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MAIISM NOTES 719 & 720

719. After the preliminary Sadhana of religious requirements described in this chapter, the Superior Sadhana leading to 'Vairagyam' has to be undertaken. Till now we have dealt with requirements to be happy in the worldly eyes, with a particular manner with a long foresight, and with the knowledge of the occult and invisible Divine Laws and Forces, as our recognized bases. Now we come to thinking of something about the world and worldliness itself. This Sadhana is the practice of developing the mind to see in everything 1] temporariness 2] untruthfulness 3] changingness 4] fruitlessness etc. These are the most indispensable factors, in our vision and understanding of the world to make any real headway to go still higher.

You master all virtues and develop all your mental and moral faculties. There is a stop. Further, it is neither that the world considers you entitled to be happy because you are moral, virtuous, religious and worthy in every aspect; nor does the world act congenially towards your requirements and with you because of that consideration; sometimes just the reverse. If you are too good, you are to be swallowed up. The world envies you and sometimes injures you, because you are on a higher and different plane. If you take specially to the devotional aspect, often there is a good deal of truth in the old proverb “Jagat and Bhagat, the world and the devotee, have born enmity.” Besides, there are so many automatic befalling miseries, which you cannot be able to bear, simply because you are virtuous.  Thus the perfection in all virtues and the best usual human faculties and capacities, does not bring you to the end of your Sadhana, even if you don't want to go higher than doing your best, to have the maximum happiness and minimum misery. Although the said maximum minimum is the most practical and universally acknowledged general goal of human life, the higher you climb, the higher and higher requirements press themselves on you as indispensable and inevitable.

You reach the highest apex of devotion (Gauna Bhakti). So long as that has not ripened itself to PARABHAKTI पराभक्ती with Vedantic and Adwaitistic Gyana ज्ञान achievement, the culmination point of Divine Love is not reached and the highest bliss is not experienced. Till that final stage is attained, you remain constantly weeping and laughing, and begging and thanksgiving. Where is the end?

Here the Gnaninज्ञानी, the Vedantin वेदान्ती, the Adwaitist, come in and say," Crush your mind to pieces. Annihilate it altogether. It is this hopeless mind that shows you heaven and hell, and gives you happiness and misery. ". Follow that precious teaching and train your mind to the point of annihilation of the mind.

Developing your virtues, character and your usual human faculties and living harmoniously and harmlessly with all in the world is the first, indispensably the first great thing. Please understand me; It is not that Bhakti or Gnana are not higher things. But without feet and a satisfactorily working belly and hands what is the worth of your life with only a sweet heart and sound head? You can feel most nobly; you can think most ingeniously; but in practical life you are a big cipher. What is use? Hence strict abidance to the order of development is most useful; hence the importance of "Love and Service to All" is the highest, especially in this age of reversed ways and values.

The Founder’s highest emphasis lies on the development of character, with universal love and service, as he has seen the greatest bankruptcy, in this avenue of true religiosity, and one reason why the modern youngsters have a nausea against the religion is , that there is very little of practical usefulness, proceeding from  a devotee ever weeping in the name of god, or a Gyani, setting every duty, law and order, at naught, under his patent theories of “Unrealism”,-“Maya”,- “Delusion”, etc. Although he himself may be a big cipher, the modern youngster measures the worth of any man professing to be religious, on the utilitarian bases, as he has neither the tender most heart of a true devotee, nor the relish less, self-controlled, renouncing spirit of true Gyani. Bhakti is a Greek and Gnana is Latin to him; and none of the two, gains a soft corner with him. Except such religious persons, as have a towering personality  with name and fame , all other fairly religious persons of mediocrity, are at the most painful disadvantage of being judged, in their practical life , with an extremely stern an ideal-test standard of character. The only most common remedy has been to be ignoring the jaundice eyed  and discarding their opinion ; but all the same, the misfortune of the irreligiosity- increase gets aggravated , and becomes, day by day, more and more baneful , to the general and universal religious existence  and welfare.

The Founder is therefore extremely anxious that religious preachers and teachers may, for some time to come concentrate most forcefully, on the preliminary grounding of the formation of character, giving temporarily much higher value to the said missing quality than to devotional effusions  or to Divine Knowledge – exhibitions.

The Founder in his light moments observes this difference in simile, about the man of Love and Service, and a devotee and a Guru, the latter both, of course of a nominal preliminary routinistic standard. The man of character, love and service, is like a sufficiently rich man, who does not care for anything and who straightway purchase his first class ticket of train travel with his secure goodwill and merit (punyam) which he had earned by his meritorious actions. The devotee without character or merit (Punyam), with quite a poor purse, tries to have much greater comfort than others, by entering the servant’s compartment, which is mostly vacant, on declaring himself as a servant of some Deity. The gnani without character or merit (Punyam), secure his comfort by his tall talks in midst of a crowd of passengers. He overawes his co-travelers with astounding quotations from Scriptures. Sometimes he professes thought reading, becomes a palmist, gives a funny interesting absorbing illustration and sometimes shows a little goodness here and there and establishes his assumed superiority. Anyhow, with exhibition of all varieties he snatches his comfort from his fellowmen. He indulges in his sophistries, for not travelling in higher class and says he does so with a view to take the opportunity of
 illuminating the illiterate mass, and he so many wonderful things with his wonderfully dancing intellect. He is an expert in the matter of making his way. Both the devotee and Gyani make most of their humility, sacrifice, simplicity and self-independence in life. If, however by chance, any of their wealthy disciples, finding them uncomfortable , purchases high class ticket and request them to travel with them in that class, all talks evaporate then and there and they immediately run following the disciple, without even a parting word with the previously extremely dear (??) co-travelers.

An ordinary man, without devotion or Gyana, but with character, love and service, is much happier than and superior to, a so called ordinary Bhakta or Gyani, without character, love and service. The former has secured at least this world’s sympathy and co-operation from the world itself and has a vast storage of Punyam, because of his meritorious actions under the Divine give and take arrangement. Remain, therefore, extremely intent upon enriching your treasury of spiritual wealth of Punyam, utilizing and even seeking opportunities of loving and serving Mother’s children.

You are moral, good, rational, harmless, etc. That is your first step. It means you are saved from 80 percent of miseries that can befall you, if you were otherwise. But there are miseries, say, the faithlessness of wife, or of a beloved, or the sudden death of your only most virtuous and intelligent son, or the sinking of a Bank in which all your monies are deposited. How to meet such shocks? There is no other healing remedy, except devotion, saint’s contact or public service. The last thing means turning your mind from misery-ful worldly subject to a misery-less worldly subject. Saint’s contact mostly means self-forgetfulness, whereas devotion means the transferring of heart and head to the Divinity itself. Let it be said here a man’s heart  (the centre of sweet or bitter emotions) is such a small cavity that it can be filled up in no time by any small misery, out of an ocean of miseries which a man’s closed eyes cannot see, but can drown him. The smallest misery makes a man miserable all his life. Saints in the past have said,” Miseries are as great as mountain and happiness is not more than a mustered grain.”

First character; then, devotion (Guana); then Divine Knowledge; then, the alternate innumerable layers of Service, Bhakti and Gyana, till they inter penetrate and finally, the Parabhakti (Supreme Divine Love) in which character with action, devotion and Divine knowledge are all in perfect harmony, and of the higher order. Supreme Bhakti is the Mother to which Kriya is the beloved daughter and Gyana is the beloved son. This is the long and short , as Founder believes

We are here, for explaining the Gnana ज्ञान aspect. Don't bring in Theologies and philosophies. Be extremely practical. Vedantism वेदान्ती and Adwaitism अद्वैती are names intelligible to Hindus alone . What is common to all and of any religion? It is the annihilation of the mind. This expression is too hardI would be satisfied with the " the conquest of mind ". I want mind to give me the nectar-sweetness of devotion. It is enough for me if the mind stands up or sit down, as my finger goes up and down. And that is Sadhana साधना, which we are dealing with here. What is the secret of a stronger husband of a shrew? Alternate attitude which creates fear and love, till a perfect obedience is guaranteed.  

That you must have the amplest leisure and strongest energy is the first requirement of any Sadhana साधना. Your occupation with worldliness should be the minimum. Start with an antagonistic contradiction of your mind. Don’t consider me to be a fool, because I am talking two penny worth matters, nor should you yourself be a fool. Rightly or wrongly, just be the opposite side of mind. Mind says," This dish is tasteful "; you say immediately (laugh with me, when I say, rightly or wrongly)," No it is injurious to health ". Your mind talk to you: “Make your senior officer to retire soon; you will get his post and you will be happier ". You immediately snub your mind with," No, you fool, have you no idea of or concern of my senior's family?"

“You laugh with me, when I say: even when mind says sweet and true matters, still, make a practice of your opposite stand. Says the mind “Prostitutes are worst kind of women.” You oppose tooth and nail and say, “If they were not there, there would be immorality in the best chaste families.”  Why do I insist on the opposite stand even when the mind is right? The mind is an expert cheat. It will carry you by the way along which you will have no objection and it will over topple you in your moment of in-alertness. Why, if you study the lives of great men, mind has always dragged stronger man into delinquencies, only taking them along ways of seeming righteousness and virtue. Mind is an extremely clever exhibitor of reverse things, of realities and unrealities. Mind knows his ways, how to bring strongest man to his point. Mind is an expert picture-maker of scenes, emotions and actions.   So let your first practice be to be able to set your mind at defiance.”
“Laugh with me , therefore, when I say: Start with the practice of your saying “yes” , when the mind says “no”, and of your saying “no” when the mind says “yes”, till the mind is completely subdued and till it says “yes or no”, just as you command. The greatest benefit of this mental practice is that the mind is not itself happy and ease-ful enough to be sitting on any pleasure for long, to be enamored thereof and then to pull you in, towards pleasures , with its deceitful pictures of virtue, truth, goodness, duty, respectability etc. Mind, like an immoral wife , has its own ways how to enslave  the most wrathful and frightful “Soul” of “Self” – the husband .Mind keeps her husband always asleep with various drugs  For sometime therefore, be a living enemy of your mind. If mind says "Let us go in the north ", you begin to walk in the south and so on , till the mind is finally conquered"

 It comes to this: Don’t allow your mind to produce anyone or anything before you, and to play its juggleries , to carry you as it dictates. Whatever comes to you, you begin to revert and side turn. If the mind adjusts your visual angle to think things from your point of view, you begin to see, how matters will start to see in the eyes of your antagonists, others concerned and others unconcerned, etc. If the mind is asking you to be thinking of the present, you do thrust in the past, and the future, as well, till your mind is sufficiently trained to see everything from all outlooks and all visual angels, and from the past, present and future, as well.  

What is the final result? Nothing takes root, nothing sets in, nothing catches you, nothing entangles you, nothing blindfolds you, nothing sprouts, nothing takes shape, nothing gets firm. Substantially, you are simply shattering whatever comes before you good or bad. By your experience, you know, there is no knowing when good comes out of bad and when bad comes out of the good. Away with them both, the so-called good and the so-called bad. Reject both, not only the vice, but also the virtue, not only ignorance, but also the knowledge.

Gradually the vision of temporariness dawns. What is this world!! What are so called good or bad things? Flashlights of four seconds!! The moon so very beautiful to look at in the lake waters vanishes after only a few hours, when the sun rises and the moon sets. The innumerable moons in innumerable places of waters in the world, all vanish in few hours, as soon as the moon in the sky sets. The whole world is only dream like, nothing of the dream exists, when you wake up.

Once the vision of temporariness is attained, what are all the allurements of the world?- woman, wealth, power, the world's kingdom?? As soon as you have the all-other-thoughts-drowning supreme idea of the temporariness of the enjoyer himself, what value do the enjoyments carry?? What was King Parikshit, after he was informed, he had to die within a week?? We are all dancing, so long as we are in the Bliss of Ignorance

On developing notion of temporariness, all our vices whittle down. If we enlarge our outlook over the past, the present and the future of a thing, we have , a picture , which with a startling surprise, change our mind altogether, like that of Yudhishthir after winning the war. We loose all infatuation, desire, likes and dislikes, attachments and enchantments.

Where is the charmfulness of the best damsel, when, along with her present enchanting beauty , you see the babyhood and the old hag-hood with wrinkles, white hair, bent back and tottering footsteps ?? Where is the infatuation, when, along with her present charmful condition before you, you imagine her also in the midst of dirt, disease,and deformity.??

Where is the craving for the wealth, when you imagine pictures of past and future , about the miseries of millionaires that you have seen in practical life , their  anxiety and care during earning , preserving and shockful sorrows, on losing?? How much do they enjoy themselves the wealth or live to enjoy?? Rightly or wrongly, you must have only suitable instances before you, of the living world around you. Please don't forget, that none has appointed you to be the High Court Judge to give your judgment about matters. 
You have only some purpose to achieve,- to train your mind to be thinking in a particular manner, to get a conviction about certain truths , which may lead you to the right path. The world has all the things. take up only what helps you and reject the rest.  

"Coming next, after temporariness, to truthfulness, my heart stops. Good God!! Mother save me!! If you have the highest definition of "truthfulness", you will conclude , there is nothing in the world except downright cheating , nothing worth associating with. The whole world is only a huge market of cheats. The highest cheat is your own infatuation. Just be an unconcerned witness, as dry and immovable as a rock and go on studying the hole process of cheating. It is ignorance that gives you a Bliss. If people could see what is passing in the minds of others, whom they deal with, three fourth of the worldly happiness and bliss would immediately evaporate. Under the most severe tests of truthfulness and righteousness, even Incarnations and Deities like Indra, have failed , although , it must never be forgotten, for world's welfare alone. What then, of we, who are mortal pygmies??  One moderating fact is, we don't call certain cheatings like cheatings, below a certain standard , because, then, the life itself will be full of disgust and relishlessness for Idealists sticking to "truthfulness".Why? What is even the tomtommed sexual love? A semblance of sighs  with lots of lives! The Sadhaka has however to perforate that solid covering  (of Maya's hardest shells) in order to see what life and the world are, in their natural final realities. "

Just go over own scriptures. Even Harishchandra himself refused to hand over his son to Varuna. He cheated Varuna more than thrice.Even the immortal famed Saint and Rishi Vasishta flouted truth. by suggesting  a camouflage and a deceptive expedient of purchasing a son of a poor Brahmin, adopting him as a son, and handing over to Varuna, for the purpose of being sacrificed.  

Adjust your eye to the new vision of Saadhaka. Whatever is mentioned here, is not for the belittlement of the greatest of the great, but for the awakening the sense and vision, which sees the limitedness and the endingness of the greatest of the virtues, powers and prowess-es. It is with a view to create the feeling on nothingness about life , the world and the poor creature, which they call "man" - about Man, Deities, and the Universe itself.

There are wonderful illustrations in scriptures, mostly narrated as the working of Maayaa and to create the sense of nothingness. Hindu scriptures have quite an abundance of the said material; and the compilation of all such instances of failures, transgressions, omissions and delinquencies, would awaken the sense of nothingness on the physical plane, just ask for the chemical value of a living man and a money value of dead man. And, what is man as created creature in this vast Universe? What is his maximum duration of 100 years before eternity? And what is the best has he been bale to do?? A man is much higher than a butterfly or a mouse or an animal; that is all. Just look at the unimaginable solar systems, workings of oceans to be lands , and the land to be oceans, and hundreds of things, which we can not understand and can not have any real and correct idea of. What and how much do you know of the working inside your body itself? Tell me, after you have thought of all these things, "What is man"? 

Queen Gandhari, Mother of the Kauravas, after they were slain, determined to die of fasting, although Lord Krishna did His best console her, and to abandon such  dying determination. One night Gandhari ran to the battle field  where her sons were lying slain, to give up her life. And there Maayaa worked up the miracle.In her sight , a beautiful mango tree grew up with infatuating mangoes.  She would go to pluck them, but they would remain a bit higher. Maayaa made her loose all sense in solitude, in starvation. To gain the height and to reach the mangoes, she heaped up her 100 sons' bodies, one upon another; still the mangoes remained a little higher. Lord Krishna came over there, plucked the mangoes, gave them to her and taught her the highest lesson about the nothingness of man, and the nothingness of everything , in the vast Universe.

"The Saadhaka says to himself," If everything in substance is not what it seems to be on the surface , why not say and believe in general, unprecise, flinging and partial truth-speaking manner that "the world is unreal"?  And, why not go a step further and say, in a disgustful spirit, that the world does not exist at all?? Is it anything else than only a bit exaggerated superlative term or expression for temporariness" and "ever changingness" and "deceptiveness"?? You think about a person, or a thing, or a situation in a particular manner. You have conceived a certain reality about it. In no time you find things to be something else. Your former reality has become unreality. Let us make a definition convenient to us and for our purpose. Let us say:" Whatever is temporary, changing , untruthful , not the very same at all times, is unreal and non -  existent." 
When we bodily pursue the problem, we find this. The all-pervading fact, of seeing things, where there are none ; the not-seeing of things , which are already there ; seeing things differently , from what they are. All these three types of experiences can be summed up only by a plain admission" we don't know and can't perfectly know anything." A little figurative personification and we come to the well known "Maayaa". We have to credit Maayaa with indescribability, incomprehensibility and invincible power for all the above stated three varieties of delusion, in addition to so many other things." 

Two friends, experts in gossiping, with need of each other, met together. One accosted the other and said, "Not a single letter form you?" the other said,"What do you talk? I have so many letters of yours in reply to mine." The first man how had not written  a single letter, was care ful enough not to contradict the other, least he be also accused of writing no letters .Said he," Of course those we have received and written to each other; but, I am talking of the period thereafter." The man ended with saying,"You know now-a-days, the post offices have become extremely fanciful, irregular and irresponsible." That post office is our Maayaa. Anyone can lay down his faults at the doors of Maya. None can ask any question there. Further we can bring in Maya whenever we like and dismiss and delineate her , as we like- unapproachable, unquestionable, incomprehensible and ungovernable.

Gnanis have their "Maya"..Devotees have their "Leela" and worldly people have their "Prarabdha". All three are different words for one thing alone, viz.,"unknowable of the unknown, and the limitedness of the known, nameable and thinkable". In plainest words, all the three words, with their respective theories , tell you this: "Don't be silly, asking answerable questions. Pass with patience and cheerfulness, through your lot. What else are you going to do?? You can do nothing and you are nothing." Man is, after all, ignorant and in-capacious." There is a higher true bliss, much different from the delusive bliss of ignorance." "Try to attain that, leaving all these unrealities and real unrealities."  

The greater the development of your mind in love and truth, the greeter is your disgust for this fleeting untruthful world. Your activities and desires and relishfulenss gradually evaporate and vanish; and the highest mountains of your miseries, on detachment, get reduced to dust.

Our mind can similarly be trained to think of changefulness and fruitlessness. With changefulness, the trust and the faith disappears; chanegfulness may give sometimes give you temporary feeling of pleasure, but in absolute weighing, the notion of non-safety, no-security-and no stability, results in disquietude and shattering of the peace of your mind. The pleasure on getting the thing, due to changefulness, has on its reverse side, the painfulness of losing it.The Saadhaka sees both sides, simultaneously, and does not fall a pray. Excessive love of finite things, carries within itself, the fear of losing the same, and, the absence of the vision about changefulness, is responsible for all alternate pleasure and plains. 
The realization of fruitlessness would depend on the stage of the development.But, nothing is more practical and more true than that the "Rasa" or relishfulness (Param Drishtwaa Nivartate) disappears and gets quietened only on Realisation and personal Vision of the Highest , above all. You can control senses and the mind, but the relishfulness does not leave you,until you have the "Saakshaatkaar" (the eye-to-eye vision). Who will drink drain waters, after he has once tasted nectar? The Greater the Mother's Grace, the greater the relishlessness about the world, and greater the disgust  to return to the filthiness of the world.

Mai-ism fully appreciates the indispensability of training of the mind, on the lines of Adwaitistic principles and beliefs and theories, but only in the sense already explained.

However Mai-ism does not agree with the interpretation of “unreality” to mean, “non-existence". If there is a thick wall between the outer portion A and the inner portion B, the preacher of  "there is no wall" are morally and religiously responsible for millions of people dashing their heads against the wall, or entirely losing their way, or going astray, acting as they do, with a belief in their teaching of "No wall exists". Although the sufferers ' own misunderstanding can be brought forth, in defense, the fact of the perpetual confusion with its ruin-some results, remains. "I, for myself, cannot see any meaning in saying "there is nothing like serpent, nothing like biting, nothing like poison and nothing like death"; but "Don't go near the serpent". 

Mai-ism says ""Yes, there is an in-penetrable wall.Such a wall does exist. But you can pass through it. For, in that unending circle wall, there are so many gates , which remain closed for all indiscernably, but which fling themselves open, on obtaining  God's mercy and Guru's grace.        
Unrealism in the sense of non-existence, or a delusion, can be accepted only in a figurative or exaggerated sense. Otherwise the whole working of the world will be topsy-turvy.  I would venture to state that the unrealism of the Adwaitist is also a temporary accepted mind-belief, for passing through a particular stage. After realism to unrealism, there is again returned to realism.It is a simply contradiction, to be enjoyer of a "Samaadhi" at one end, and, at the other end, to be flaring up with wrathfulness, if anyone, through oversight, touches the sacred fire of TOTAPURI..

This is an extremely subtle point, and I may be entirely wrong, but , I record here, without any insistence. I take Adwaitism, the Gnana, to be intermediate between Gauna Bhakti and Para Bhakti or Prema. When we reach a stage of realisation of the highest truth viz., that everything is Motherif Mother existseverything has also its existence.    What is non-existent, or unreal, is the distinction and difference.  A cow-sugar-toy, or a tiger-sugar-toy, has its reality, if sugar has reality.  What is unreal is the cow-ness or the tiger-ness of the toy, being nothing else except sugar.

    " It sickens my heart when, on the top of spreading misunderstanding, the advocates of Adwaitism lay the fault at the doors of their taught."  They say "What can we do, if people don't understand ?"  "But, I ask Why don't you see the possible dangers of your teachings, yourself ?"

    And, how very blissful is that stage of perfect realisation??

    A spendthrift-son of a mother was ill-advised by a wicked friend to be a thief, and to take out gold bangles from the cupboard of his mother.  A good friend suggested the righteous remedy.   "Why become a thief? You have no idea of the mercifulness of your mother.  If you prostrate to her, and vehemently insist, she must give.  She will surely give.   The son, however, could not believe the good friend.  Day and night, he began to be absorbed in the art of playing a thief, till he mentally began to think himself as a thief.  The good friend knew the night and the time, when the son, with a fearful appearance and a preparation to do all the needful, was to break open the lock. He was extremely anxious lest he be caught by mother, and, unconsciously, be severely beaten. He followed him like a good Guru, stealthily, to save the situation, by explaining and exposing the whole thing to the mother, if things came to that pass. Mother was however a mother!! As soon as, in a thief's way, the son approached the cupboard, to the greatest surprise of both, mother said: " My son ! Why have you become a thief? Take whatever you want, but, first remove the delusion to which you have been a prey. You are no thiefyou are my son.  You are Me, myself."   What is unreal is the thief in the sonand notthe son. The ignorance that comes and goes, the different unrealities manifesting themselves as realities, are unreal.   Ishwara-Srishti  (God's creation) is real. Jeeva Srishti (soul's creation) is unreal. The most blessed one who, after passing through the temporarily-accepted unrealism, reaches the stage of "Everything is Mother " again returns to the belief of Realism.

    "Surely, this is only my view, to-day. I may be wrong or I may change my belief tomorrow.  Mother alone knows!" (Surelynever through any Living Teachers, or Scriptures.)

720.  The WORLD is Catherine the Shrew, daughter of Mother.  Her tenderly emotions of a woman's heart remain unsatiated, because no man of the worldly mind, (a slave to the smallest trivialities of gains and losses, anxieties and fears of self-interest), appears in her eyes, fitted to be her companion.
She looks upon him most slightingly, and the man too, after all, a slave, does not dare look high in her face, like a companion of an equal status.   The pleasure of being the worshipper is not there for her, although she is worshipped by millions. The heart of a woman is not filled up, if the comrade is not, if not higher, at least, equal to her. 

    The WORLD, so often runs to saints for consolation and forgetfulness; and Mother knows, if for something else, as well !! But, her (the world's) crookedness, selfishness, jugglery, intrigues, falsehoods, faithlessness, etc., have fully tired them out.  The saints are so much disgusted with her hypocrisy and ungratefulness, that they get terrorised at her very shadow and at her approach. The saints fly away to live in caves, mountains, forests, on riverbanks and on sea-coasts, as far away from her as possible.  They make rules and regulations of never touching and seeing the world, woman and wealth.  If still, by chance, she comes nearer, they raise a huge cry, seek their shoes to beat her out, and do not rest, without driving her out, and closing their doors after her, most dashingly and fasteningly.

    The WORLD once most bitterly wept out her distress to Mother, of course, suppressing the fact that she longed for a companion, in most general terms. Said the WORLD,  " In spite of so many splendours, wealth, education, civilisation, learning, this discovery and that discovery of science, etc., I am sick at heart, I am miserable. People also talk that world is full of miseries". Mother advised  "why don't you go to Saints ?"  The crafty reply was, ”yes, I like them, I worship them, I follow their teachings, I supply them their requirements, I was once going to them, but they too have fled away ". The game-playing WORLD cheated even Mother.  She did not breath a syllable, about her own crookedness being the cause of their flying away.

    Mother fully knew what was wrong, but, after all, the WORLD was Her own Creation and Daughter, and of Her own making.  She was moved with the fullest pity.  She thought to Herself,  "Let Me now create a new type of MOTHERLY SAINTS, unlike the Fatherly Saints- Saints who do not hate, or run away from, or who do not see temptation in world, wealth and woman, saints who do not get staggered with the notion of woman being a hell-door, or of wealth (Lakshmi) being the creatrix of forests of evils, saints who do not renounce the World, but who, remaining therein, sacrifice all theirs for the world itself."

    On these lines of thinking, She took up Her first experiment.  She called several high souls.  All were shrewd enough to guess the purpose.  They knew how terrible and bothersome it was, to be Guru of the WORLD-shrew. On Mother's just talking over her proposal casually, without any idea of a compulsion or pressure, all of them kept their silence with thousands of indirect apologies, respectfully and submissively, which meant, declining the suggestion. All escaped, but one, inexperienced and a lay man, half-saintly and half-worldly, a non-professional soul, was caught in the Mother's net!.  Mother called Her daughter, and, with every scolding, advice and warning, said " I could not bear your tears that day. I therefore give you the fittest Guru. It is now up to you, how to make yourself consoled, and happy forever."

    Do you think, the WORLD full of so much vice, mischief and evil, changed her nature? No.  She had much greater value for the unapproachable, awe-inspiring distant saints, of whom she would be at least somewhat afraid, about their wrathfulness, big super-powers, terrible curses, etc. This Guru, she placed in her pocket, and continued her life, as before, putting forth the twisted teachings of the new Guru, in defense of her still greater increasing waywardness.

    The inexperienced semi-saint constantly complained to Mother, Mother cooled him down with: " What have you to do with that ? Why? Don't you forget all the ill-treatment, slight, ridicule, condemnation and everything, in My presence?? Why do you mind those things? Are you not the dearest to Me ? Why don't you keep my love to you always before your mind ? Can you not remain in the world itself, and yet remain unwet ?- unwetted, untired, and undisgusted ? ?"

    One day, timidly and trickily, the semi-saint talked to Mother.   " I am myself yet quite immature and imperfect ; nothing of worth, not even one-tenth of even nominal saints. Your daughter is now quite happy.  She has learnt up everything.  She is now sufficiently prepared to take care of herself.  I may now turn, to the work of furthering my own spiritual progress."  No sooner were these words heard, than Mother's Face changed.  It became unbearably terrific, with a slight change in Her sweet and gracious motherly love-emotions. Said she, " What ?? Tricks with Me?? Do you dare think, I myself can't make you perfect?? merely by My Will??"  " You too want to follow the self-centred selfish spirituality of your predecessors! ! ! "

    " Be wise. Think before you speak.  My Command and Will shall never be disobeyed".

    The semi-saint, full of repentance for having broached the subject, full of depression, was merged in deep despair and was drooping.  He began to remember certain past facts of his life, and his own experiences.  He had been to two saints, well-known, and of a world-spread repute, of a comparability with the modern saints like Sri SAI BABA and Sri SWAMI SIDDHARUDHA. He had most solicitously prostrated for "Guru-mantra" and "Diksha". He was passed over by both, with " you have yourself to do a different type of religious work ; you can't be given Mantra or Diksha ".

   On this thought establishing its mastery, in every atom of his brains, head and heart, the only thing that remained possible for the semi-saint was to fall (prostrate) on the ground like a loosened lifeless sack, before Mother's Image in his own cottage. He surrendered himself, with an apologetic, pledge-bound, shouting expression, "Mother!! Thy Will be done.  I only beseech Thee.  Never forgethowever weakwicked and worst I may beI am for ever Thineforget that never."

    The walls echoed. The " Pancha-pranas " (Vital airs) within him, the " Shariras " (bodies) and the " Pancha-koshas " (sheaths) echoed.  The MERCIFUL MOTHER'S IMAGE echoed: "N...E...V...E...R."

      Jay Mai,    Jay Mai,     Jay Mai,       Jay Mai,     Jay Mai.



[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]






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