, I see no incongruity in my theory , either because Paramahamsa did not insist Motherhood of God, or Swami Vivekanand was Adwaitist -I mean the theory about God being as Mother and Paramahamsa being as Mother's Child and his being deputed by Mother to show to the world , what was sunder preparatory readiness to be presented to the world in the shape of Universal Mother's Religion - I mean MAI-ISM.

512 [A]. It became indispensable , in middle of my writing the manuscript after I had once finished the whole , that I must have  a glance , at the Life of Swami Vivekanand  ( on or about 6-7-1951, Mother's day - Friday).I could do that only hurriedly.

After going through the life , I re-confirm I find nothing wrong or in-congruent in my belief theory, and revelation to me by Mother. On the other hand ,I have seen quite an undreamt picture of both theses supermen  and their work , which gives ever support to the revelation.

On Founder's birthday 23-12-1949 , the Founder had an inspirational illumination."God saw the need of a Universal Religion, with fewest observances and entanglements , and freest latitude in all legal legitimate harmless moral virtues and righteous activities of mankind .God became "Merciful Mother". Mother sent Paramahamsa  as the first Universal Mother's Child..She further got Her work of spreading"Universality with Love and Service" through Paramahamsa's disciple Swami Vivekanand .Somehow the main current was deflected from Motherhood to Hinduism, Vedantism and Adwaitsim. This gradual sinking of the Mother-intended Universal Religion  into its parental individual religion in course of decades was saved by Mother on reappearance of the Motherhood conception in 1932, Mother Herself boldly declared  The Universal religion of Mai-ism  on 2-9-1932 .The revelation meant, there was a consistent continuity.

The revelation gave  a problematic controversy to the Founder , to deeply think about the various pros and cons, as, before 1949, he had absolutely very little idea, about the alliedness, and now the revealed continuity.

With every belief about the revealed continuity, the Founder had concluded, that whatever appeared to him as an incongruency , was result of his own deficiency of illumination ,about the Divine Incomprehensible Unknowable Future and Mother's Divine Will.
The question of the question was, what Paramahamsa in his most natural constituents and colour was.Was the First Mother's Child as the Revelation announced and proclaimed , or an Adwaitist as has been superficially  inferred from the subsequent development.The Founder was assured of one fact on reading Paramahamsa's life , viz., that he was Mother's Child up to the end of his life and that Motherhood of God was the goal of his very life. 
the Founder requests the readers to go through the Life, themselves, without the reflections of any back lights , and cutting of connections with what subsequently followed.It is blunder to believe the Guru to be an Adwaitist , simply because the Disciple was an Adwaitist , especially when there is ample first hand direct information.In the past religious history of Hindus, there have been not few instances of a Dwaitistic Guru having an Adwaitistic disciple and vice versa.A Shishya may have for the Guru , the greatest Love and worshipfulness as high to God Himself, and yet the views and beliefs of the disciple may be different. That is so , that highest love and reverence is personal one., for what the Guru himself is, and not necessarily for the beliefs and philosophies of the  Guru.

The Founder solicitously appeals to all independent unbiased unprejudiced religious thinkers with comparative study of all the religions  and sub-religions of the world. Along with all the past religions, let MAI-ISM also be placed there - the Universal Religion of Divine Mother of Love, Service, Devotion and Self-surrender. Please be of your pure Divine Illuminated impartial intellect and decide for yourself to which religion , would you decide Paramahamsa to belong.In the ocean of which waters , and of which religion would he have been mots happy ? Be extremely serene .If a certain key does not fit in , in a particular lock , well , there should be no hide and seek. Boldly say out , it does not fit in. Try all the locks you know of , but including Mai-ism. Which lock did this particular key open, laying out all treasures under the lock for the benefit of the whole humanity ?

The Founder says: I suggest the second alternative, in order to establish the truth of the revelation. Imagine to yourself, that the then world fully knowing Paramahamsa as God-incarnate had approached Paramahamsa, to lay down the principles of new religion  for them to follow, as old had been already complex, unwieldy, indefinite and unfollowable in the Modern Age. In that case, what would he have said ? The Founder boldly asserts , he would have said in fewest words "Surrender yourself to the Universal Mother unconditionally  and cheerfully  , with Love, Service and  Devotion and leave the rest to Her."

Next, "Why did Mai-ism not start in right earnest with Paramahamsa himself??" It was an age when Hindus were infatuated with West. Paramahamsa can't go ahead , unless the Hindus had a clarion call of "Go Back" from the West. Brahmo Samaj was in full swing and Paramahamsa's life-dedicated disciples formed their group , at the fag-end of Paramahamsa's life.

The Founder had another most important fact known (for himself) , from the life of Paramahamsa , although it was personal and sentimental matter.It was the synchronization of the highest happiness morning of Paramahamsa and the time of Founder's own birth.

This much established the most intimate connection of Paramahamsa and Mai-ism. That made the Founder extremely anxious to know what Swami Vivekananda was in his true  natural constituents and colours and waters.  The Founder so very boldly hoped , Swamiji was equally a Mother's Child , as good as his Guru.If some vital facts  of his life directly confirmed  that he had the soft corner for Mother and Universal Motherhood then other seeming incongruencies could easily reconciled. 

The West can be brought to its highest awakened sense of admiration for Hinduism , only through the most unique and most intellectual and philosophical portion of Hinduism, viz. Adwaitism . " God as Mother" was a foreign Ideal for the West. It would have been shocking , sacrilegious and in the opinion of some , even an antagonistic Ideal , set up by Satan to " God as Father". For Hindus themselves at home in India, he had foreseen , the old devil ready to rush in as soon as  doors were opened . The founder , on reading the life of Swami Vivekananda, has reasons to believe, he has so often sought and shouted  for the Mother's Grace , and that he was in the heart of his hearts  as good the Mother's Child  as his Guru , but that certain reasons  and circumstances , he kept his love to Mother , most secretly for himself , least the work assigned to him , viz., the spreading of Universality with Love and Service , may suffer, on being pulled away towards  Renunciation, Devotion , Concentration, Samadhi, etc. As stated in his letter to Mai-ist brothers G.S.D. and S.S.D., in 1951, Founder's personal confidential conclusion is, Vivekanand was an "Adwaitist" like the great Shiva , by his very being and temperament , but he was brought down by Mai and Paramahamsa , from that highest pedestal position , as he alone can do the world changing work  and  as his love for his Guru was unimaginably deep and dying.The Philosopher was made to sweat as an Engineer, a battle field Royal Engineer, a R.E.  The inner nature's Adwaitism., however , so often asserted itself .After the work was over , the philosopher merged in philosophy.   



[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]



















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