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739. These are instances of the highest Sadhanas, and their knowledge is more for appreciating divine and supreme souls on the earth, and not for the practicing by ordinary souls. Let us come to our usual plan of mediocrity.
Money greed and sexual-lustfulness are such terrible forces, that they have overpowered even the most advanced of souls. Her therefore under Mai-ism the most difficult examination has been treated rather leniently and it should be enough that man passes with grace marks. It is enough that the man is true to his wife and that he gets money honestly in fairways without indulging in hundred s of ways of lying and cheating and defrauding, and that he makes it a point to spend a certain proportion of his wealth for deserving religious charitable purposes, etc. At this stage, Mai-ism does not mind his remaining infatuated with his wife, and trying his best to be wealthy enough, to be living in full comforts by honest and fair methods and without resorting to systematized cheating methods, that have lost their sting, in modern times, being in common prevalence.   
739 -A. Mai-ism is for using the terms "Money-greed and sexual lustfulness " and not  the centuries old expressions  " Kanaka कनक and Kantaa कांता   or " Kaanchan  कांचन and Kaamini  कामिनी ". It is not the woman that is the source of temptation, but it is the lustfulness in man. Mai-ism thinks it is an ungratefulness to denounce the sex of Man's mother, sister and daughter. A woman is in no way a grater degrading force than man, if at all we study the black side of a man and woman’s relations. However, there has been never such a thing as man’s downright condemnation. These centuries old expressions have led the prejudiced modern minds to infer , that the scriptures were written for “Man” alone , that the scriptures writers were averse to womankind and believed women to be a foreign undeserving inimical element for religious progress, and that Saints in the past evaded the very shadow of a woman. These views are quite ill-founded. All the same, both the sides are to be blamed. The moderners have not seen how much worshipful reverence the Saints and or Scriptures have shown to deserving women, especially to “mothers” and “satees”(chaste life sacrificing true wives). On the other hand, it has to be sorrowfully admitted that few or no saints have taken pains to raise protest against such deprecating expressions, nor have they made the point clear, while they left volumes of teachings after them.  Why should they have left it necessary, for their followers, to write long comments, stating,”No, no; our Guruji had no hatred towards women”?? I was once assailed by a highly educated woman, who quote a Saint’s words “ Dhol, Dadama, Shudra, Pashu, Naari, Voh sab Tadana ke Adhikaari (the drum, the blowing trumpet,, the menial, the animal and the women, work best under “beating”).I tried my every defense saying “beating “ in the case of a women meant here is only an unpleasant but effective appeal to her heart , that a “Nari”, a woman, in said quotation means a bad woman.”
She left me with hatred-ful face gesturing saying “Were all dictionaries then burnt”? She meant, “Why not be explicit and say specifically “a bad woman”?? Why whole sale condemnation of womankind? “We mean the same thing” is an attitude of a deceptive roguery. It is not fairness. It is like passing over one false currency note in the midst of many, hiding a true one for substitution, in case of a protest is raised. Let Mai-ism at least be free from the contamination of this centuries old condemnation. The Founder of Mai-ism cannot keep his one foot in milk and another in curd. He has to speak one way or the other, on such an extremely important issue about womankind as whole, even though he may be wrong. Perhaps some saints in the past did not make much of the expressions (so many of them), because they knew woman was safest with her infatuating powers against such parrotry. Let the woman enslaved have a forceful eye opening  , or at least, a vent in words. It is only a small word pinch only , which even women, if they think sexlessly and religiously , may not mind or may even appreciate, understanding full well what the saints and scriptures really meant. The crudeness has however to be admitted and should entirely cease, at least for Mai-ists.         
Mai-istic eye towards woman is not that of chivalry and appreciation of beauty, engaging manners, softness, tenderness and sexual sentiments or emotions. It is not again that of vengeance towards man, in return of the man's subjugation of woman in the past. Mai-istic eye is that of mercifulness, sacrificing, service-fullness and sacredness of mother, which almost every woman is, like a fruit bearing tree that suffers heat and cold, frost and rain, for the nourishment of the world itself. As between man and woman, Mai-ism wants to develop true understanding of mutual indispensability and in-competitive co-operative spirit of reciprocal love and service. The question of superiority, equality and inferiority is entirely irrelevant. Mai-ism insists on the sublimation of that natural human emotion known as “sex attraction”. Let the whole sale benefit of man folk on its looking upon the woman-folk , as comprised of mothers , sisters and daughters , be not lost. Mai-ism wants man to love and serve all women and not of any particular relationship or category alone.
So many saints,it can not be denied, were indebted for they were , to their "Mothers". So Many Ashrams were ably conducted for public spiritual welfare , through the assistance of  women. Paramahamsa was declared to be In carnation by a woman, a Sanyaasini. Should we not be ashamed of man's ungratefulness, while using expressions of wholesale denunciation??
Of course for  a worldly man, it may not be possible for him to be agree to the highest ideal of looking every woman to be a mother, but then,let the understanding be clear , as under: 
A woman is poison when approached with lustfulness, and is a nectar when viewed with a feeling of motherliness. The woman that pulls man  more and more towards worldliness, is a venom, whereas the woman that gives him a spiritual , moral and virtuous life is a nectar. The woman that pulls man towards Godlessness , enjoyment and selfishness, is venom, whereas , the woman that takes him to God-ward-ness, self-control and selflessness, is a nectar. The woman that makes man more  attached to his parents, Gurus, benefactors, helpers, destitutes and the needy is the nectar.The woman that makes man a slave of her infatuation and grind mill bullock for increasing requirements of the family, is a venom. The woman who sits on man's head and through the strings of her infatuations  rides him as a camel and satisfies her thirst with the water in the camel's belly, if need arises is a venom.
Why are people so very fond of short misleading formulae in Religion? when they would be exhausting their brains  with hair splitting over-two-penny worth worldly matters?? Neither infatuation, nor denunciation. Such expressions have been a plum-feather, which no man professing to be religious has failed to crown himself with. Mai-ism however takes strong objection thereto. Just as service and love have been there, but not religionised , so here too, it is not that the idea of looking upon woman as mother is not there but it has not been religionised. Mai-ism religionises Love and Service, and the trying of one's best to look upon every woman as mother.  

739-B. The yet greater humiliation is to be seen in that woman has been bracketed with wealth,as if both were of an equally degenerating order, calling them both, temptations, sa per old religious belief. There is however earth and sky difference. Whereas the former is with reference to matter and materialism, the latter means a much subtler and nobler fight of living spirits and living forces.Wealth itself has no craving to conquer any man and to fell any special joy and blessedness in being with a certain man. Money temptation is murderous, women temptation is suicidal. The former arises from wickedness and cruelty , the latter from weakness and misplaced lovingness.  A greedy man impoverishes the world and creates repulsion.Lustful man has atleast one chance in a thousand of reaction in the spiritual direction. Lustfulness abates with the passing of years , but the greediness increases with age. 

In the first place, don't denounce "woman". If at all you do, don't bracket with wealth.It is only one sided and blind man's judgment. When you reach that high stage of spirituality  when non-attachment becomes goal of your Sadhana, you have to practice for attainment of proofness against sex attraction.But that you can as well do , without denunciation and hatred. Condemnation is wrong remedy and a harmful teaching.It is great injustice that such a parrotry should be repeated John, Dick or harry, or by envious members in a family, to break the happy blending of a husband and a wife , or by an evil eyed friend , of if for ne serious reasons, at least for slighting and belittling, be the speaker a drunkard, or a pauper or profligate. This misunderstood and misinterpreted religious licence given to men against women stands entirely cancelled, rejected and even condemned , under Mai-ism. 

Launching a crusade against wealth and women is, in reality, a stage of declaring war against worldliness itself; and let us think deeply, how few are prepared honestly and un-hypocritically to accept such hard requirements of a religion. Man must have reached a certain stage before he comes to this.Man must have felt, he is in a dilemma. On one side, the practical impossibility of living without the help of a woman, and on the other, the possibilities of downward pullingness. And he must have decided in favor of resisting the latter , with necessary determination for sacrifice.

It is only at that stage of a man that only as a temporary measure, like the wooden centering while constructing an arch sets, and not there after.

Hindu scriptures have found out the most efficient and practical solution regarding the above stated dilemma ."The chaste faithful and religious wife, that victimizes herself  for the sake of her husband, without absolutely and special exertion of her own for herself on the spiritual lines." Few religious men have however an all agreeable wife . Once the Divine Mother decides to make a "Narayan" नारायण  of a certain "Nara"नर , She sets up every machinery to grind the unhewn diamond to the required shape and lustre , and to be without deformity, disproportion and depreciation.

A devilish eye and a demonish tongue in respect of woman (Mother Site too was not saved), is the greatest handicap for righteous, religiosity-seeking Sister world. The world has thrown its prowess only to the virtuous, weak and meek. This too, Mai-ism strongly objects to, in practical routine social life.          
    Nothing should be so practical, simple, sweet and noble and most appealing to the present western mind, as the Christian Mary Magdalene decision and the principle of action in this respect, viz., that they alone are entitled to defame others of immorality, who are themselves of a sterling golden moral character, of purity in thought, word and deed. And these latter would never stoop to such cowardly meanness. 
    Mai-ism most emphatically states, rules of morality are for the development and control of one's self, and not for imposition and accusation of others. If your own practical experience and observation of outside world or teachings of scriptures, creates in you a deep belief of an extreme difficulty or almost an impossibility, about withstanding sexual temptations, please never fail to remember that failures are only rarest instances in the cases of really high moral souls, and that self-control is not so great a thing as some people of no worth imagine, on judging others with their own standards, and on their getting misleading corroborations from rarest instances seen or heard.  We hear instances of failures only. Instances of conquest over lustfulness in face of highest temptations, are never known by people in general, because of an extremely high delicacy about social self-repute, and because of chances of misinterpretations. Such beliefs mostly resulting from wicked baseless rumours in society, and from instances in scriptures, (which latter have as their object, the desire of infusing pridelessness and the belief of nothingness of however a great sage, before Maya), should never be for squeezing out poisons of weakness, defence or accusation therefrom. Let your churning from such sacred scripture-stories of failures, be the nectar of your supreme character, resulting in your pitying, forgiving and forgetting. Rise above such prejudicial routine religious mentalities, and ways of looking and judging and dealing with things. Seek and follow the spirit. It is the sexual attraction itself, that has formed a prominent element of the Divine Arrangement for ameliorating souls of both sexes. It is only the abuse of the attraction that is responsible for any disastrous evils.  At leastthese cannot be evaded by  denunciation and flying away
How far can you run away from woman? You have to conquer your lustfulness by deep thinking, constant memory, cautious alertness, creating relishlessness and hard practice of self-control, with the temptation itself in your  front, and with Mother's mercy and Guru's grace. It is the highest and wonderful force of sex-attraction, that makes a savage man and an ever-changeful emotional woman to be a He-dirty and She-deity, in course of their religious development, during lives and lives. Sex-attraction is not an evil, for which one would be justified in blaming or cursing Almighty. It is sex-attraction alone, in its subtlemost and purest meaning form and relation, that is responsible for the material,moral, religious and spiritual progress of humanity. If there were no sex-attraction, the world would have ere long ceased to exist. It is no use closing our eyes to real facts. It is quite praise-worthy for routine-religionists to eulogise some like Shukadevji शुकदेव  and Bhishma Pitamaha, and to deprecate some like Dasharatha दशरथ and Vishwamitra. Go however deep and deep. Don't be fighting shy, nor be satisfied with children-like-superficial, theoretical, scriptures-taught-parrot-thinking. We have no knowledge, about Shukadevji having never been indebted to any Rambha रंभा  or Rambhas in previous lives, nor that Bhishma Pitamaha भीष्म पितामह  had not had a previous life-excess or subsequent life-reaction. We don't know, that the ordeal through which Vishwamitra विश्वामित्र had to pass had not raised him and his sex-resistance-power enormously.

Let us go still deeper. Can we think Menakaa was, or any woman is, a life less statue? She too was soul and a spirit, with ambition and desire.We are entirely in the dark. It is quite like that Menakaa might have put her maximum infatuating powers to their highest mettle.She would felt the pride of being the possessor of a such a mighty sage of wonderful austerities. What is then the subtle most conclusion? Do not en foolishly condemning woman. Don't idiotically find fault with Almighty for creation of sex-attraction Don't be sitting on judgment throne an don't sat-mp highest souls with you labels of good and bad , moral and immoral; but yourself be increasing your resistance power against infatuating power, by practise and Sadhana while living in the world itself, with Mother's mercy and Guru's grace.  

 Please understand the inner truth, in absolute thinking.There is an invisible incomprehensible and  long-sustained warfare in the progress path of every soul, of an Infatuating power and a Resisting -power. A success or a failure in any particular case prove nothing in absolute "yes” or “No” terms. A resistance power of 2000 units will vanquish an infatuating power of 1000 units and will have a moral victory, but the very same units power will suffer  a humiliating defeat at the hands of 5000 units infatuating power. There is no greater delusion than to call as victorious  one who had no foe  or a negligible foe , to fight. The final achievement is the resistance power. Power of how many units is the test. And that Sadhana of  a man has in its requisite, the training of a Motherliness-seeing eye. Looking from the higher plan, it is wrong even to imagine infatuating power with woman and to identify resistance power with man. Most unfortunately, we as “men” have absolutely no idea of the women’s mental and emotional world. That is sealed book and packet. Men have imagined women’ feelings and written, but we have little literature authenticated by women writers. For women, a man can be an infatuating power and in such a case it is she that has to develop the resistance power.
Motherliness seeing annihilates lustfulness, because of the working of so many associations and emotions, so very familiar to man. The sublimity of the ideal is that not only man is saved from the feeling of hating woman, but there is a germination of positive factor viz., love of the type one bears to one's mother.
 For a Sadhaka, infatuation of one's own wife is absolutely no smaller disqualification than for any other woman, in the strictest test , although assuredly from the point of morality , the former man is much superior to the latter.
I am determined the pull the reader high up, in this most important subject about which the greatest ignorance prevails.Is your wrestling Gymkhana competition, your enemy? You or I can pass our whole life , taking every acre never to go near waters and have no fear of drowning , but what about a sailor's son? A circus lady proprietor  purchased her dearest son from high swing, with men to catch him in the net, on the ground.In  a word, neither hating nor evading can give you the finality. The jump from the high swing is surely a downward jump , that will break neck, noes and bones , if Mother's Grace does not station  various net holders.  But let once for all, your anti outlook go. The fact remains and is there , viz., that, before you reach perfection, you have to acquire the resistance power against sex-infatuation, sex attraction and finally , sex notion itself. If Mother's mercy and Guru's grace  are there , how wonderfully circumstances are created, how the resistance power is developed and how a man is made proof, are most mysterious subjects, which few have tried and dared to touch and reveal!! 
In a word, Mai-ism says, do not blame the mirror showing your face -eruptions.They have originated from your own bad blood. 

Each sex has its own best or worst qualities and agree-abilities and living conditions. The soul in the body of a man or  a woman has no sex; and any soul takes one sex form or another, according to the need of developing certain qualities  and paying off Prarabdha debts. Man and Woman are not of a different species, such as, of a rabbit and of a serpent.

Under Mai-ism, man has no superiority over woman  either from the point of Soul-evolution or worthiness and receptivity for religiosity or spirituality or in the matter of securing Mother's Grace. Mai-ism means an equal religious recognition of both sexes.
739-C. Shall we go a bit deeper? Think with every depth. Is there anything absolutely and inherently , in wealth and women, which is of an invaluable nature on the one hand or of a tempting nature on the other? Both have a value which change from man to man , and from moment to moment. Its value to you is only a measure of your own volumes of desires. What is the value of gold to a thirst-dying man in a desert, or of the best damsel to a diseaseful dying man , or even to normally healthy eunuch?  Where lies than the value? Mahadeva Shankerji burnt away Cupid, but Mother restored him. Wealth has only the instrumentality for a satisfaction of your desires ; and woman is the concentrated centre . Greater the desires of happiness, greater the belief that they can be  satisfied with money, greater the ignorance about higher happiness, greater the fear we shall be doomed and miserable the day we are money-less, greater the passion of holding others in your fist, greater the blindness about its slipping away any moment, greater the ignorance  about the dependence anxiety care and danger that immense wealth brings in, greater the ambition of rising to a high eminence, greater the pride and anxiety about the richness of your future generations etc., the greater is your value for money.  

    Regarding woman, what is your value for her, before and after marriage, during the period of your imagining her to be a shadow that will never fail to follow you? Where does every value disappear, when you find her to be a life-long pest, and an iron steel chain around your feet, hands and neck ? Why go over long periods ? What value do you set on her, when she is pleasant and agreeable and obedient, and how do you cherish her when she is otherwise ? The great Rishi Yagnavalkya ऋषी याज्ञवल्कल्य  said  " Nothing is dear to us, because of itself, but because, our own soul is dear to us and things help us to be deriving happiness for our own selves". Today, you have an infatuation, and tomorrow, a hatred, for the very same woman.

   How blamable are poor they !!! Wealth, woman or world !!! The whole scene changes with this understanding and conviction. From hating wealth and woman, especially the latter, to killing your desires. Least dreamt-of change !!! So long as your desires don't die, your infatuation for both won't die. Study yourself all your scriptures and visit all saints and all places of pilgrimages and worship every deity, and make your conclusions. Mai-ism repeats : Let the gaslight go, not by your sudden violent switching ; no wildness ; every cool-mindedness ; no balance-loosing ; no injurious and reactionary remedy of generating hatred. Let the light go of itself, because there is no oil-drop for the light to draw its nourishment from.

    "No belittling; no blaming ; no blasphemy, no hating and evading woman " is the first Mai-istic teachingthe primary teaching. A whole-hearted effort has also been made by so many welfare-wishing saints to create a nauseating sense, by referring to the dirty constituents as scum, phlegm, mucus, bile, urine, blood, puss, etc, Surelythat is also a waybut at quite an elementary stage, when man has no other cause for his agitation, except the physical beauty. Such one will be surely saved by such a teaching. The world has however gone much ahead, materialistically and intellectually. Deformities can be covered up, with artificialities.  There is very little of natural living in this age, and the perverted intellect of an infatuated man gives a retort  " Are not men's bodies made up of every similar dirtiness? Where is the justification for any nausea ?". Finished ; mouth-gagged !! The said nausea-creating-remedy is of  the past ages, and is out of date and out of application, at present. You may continue your old-inherited-parrotry; that is all. Infatuation arises not simply out of physical personal beauty, or the bodily charm, and only as a hunger for corporal enjoyment. Perhaps, the underlying wisdom of this teaching is :   " If all your discrimination and lamp of light has extinguished, atleast, stop before, and desist from, physical action." But, on the whole, that teaching has proved entirely inefficient. It was an extremely useful teaching, when people believed they were saved from perils of a dire hell, by atleast not falling into the physical sinThe devil hashowever nowdived much deeper.

    "   Kill your desires " is therefore the second teaching. Not simply the desire of sexual connection, but kill all desires. Reduce the sum-total of all your desires; and, as this sum-total goes on diminishing automatically, you will be surprised to find that the infatuation, the temptation, and even the value of wealth and woman, go down. When the fever is high, there is head-ache, joints-pain, exhaustion, distaste, etc. When the fever goes, everything goes. When a Jhinghari horde's head (chief man ) with his ferocious soldiers is at your City gates, streets of wisdom will be deserted, there will be market-attacks, house-breaks, pillages, quarrels, fights, cruelties and casualties. When he leaves the City, there is not a single locust of his soldiers staying behind. You yourself will be surprised with their sudden disappearance and the normal peacefulness restored. When the lake dries up, fishes, water-fowls and alligators all disappear, without any effort on your part. When does that Jhinghari chief (head) go?? When you approach your prince (of Soul), and hand over all your possessions saying " Nothing is ours ", and when the prince is awake and kills or drives the Jhinghari-chief out. You have to wake up your Soul, ceasing your little-self to be the master, the actor and the owner. When the Jhinghari-head goes, the smallest remnant of evil annihilates itself, most automatically. Approach therefore your  prince (Soul), or, the Regent Supreme Mother- Queen (MAI).

739 - D. "Kill your desires" is the mots well known old teaching , but the generalization and the automatic disappearance of all the pigmy depredators, on their chief (head) being vanquished by the prince or by  the Mother Queen , has not been equally emphasized. It will take centuries for some , especially for muddled men, to appreciate that the simplest fewest least incomprehensible, least unfamiliar teachings, stated in the most straight way and in a manner, childlike and stripped of all secrecy , and in the plainest and easiest language, will surely carry you, much quicker to the Final Truth. Simple-most and easiest and familiar most things are nearest the stage of Truth Realization. The world thinks just the reveres!!! The world is not for the believing that such a hand-folded-sittingness-remedy as "fasting" can cure a disease.

Let us think of the third stage; and please note , just as the Founder is of opinion that Dwaitism and Adwaitism are not two different schools, but the latter is a continuation of the former ; so, here too, he states, any higher stage is attainable only after the lower stage is gone through, more or less, even though for an extremely short period, and most progressively. After not hating and evading (the first stage), "Killing especially the six desires and killing all desires all told" (the second stage) comes the third stage . Yes; "kill your desires "-most precious teaching. But that too is not a small thing. It is a terrible job of restless activity,  a constant fighting and never ending business of carrying blood shed and conducting crusade . That too is again Rakta-Beeja-killing Herculean task. Every drop that falls on the ground creates thousand of Rakta Beejas. You conquer lust and greed, but from their ashes , often emanate pride,, anger, hatred and power craving, etc. " Why not ask Mother to kill the Rakta Beeja for you ? You be doing what Mother bids you to do , but let Mother kill the Rakta Beeja (demon)." That is the secret of the secrets and the remedy of remedies; and that is Mai-ism. 
Go ahead slowly, silently , steadily with continued caution and constant alertness. Your ;love and surrender are no small powers for your gradually increasing victory.Who would be playing games and showing prowess to an innocent Mother's child?? Let there be no exasperation and no blood boiling wrathfulness of the battlefield warrior, determined to kill or die. Next, the fourth stage below.
Don't entertain deadly inimical feelings, even for your foibles. Deal with them gently, but resolutely,, successfully and conqueringly. Besides the painful laborious and uncertain way of "killing desires" through Gnana, here, there is the further devotional way of love and sweetness all around , with non-attachment and surrender. When you become an inmate of Mother's mansion, and the child of the Royal Place, you are safe. Who would kill an innocent child?? Have any time heard of dacoity carried out in the decoit's Bhaanjaa's (sister's son's) house?   
Why killing and why any deadly enmity?? "Come on, Maamaa मामा, Kaama-Raajaa काम राजा (maternal uncle Cupid), and come on Maashi Dhanaa -Trishnaa  माशी धन-तृष्णा (materanl aunt, Wealth-craving);  welcome, I would have given you, royal reception, but all the children (enjoyment senses) have gone to the Grandmother (Mai), there is none in this house and there is nothing in the whole house.!!!" Who would exert to break open the old lock in the front wall of a dilapidated cottage  which contains nothing but dust and debris?? Be yourself nothing, handling all your things to Mother, and leave the cottage to take care of itself.

Is it possible? Can an earth-crawling ant ever go to a high terrace?? Yes, it can, provided it sticks itself to the lotus feet of its pigeon, its dearest dove.

Utilise all methods, freezing, sublimating, evaporating, distilling, whichever is placed before you by Merciful Mother. But, moderately and persuasively , and not in a violent drastic manner of coercion, compulsion and consternation.    



[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]



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