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771. The more you realise, every dealing and dependence on the world is finally making you go deeper and deeper into the marshy mud-pit, the greater becomes your need for the Divine Help. Once you learn depending on God for anything and everything concerning you, you begin craving for a key to the heavenly strength, consolation and treasure.

    From time to time, an in every age, clime and religion, every devotee that has been fitted up and made to be born and trained by Mother for the uplift of the suffering world, is also given a golden key ;- such deserved few, as are favoured with the knowledge, recognition and craving for the key. Such ones seek illumination, as to the use of the golden key, from their respective Gurus, and maintain practically throughout their life, a faithful loving tenacity to their Gurus, and enjoy all spiritual, religious, moral and material benefits on the most judicious use of the golden key.

    Specialised superior devotees, during their highest hours of communion with their God, get a promiseful boon from their beloved Deity. It is, that a particular mode of approach and worship, and a particular compilation and composition of praiseful expression will move a particular manifestation of God or a Deity, to the maximum.

    The modern man who belittles things, with his swollen-headedness, asks : " Why that preferential treatment and particularisation ?" The Founder has never been lacking in abundance of such questions. " I can call them superficial-brained, because they see with their own eyes in the world itself the very same truth, and yet they raise questions on allied subjects senselessly, because they are in the field of Religion." Say, for instance, the joining up of a devotee's name with the deity's name. " Why Markand Mai, and not G-Mai ? "- was once an unnerving question. What answer the poor Founder can give ? How could he talk about himself and say " you "die" like me, then Mother will be G-Mai as well". Founder silenced the questioner, on owning defeat, "Yes, She is G-Mai." Few days passed, G would repeat " Jay Mai" but not "Jay Markand-Mai". Once he had a high fever of an extremely high temperature and painfulness. Having failed to get any relief, he began repeating merely "Jay Mai"; absolutely no relief. Somehow, all immediately, an illumination came ; he saw a faint figure of Mother, who said "My son's name is much more, dearer, to me to hear, than my own name". The man repeated the whole Mantra "JAY MAI, JAY MARKAND MAI" ; he had normality within a wonderfully short time. This is the experience known to the Founder in the year before 1935. The man wrote a letter of greatest appreciation, and about his own illumination and his sorrow for his past impudence. But again, the same story !! Man asks the questions again and again similar to " Why Markand Mai, and not G-Mai ? ", even after several years. The Founder gets ruffled and baffled to find the solution. Is the whole thing that comes to him only a relishful narration of imaginary stories, of people that so frequently visit the Founder and mention their experiences ? Is it just to please him ? If there is truth, why again, the same obstinate mulishness after years of experience and after volumes of experiences ? ? The answer has been more than once given in this book. It was no falsehood then ; it is no falsehood now ; man himself is not the same at all times ; MAYA PLAYS.

    The Founder, with all humiliation of the most miserable failure, has to say " Yes; it is so, and that is Maya ". The creation of faith and belief is not a day's task, and not the subject-matter of one experience and one hammering. Hundreds of hammer-strokes are not enough. Man's mind is like a sheep-fold ; hundreds stray out, hundred times in a day. If the shepherd is not watchful, he has to run after the strayed ones and bring them back. The Founder has come to the conclusion, people are not wrong and they are not liars, when they narrate their experience, because, that could be seen from their faces, eyes and attitude and behaviour ; but, after a few days are gone, again the mule becomes mulish. The memory of the experience, and its earnestness and highest intensity of realisation fade away. The truth of truths is he is not at this momentwhat he was thenat that moment of that his experienceThe man, of the moment and on the spot, is the natural man. The man, after the event, is an artificial and adulterated man. He recollects his past through the spectacles of mistiness and disbelief. His forehead-wrinkles go up and he says " yes, I think perhaps, there was something like that, I don't remember ". He is just courteous, if not bad or selfish or proud or arrogant. That is alright for him ; but how can the Founder disbelieve hundreds of experiences of  different people in different circumstances ? Should he consider them all to be imaginary ? And especially, when he has his own experiences, on the top ? ?

    To return to our subject : a particular set-up of a particular worship-method, or a prayer, or a Mantra, or a Sadhana, in every smallest detail, has the unique advantage of innumerable multiplications, from age to age, and man to man. The verbatim and literatim sameness, is the greatest point. There is a certain sacredness and superbness and pureness, about  " untouched with human hand ", while one has to deal with millions. There remains no room for the smallest doubt or discussion about the purity and in-tact-ness. The highest importance of Vedas and Scriptures arises, not only from the most invaluable truth and wisdom contained therein, but from the guarantee that they carry about their being " untouched by human hand "- the very same repetition and reproduction, not simply of the words, but also the phonetic and physical expressions.

    Let me explain it to the modern man, with the modern familiar ideas. Businessmen deal in millions of cotton bales. If one cotton bale is not the same thing as another one, how can the business of millions of rupees be run ? A cotton bale must mean a certain number things of a certain quality, all only innumerable duplicates of a certain assured specimen. This must be beyond every possible doubt and discussion. Then alone, it can be dealt with in millions of repetitions and transfers and exchanges.

   A particularly-worded and a particularly-detailed prayer, or worship, or repetition, as once for all settled between a devotee and a particular Deity, invokes a particular attention of the Deity. It puts the Deity in the sweetest memory of the Deity's relationship with a certain devotee. There is an earth-and-sky-difference between being addressed as " you, so and so," and " you, Mother of so and so ". There is an outburst of joy for any Deity, to be addressed as "the Deity of such and such devotee, and of subsequent innumerable devotees ". The Deity makes good the first promise given, and has the tendermost feelings, about all the devotees' names being made more and more venerated and worshipped. The Deity gets stirred up, to grant the most immediate fulfillment of the desires of the prayer-offerers, worshippers or the name-repeaters. From age to age, long after the devotees are dead and gone, and for ever, such prayers have outlived all distrust, belittlement and disbelief.

    Taking one instance out of so many, such promise-crowned repetitions, as Gayatri, Gita etc., which Hindu is unaware of the wonderful helping powers of Saptashati or Chandi ? For all purposes ! ! and why has it maintained that wonderful power, even after centuries ? Because the  Deities propitiated Mother to grant that everlasting boon, which that milky-hearted sage Markandeya, with the softest heart for the whole humanity and posterity, has immortalised and made available for the devotional world, in perpetuity.    

    Said Mother, on propitiation by the Deities "VRIYATAM" ("ask any boon "). The Deities demanded "SAMSRITA TWAM NO HINSETHAH PARAMAPADAH " ("On Thy remembrance, Thou be pleased to annihilate all our miseries and calamities ").

    Centuries have rolled on, and the world has descended from Satya Yuga (Golden Age) to Kali Yuga (Iron Age). Circumstances, conditions, capacities, virtue, morality, religion, mind, human nature and the world-all things have changed.

772. The Universal Divine Mother has made a " Nimitta ", a name-sake instrument, of Mai-Markand to declare MAI-ISM, in Her playfulness or seriousness, Mother alone knows. Mai-Markand is 300% aware of his incapacity, and so, he too in his humblest way tells Mother thus :

    " Which devil is going to hear me ? The only possible way is that you should be showering your Mercy and Grace, on whosoever approaches you through " Mother's message," " Mai-Sahasranama ", " Mai-ism "or " Mai-Markand-Ardha Sahasranama " etc. The world is after all selfish. The world has hypocritically made a great roaring about all intellectual superiority, industrial intellect, scientific wonderfulness and philosophical sublimity. But, in the end, whom has the world honoured, revered, obeyed, followed and remembered ?? Can anyone give us the series of richest man in the world from age to age ? How few names of scientists do we on an average know ? Remove man's all-delusive mistiness. The world has cared for none except " THE BENEFACTOR ". After all the passing things of the day and hour, after all the tom-toms of this man's greatness and that man's greatness, what has the world prized and valued as the highest ?? "That thing which made, which makes, and which will make, the world happy and freed from misery."

    " Soleave something like Thy promise for the present and for posterity."

    This is the last truest understanding about the world. Don't be led away by its false tall-talks and hypocrisies and artificial appearances. After all the different personalities that a Bahuroopi (a juggler assuming various forms) displays, the last thing is, that he demands his own selfish thing of remuneration, although he has given thundering speeches about the uselessness of wealth, the need of renunciation and self-reliance non-attachment, etc.

    That s the world. Don't get infatuated with its juggleries. The Founder has so much experience of visitors, who, in rapt attention would be hearing and talking about Mother for hours, but finally the cat will come out of the bag. No philosophy and no discovery, no art and no industry, is as sweet as the one that takes you out of a misery. The Founder thus dives deep to catch the root of the remedy for eradication of the evil itself. How can the strayed-away sheep be brought back? It is only by showing and holding fresh and lovely grass, food-morsel, etc.

    Gita, Saptashati, Bible, Koran, Gathas, etc., are the richest legacies, left as a result of the aforesaid Holy Communion, when the devotees demanded and Deities promised.

773. The world has all along shown the attitude of ridiculing an old Grand Papa, when he thinks of creating a mango-grove. None helps him then. All desert him, calling him crazy. After a few years, the mango trees grow and bring forth delicious fruits. All sons and grandsons and great-grandsons run to the grove, and the first thing they do, is to place a sign-board " this mango grove belongs to us, so ans so, Whoever plucks a single mango will be severely punished." That is the world ! ! The world has never once thought how it has ill-treated its benefactors !!

    The Divine Mother Mai has similarly left us, as Her boon, " MAI SAHASRANAMA ". It is meant to be repeated with the Universal  Mai-conception, with the predominating key-notes of Love and Service. It is symbolical of Love as against " Power ", and of " Mother " as against Shakti, the fulfiller of one's desires. Mai has Friday, the day of Venus, as Her special day, as against Tuesday, the day of Mars (of Shakti). The text is the very same as the sacred and secret " Lalita Sahasranama ", coming down to us from centuries, but in strictest secrecy from the Guru to the Shishya. It is rejuvenated, with re-shuffling and re-sorting of the names, with a view to regenerating its living effect and with a new interpretation, a new outlook, a new belief and a new faith, to add Universality and to delete all secondary superfluity.

    Without that active protective watchfulness and care of the Divine Mother, helping and saving and emancipating them that approach Her, which Religion can hope to survive ? ?, under the new materialistic and atheistic onslaught ? ? Mother or God alone must arrange from time to time to keep all the religions and religious institutes going on. Mother alone should pull out mud-stuck-up waggons and keep them in motion.

    Followers of Mai-ism should form their preliminary ideas first from " MOTHER'S MESSAGE " and should thereafter go through the present book on " MAI-ISM, " as the latter shows the practical aspect of a worldly man's way of dealing with Mai-ism. It gives a clear understanding and detailed information, and its reading is greatly useful for the preliminary grounding, and setting the head and heart in the required groove. Thereafter, a Mai-ist should take upon himself the more arduous work, of repeating any of the mantras given in Mai Sahasranama. Thereafter, he should undertake a detailed study of " Phala-Shruti " and supplements at the end in the said book, containing Mai-Khadga-Mala, Mai-Yana, Mai-Poojana-Prakara, Mai-Poojan-Upachara, etc. The devotee thereafter should start repetitions of Mai-Sahasranama, finishing hundreds after hundreds of Sahasranama, and thousands after thousands of Mai-mantras. Everything will tehreby be set right- your outward circumstances, conditions and calamities, and inward imperfections of the head and impurities of the heart. Last thing, if you have been attached to your Guru (whoever he be) and Mother both, you may undertake the repetitions of the select name-series of " Mai-Markand-Ardha-Sahasranama". It is the finest essence of five hundred names of the Sahasranama, arranged in quite an easy order for constant remembrance, natural association and alliedness of ideas, etc., as dictated in 1949 by Mother during communion, for advanced disciples, who have established long-durated Guru-Shishya relationship, with their Guru along with Mother.

    It may look I am getting narrowed down and going from a larger area to a smaller area of the expanse ; but, for the same volume, whereas the depth of the former is almost negligible, that of the latter is quite immense. The first expanse has vast lengths and breadths, but extremely small depths.

    Your powers to move the world depend on your Sadhana, and Sadhana means concentrated smallest area with maximum depth. Depth is the most important dimension.

    Sadhana means solitude, dying determination, definite most precise conception of the intended achievement, Guru's Grace and Mother's mercy, and untiring single-minded exertion, with a perfect non-attachment to all other things except the thing to be achieved. Valuable things can be had from mountains or oceans alone, and not from vast sandy earth-plains. The wisest man is single-minded for his Sadhana, and Universal-minded while dealing with the world, he does not mind feasting. Saints are prescribed, and described, to have the qualification of being soft as a flower, and hard as an adamant.

    I wish I had written "MAI-ISM" first, and then, "MAI-SAHASRANAMA". But, as I have so often stated, I have committed the greatest blunder of taking the world at a much higher value than its actual, which I am finding as time passes. The usual way of the world is first, to introduce the speaker and then the truth to be spoken. The world gets more enchanted of persons, than of principles.

    What a joy and satisfaction ! ! !  While I am writing this, I get a letter from one highly respectable and sincere devotee (P.D.D.). It says " This new book is also like the Sahasranama, a book to be approached and referred to, during perplexities. Pages 131 and 353, on being opened after prayers have given me indescribable illumination and immense satisfaction." My own personal joy is to learn, that the Daughter is in no way inferior to the Mother, in her powers and blessings, relieving and helping the readers- I mean, " Mai-ism " to " Mai-Sahasranama ".

    Oceans of misunderstandings, misplacements and misspent energies would be saved, if it were possible to sort out truly religious from routine-religious, hypocritic religious, selfish religious, exploiting-religious and irreligious, etc. Hardest task ! ! ! But it has to be done, either individually or by methodisation and organisation.

    For worldly man and woman, I recommend nothing so emphatically as Service and Surrender. If they don't know even the A. B. C. of that most formidable thing spoken of as " Religion ", they need not droop in despondency. Serve your parentsserve your Guruserve your Godserve you wifechildrenfriends and relationsserve your neighboursserve allNo technique is required thereinMother Herself will lift you upMother has Herself promised. And that is Mai-ism.

774. Once a Master was training his disciple in Sharanagati. The Shishya had the great aptitude and was the most ardent devotee of Shree Mata Tripura-Sundari. After twelve years had passed away in hard service to the Guru and in devotion to the Mother, it once happened that the Guru was out, and on prayers, The Divine Tripura-Sundari appeared before the Shishya. Said she " I am pleased with thy devotion. Ask any boon."  " I would grant you even the final emancipation on your passing away." The disciple's joy knew no bounds. He wanted however, not to e, ant the least immature disciple of his Master. He wished to make a precedent, for the glorification of his Master as having trained up and bred up such a worthy disciple. With this mental working, the disciple in all humility said to Mother " Oh Merciful Mother !! of the whole Universe !! it is so very majestically Merciful of Thee, to grant me the salvation. But I am feeling for so many others suffering. I would rather prefer hell, if by my suffering, others can be saved."

    The Mother disappeared. She did not choose granting the said boon of his having to go in hell. Only She blessed him with highest happiness and welfare. The disciple was exultant with joy and was counting his moments to narrate the event to the Master, on return. On his arrival, he joyfully narrated the same.

    Said the Master, striking his hand against the forehead, " My twelve years' labour over thee has been wasted. Thou art surely the highest amongst so many others, ut thou art not the highest of the highest. Who are you ? to say give me hell " to save others ? "  " You have not yet fully understood me and my Sharanagati." The Master blessed the disciple who prostrated, with a promise not to repeat the pitiable error. The master moved his hand over the disciple's face with all endearment and said, " My Son !!! Say, " Thy Will be done." Even if Bhagvati Mai comes again and persists and says, " I wish to do as you desirest," even thenlet your words be nothing else except Thy Will be done."

775. A majestic queen looked at her rear lane thrice alone in her life-time. At her second look she was pleased and wonderfully surprised , that a girl of twelve doing the scavenging work years before had been a woman of thirty, with two children by her side. The queen felt doubtful, if this woman was the same girl , that she had seen eighteen years before. She was pleased to ask and her inference stood confirmed. She had a surpriseful, shocking joyful pleasure. She told her," You became from a small girl to be a woman with children!! You have been so patiently sweeping my court-yard for past eighteen years, but not a single day you have asked even the smaller thing from me”!!! What can be the poor woman say? The poor woman kept her hands folded and said, "Mother, Your Grace and glance is more than enough for me." The queen was moved beyond imagination; she said," You shall have no more to do this menial work. I am ordering my men to send you at your home enough money, that will enable you to live in a magnificent place  with a  abundant number of servants."
The queen ordered out and managed a large sum of money to be sent over to the woman. Days passed. Months passed.  Years passed. One evening, the queen heard some noise in the back-yard. Some two sturdy young men were catching an old woman and helping her to move to be below the point of the royal terrace. The queen was disturbed. She looked there and inquired what the matter was. She asked who that old woman was.  With humblest respects the two men said, it was their mother," She is almost on the point of dying and her last desire has been that she should be brought over here and we have brought her.". The queen exclaimed," What, is it not my Sharana? " Said the two sons of old woman," Yes Mother, that is your Grace-recipient Sharana. She was working here only the last Friday. She continued serving here upto the last Friday , although she had so many servants and we , her sons promised her  to do this work most carefully and satisfactorily for her. But she won't hear us. Now we pray that Your Majesty advises and orders her to lie her few days peacefully permitting us to work for her, here". The old woman with her tottering hands closed the mouth of her son. She could not bear the words which would mean swerving from her self-surrender. She looked up at the queen with folded hands. Tears fell from the eyes of the queen. They fell over her face. All of them retired. The queen had no normal mind peacefulness of routine living. She was struck with herself -surrendering spirit.  She has continued to serve her for so many years even though she had sons and servants, in spite of her painful, weakened old bent physic and age.  The queen passed immediate orders to her personal doctor to run up and visit her Sharana and do all the speediest and costliest needful to cure her. She took an anxious interest and breathlessly waited for information about Sharana getting safe. The news bearer gave this news, “On reaching home, from here from your Majesty, the old woman immediately expired".
776. That is self-surrender; Mai-ism relies upon and preaches.
BE MOTHER’S CHILD. What is worth knowing and what is worth doing? How little can b we know and can we do?? Not even a drop in the Infinite Ocean!!!
The Founder while closing this book, with a feeling of repentance and disgust about his monkey-ishness  and under the influence of strongest Madira ( restlessness creating wine) , which Mother’s fancy poured in the Founder’s heart for Her Own Playing , sheds his  tears, the final ones to be known by the blessed readers  of this sacred book with the following words. 
"Mother!!  I have danced enough at Thy bidding. Take me back now to the goal desired by thee for Thy wicked son."
"With Thy eyes, My eyes United, Do Keep Perpetually'; Remember, Don't fail,
Repeating “Mother”, Mother, make me die in Thee! Oh !!! Ye !!!
777. If Love is Mother and Mother is Love, I am Mother's and Mother is mine. Mother bless the readers. Bless Thy followers. Bless Thy surrender seeking. Be Thou pleased with anyone that repeats Thy Sacred Name. On Thyself being propitiated and pleased, let the little universe of every devotee of Thine be most pleased, satisfied, comfortable and happy.

Let it be Thy Grace that the rulers led the ruled into the righteous path. Let good befall to the lot of all. Let the Universe be happy with rains, crops, contentment and prosperity.

Make Thy devotees live in peace and bliss without fear. Make all beings to relish pleasure in attending to their duties and on attaining duties and on attaining their spiritual welfare.

Make the wicked virtuous, make the virtuous successful in attaining their peace of mind. Make tranquilized souls free from bondages. Inspire and help the freed to be taking up as their life mission, the work of helping, loving and serving others to free themselves through Thy Mercy and Guru's Grace.

May all be freed from dangers. May all understand and attain good. May all be living nobly. May all be rejoicing in the Universal spiritual good of all.

Mother! Make all happy, free from all worries and diseases and all calamities. Make each and all of us enabled to enjoy the Best, what is Divine, Sublime and Good.

Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai,
Jay Markand Rupa Mai
Jay Markand Rup Markand Mai

Mother’s Day (Friday),
Mai Niwas, Santa Cruz, Bombay No. 23 


Founder of Mai-ism and President of Mother’s Lodge


 M.R. Dholkia



OM TAT SAT SHREE AAI SUSHILAA OM TAT SAT , WHO  MERGED IN UNIVERSAL DIVINE  MOTHER MAAI'S LOTUS FEET ON 3 MARCH 2006 FRIDAY [ फाल्गुन शुक्ल पक्ष पंचमी तिथी, अश्विनी नक्षत्र, तृतीय चरण ]

ॐ तत् सत् श्री आई सुशीला ॐ तत् सत् चरणार्पणमस्तु ।

हरिः ॐ तत् सत् ।


[ Mai-ism was represented at All Faiths' Conference at Nasik (India) in 1933 and the Indian Philosophical Congress at Poona (India) in 1934. Maiji was invited to Japan for the World Religious Congress in 1955. Maiji was the Sub-Councillor-in-Chief of the International Religion Federation which was started in Japan in 1955
Maiji had been elected as VICE PRESIDENT and spiritual MINISTER for PEACEFUL HUMAN RELATIONSHIP & Universal Religious Alliance ( U.R.A.) in Havana, Cuba for SIX YEARS FROM 1959 TO 1965.

The most appreciated representation of Mai-ism was at the Universal Religious Alliance World Congress held at Havana in Cuba from 23 October 1959 to 22 January 1960. Mai-ism was explained, discussed and commented upon in the World Congress by Revered Sister Duchesse Blanche Ledran, The Grand  Chancellor of the Universal Religious Alliance. Mai-ism received the greatest approbation in this World Congress of the Universal Religious Alliance , which has a standing of over five decades. In fact it is one of the first most important universal religious institutes. 

As stated in the Preliminary Report pertaining to the Congress held on 23 October 1959, the complete attendance at the Congress was around 3800 persons 2184 of which intergrated about  318 different official delegations, which came from 96 different countries. The representation was of  449 different sections and sub-sections of religious and various organisations. Further more , 43 countries had sent their official observers.  Appreciation and truest understanding about Mai-ism by the said World Congress would be evident from these words; " We have received valuable literature from all quarters of the world, which amply reveals that the regeneration of man as at the hand, as well as that a new age ( Aquarian ) is being ushered in taking shape of  a brand new Spiritual Civilisation. We recommend such sources of research. We recommend Mai-ism and the Mai-Institute of Santa Cruz West, Bombay - 54 India." ]



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