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MAI OFFERS MAI-ISM TO MODERN HINDUS chapter 9 of abridged maiism


The Founder has expressed his views about what a true religion should be :
The task for a religious reformer is hard in a hundred ways. He has to make the world realise that it can not be happy without religion. He has to strengthen the belief both ways. Not only showing how religion has come to the aid of mankind, but how the highest civilisations not based on religion have been swept away, under the degenerating and decaying influence of time. For the modern age, a mere statement of his about truth is enough. He has to introduce the Universal outlook in every individual religion. He has to consolidate the wisdom of the past, extracting its essence to the irreducible minimum size. He has to establish proper values for essentials and non-essentials of every religion. He has to minimise abuse and exploitation. He has to strengthen the cultural moral background. He has to lay down the best life routine. He has to interweave considerations of the world below and the world above. He has to open the World's eye to the same One life, animating one and all.
The religious ideal which can suit the modern world is one that can take the whole humanity in its embrace, which can respect and give a free play to Conscience, Reason, Experience and Science, which would allow every man to live well and teach letting others live well, which will ensure a perfect freedom for every soul to work out its own salvation in its own way, which will teach maintaining sense of proportion and proper evaluation of essentials and non-essentials of a religion, which would develop the faculty of judging all actions and actors, not by their positional values, but by the tests of the fundamental they satisfy, which would guide without intimidation and mental enslavement, which would make one free from the poison of the over-consciousness of superiority and inferiority of man to man, and lastly, which would develop the spirit of practical sisterhood and brotherhood in the daily routine of life.
A popular religion to suit the modern world should have the following characteristics :
(1 ) Religion must have a definite form and should not be an idealistic, incomprehensible, chaos-creating, airy and hazy something. Religion must provide for pruning from age to age. 
(2) Religion should not be a source of superstition.
 (3) Relation of man to man must be hundred times much better. Be we first a man, then a brother and thereafter alone, a religious man.

(4) Religion should be recognised to mean the essence and the experience of a life lived.

(5) Everyone should be and should be considered under the direct protection and guidance of God.
(6) Preachers are to be Witness and not lawyers or professors.
(7)  As few limitations as possible should be set on the conception of God and on the innocent harmless and free latitude and living of men.
(8) All adornments and adjuncts should be gradually slackened and even removed, as soon as,  at the stage when they are found to be obstructive, is reached.
(9) Religion should be accommodative, constructive and progressive. Religion must provide for pruning from age to age.
 Mai-ism is the psychological religion for one and all of any religion or no religion without caste, creed or colour. With full reverence to and while following one's own religion, one can be a Mai-ist. Mai-ism is one's own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not merely one's ancestral religion of one's birth.
Mai ( Mother ) is not Maya or the illusion creator, nor Shakti or Power requiring a separate Controller, not Father's Wife, nor the Fifth Hindu Deity, not Mother Kali, not Mother Mary, not God's handmaid, not Demon's slayer, not Mother that is pleased with animal or human sacrifices, not Mother of thieves and dacoits, not Mother of rebels revolutionaries, not Mother of Black-Magicians, Ughra-Sadhaks , Ghat-Kanchuki Dev-dasis or Vamachars.
Mother is essentially the Ocean of Infinite Love and Mercy, Mother is human mother vested with Omnipresence, Omniscience and Omnipotence and raised to infinity and Godhood. Mai is to the Mai-ists what a human mother is to her child.
(A) Mai-ism is the psychological religion for one and all of any religion or no religion without caste, creed or colour. With full reverence to and while following one's own religion, one can be a Mai-ist. Mai-ism is one's own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not merely one's ancestral religion of one's birth.
( B ) Under Mai-ism, there is no place, by its very postulates, for the condemnation of Harijans as ' Untouchables, Woman's subjugation by Man or condemnation by routine religion as " Narakasya Dwaram "( Hell's Gate ) has no room, as every Mai-ist is expected to look upon every woman ( except his own wife )  as representative form of Mother and as under Mai-ism the co-operation of man and woman in the Mother worship is the highest spiritualising force. The spirit underlying the words " Heathen ", " Kafir ", " Mlechcha " " Durvan ", etc., has no existence under Mai-ism.
(C) One who does not believe in God, but who does believe in the common tie of humanity and practises service and extends Love to all, is a " Mai-ist ", because he is the follower of Mai in one of Her aspects as One Universal Soul, One Universal Consciousness or One Universal Cosmos, like unto the continuous string through rosary beads subjecting every one of the Universe to the slightest influence anywhere in the whole.
If the Universe is to be made hatred less happy home and if love, mercy and other qualities of heart, ( the bankruptcy of which has been so keenly felt in the present world ) are to reappear, Motherhood conception of God is the most favourable aspect and conception.
A universal evil needs a universal remedy, and the Grace of Universally acknowledged common Parent of one and all. The Merciful-Mother-Parent. The Universal Mother.
A universal prayer offered to a universally-conceived, universally-acknowledged universal Almighty, has its own undreamt-of miraculous efficiency, which followers of individual delimited vision can never imagine.
A universal call alone can have a universal response.
The six tenets of Mai-ism are:-
1) God is more merciful when approached as Mother;
2) Mother is the mother of all, without caste, creed or colour;
3) Mother smiles, on one's trying to love All, to one's best;
4) Mother saves, on one's trying to serve All, with one's best;
5) Mother shows (Her Grace) on one's devotion to Her
6) Mother serves, on one's living the life of universal Love and Service, with Devotion to Her and Unconditional, Cheerful, Self-Surrender to Mother's Divine Will.
Maiist's devotional ideal :
' Practice feeling that you are a child - a child whom Mother could not but accept, however wicked. You automatically get confidence, you regain your innocence, purity and sincerity and you raise yourself above world-wormness, sexuality and selfishness. You are off your cares, time is an eternity for you and life is lightened. Be Mother's child and Her lap shall be thrilling and throbbing to have you on itself.'
(1) Unity of all religions.
(2) Universal relation of all human beings as members of one family.
(3) No communalism. No provincialism. No nationalism and no racialism.
(4) For Mother's Love, Grace, Devotion and Mercy, the daily practice of universal sisterhood and brotherhood, an indispensable requirement.
(5) Everyone to have the right of selecting one's own line of evolution.
(6) Precise evolution of essentials and non-essentials of one's religiosity, with test-stones of fundamental and eternal truths.
(7) Religion not to be permitted being made a cause for disunion, domination, prejudice, exploitation or superstition, and not to fail to respect science, reason, conscience, experience, human psychology and individual merits and demerits.
(8) One's own superiority to be the least thought of, being trivial, transitory, circumstantial and not single-handedly earned.
(9) Not making most of the little differences between high and low, which are often prejudicial and sometimes even imaginary.
(10) One's cheerfulness never to be lost as nothing is irreparable or unachievable under Mother's Grace.
(11) Be ever optimistic. The highest difference between man and a man is nothing compared to what Mother's Grace can make him in a moment. A sinner can be a saint at the second moment and a saint may turn out to be a devil after a day.
(12) Destruction is for re-construction, doubting for believing, evil for good,  sinfulness for sinlessness.
(13) Rise above all superstitions. There is no 'Choo-Mantar'(magic) for a true Mai-ist except repetition of  ' Jai Mai', Guru's Grace, Mother's Mercy, one's own highest exertion and world's sympathy.
(14) Mai-ist's highest initial grounding - Motherhood of God, Universality.
(15) Mai-ist's highest life-maxims - Love, Service, Devotion, unconditional and cheerful self- surrender to Mother's Divine Will.
(16) Mai-ist's highest sin - Loveless-ness and Harmfulness to another, by thought, word or deed.
(17) Mai-ist highest merit - Serving another onwards towards the spiritual goal or through temporal difficulties, in every moral, legal, legitimate and harmless manner.
Some of the practical measures for practical Mai-ists are : - 
(1) Holding common prayers, Bhajans or Kirtans of God in any name or form and of any saints or devotees, holding classes, delivering lectures and undertaking tours for the general spiritual uplift.
(2) Introducing common prayers in Schools, Colleges and in masses.
(3) Holding Mother worship, personal or impersonal in any form, as may be agreed upon by one and all.
(4) Convening social of sisters or brothers or combined or of families, without caste, creed or colour.
(5) Promulgation of common religious and allied literature and encouragement of studies of all religions by individuals of different religions. Publication of extracts from sacred books of all religions.
(6) Helping poor or bereaved families, deserving students, orphanages, opening celibate Mai-ist Schools, starting widow-homes, offering medical aid to the needy, guiding wedded pairs to-wards spiritual matrimonial living, praying for the peace of the departing or departed souls etc.
(7) Promotion of immensely practical universal sisterhood and brotherhood in daily life.
(8) Abolition of racial, national, provincial, social and religious prejudices and intercession for bringing about honourable peace and equitable compromise.
(9)  Constructing, opening or encouraging to open Mother's Lodges, temples, Homes and Colonies under any denomination religious, national or communal, of any people, in any place.
The process of evolution of Mother's followers on attainment of Guru's Grace and Mother's Mercy is as under : - 
(1) Acquisition of merit ( Punya ) by doing religious acts , Japa, worship, charity, services etc. which will lead in the first instance to the fulfillment of legitimate and moral desires, next to patience and proofness, and then to the appreciation of the virtuous, religious and saintly people and their ways of living.
(2)  The actions and qualities of Love, Service, Devotion and Self-surrender having fairly matured by practice, Mother will so bring about circumstances and opportunities that the follower will be lifted up from his routine and worldly life and will be ushered into the company of virtuous, religious, devotional and saintly people.
(3) Constant contact with religious people and their Service, their Imitation and their Grace will create a good understanding of good and evil, truth and untruth, righteousness and unrighteousness etc. , and these will introduce one to godliness after sufficient practice and disciplinary training in goodness, virtue etc.
(4) This introduction to godliness will ultimately result in the great liking for godliness, virtuous, devotional, unselfish and higher living and finally in the germination of Love towards God.
(5) Devotion to and Love of God will perfect the true understanding about soul-knowledge and will bring the Supreme Self of God and the individual self of the follower much nearer, through faith and conviction strengthened by Mother, often through miraculous Grace.
(6) Love of God will result in the Love of God's creation.
(7) Feeling the finger and hand of  God in all arrangements, getting the sight of God occasionally, feeling oneness with God on self-surrender and inward satisfaction of  ' having been accepted '.
(8) Establishing a perpetual relation with God and helping God in all grand work with Power and Love which God is pleased to confer.
(9) Merging in Mother.
The Founder's greatest sorrowful observation is, there is no systematisation, although the richest substance of true religiosity is here in India. Right understanding in its absolute essence, sense and practice is hopelessly missing. Discretion and discrimination about the indispensable elements or significant and insignificant factors are conspicuous by its absence.

Hinduism is the most over the fondled child of Mother. There is a traditional story. There were two idlers ( brothers ) in the Ashram of Ramdass Swami, the Guru of Shivaji. They would be doing no duty, nothing whatsoever of the work of the Ashram. They would be simply sitting in front of Swami and go talking and praising while worshipping, and doing all the things that can be done without moving their limbs. Even during waving of the light, they won't stand up. All other disciples were getting wrathful and complaining to Swamiji. " These two never do even the smallest of the work and go on simply talking and eating. Swami tried his best to persuade other disciples, not to mind. But finally, the pressure was too great. They were asked to work but they won't. Finally, both of them were driven away with one day's bread.
They left the Ashram and sat under the nearest tree keeping their tiffin before them. Swamiji naturally inquired which place did they go. Disciples said," Where are they going?  They are just sitting under a tree with their tiffin before them. Just here outside our compound. They have not eaten their bread yet. "
Three days passed the same story. Swami went there that night, all alone, with Kalyan, his best disciple and began to hear their talk unseen. Said one to another, " Today is the fourth day. I think Swamiji must come tonight to take care of us and take us back."The other said," You might be hungry, you take our tiffin and my share also. You are hungry for the past three days."  " But then, why don't you take? Let us eat together. " " No, No. I have a conviction, Swamiji might have no sleep for these three nights.   Should I be so ungrateful? It is only a matter of a favourable turn of our fate and a suitable adjustment, which must, of course, take its own minimum time. Someday Swamiji will get angry with their same disciples, because of his having no sleep for nights together, Swamiji will be chaffing because disciples are right in their demand. So he can't scold them, but the merciful milky heart of Swamiji won't leave him at peace, till he hears either we are, gone out of sight, and therefore out of mind, or taken back. " The other said, " I think, anyway he must come here at least tonight." Ramdas Swami laughed outright and disclosed himself. All the disciples, not finding their Guru, had followed and they also laughed outright. Said Swami, " These two are nice teachers of what ideal Self-Surrender and invocation of mercifulness, going beyond dry and stern justice can be. If all of you have no objection, I may tale back to our Ashram as best specimens of self-surrender souls ". That is Hindu mind. It lives in Mercifulness of Mother. 
Propitiate God as Mother, Mother of all, with love, service, devotion and self-surrender. Let things come and go, as mother desires. Be busy with whatever religion you have, revere it, follow it, preach it, make necessary sacrifice for it. Act exactly in the manner all spiritually wiser than you do; observe it.  Don't raise a discordant note. Fight, flatter, do whatever the world requires you to do, but only as a hireling. In your heart of hearts, although your routine religion is anything, let your true religion be the simplest and the shortest, safest and smallest, speediest and surest Mai-ism. If you want the religion of one word, it is that of Sharanagati ( Self-surrender ).
Mai-ism maintains the full integrity of Hinduism as any other religion. Mai-ism only adds, one further requirement viz., when higher issues of universal welfare are under consideration, the individual aspect of each religion must take a secondary place  in requirements of the all-embracing and all are welfare aspiring religion of the Universal Mother
Mai-ism proposes to give the free-est latitude to all in social living, so long as the fundamental Divine Laws are not infringed. One must be extremely alert and watchful, about the ground on which one stands and the nature of the material he handles. His valour lies in doing his best to confirm and strengthen the ground and in making the handled material, very tactfully better. Neither contempt nor compulsion, nor resentment, nor dead routine can help. Constructiveness and not condemnation can alone take us out of the whirl.
A wise man has to accommodate themselves to the times to survive the overwhelming bashful violent waves, knocking down and smashing the shorelines. Sometimes a little promptitude in granting a lenient view to save situations. It is better to be a less religious than to be entirely irreligious. If a certain sacred fire which has been for centuries kept alive with sandalwood only, gets famished and faded because no sandalwood offering come forth, should that sacred fire be not maintained by permitting less costly and burning materials?  Should it be allowed to cool down to ashes? No. Keep the fire alive. It will again see the original glorious day of Sandal-wood burning. These are crucial and critical moments. Better to give in a little than loose all. If the religious charm is retained, though weak, better time s of original strength is sure to return.
We are again in the line with the point of original aim and object of this composition. The final facts are that The Founder resides at Mother's Lotus Feet, confined within the four walls of his  Mai-Niwas on Saraswati Road in Santa Cruz, Bombay except when he goes to Ahmedabad or any other outside place. He is a huge correspondent and believes in teaching religiosity, through correspondence and personal discussion of the smallest details of life and living. People go to him for spiritual understanding and he deals with inquirers in sittings lasting sometimes for five or six hours at a stretch, preferably 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. If none turns up, he would be praying and communing with Mother for these hours. His personal routine has been reduced to a minimum. He would be found praying or preaching or writing letters or hearing the distresses of people  and giving them instructions  as to the ways of removal of miseries
Although in the finality of things, he believes man's highest exertion does not result in anything substantial compared to what Mother's Grace can do, he dis-likes the parasitic mentality and is extremely emphatic on the point of self-reliance, self-help and self-exertion. Says Founder, granting that you honestly believe you are capable of doing nothing, remain grateful, be busy with Mother's Glorification. Be helping the mother to keep Her Universe and children - folk happy, honest, virtuous, God-fearing and God-loving.
These are these things that are expected of you if you honestly believe that you can do nothing. One thing is: Be absorbed in Her and constantly meditating on Her. If that can't be done, the second thing is, be at least be busy with activities connected with Her. If that too can't be done, be at least dedicating some kind of service, even though it be mechanical, either of your physical body, your mental faculties or your financial favourable position. If that can't be done, be at least glorifying Her name and expressing your gratefulness to  Her.  This much on the side of action and activity. On the side of your thinking be humility itself. When you have to exert, you escape by saying, " Who am I to do? What at the bast can I do? " You put all your burden on Mother. When it comes to the realisation, you say, " I did it " and claim the full ownership of the fruits, without dedicating even the smallest fraction thereof, neither the credit of action nor the ownership of the fruit to Mother. Mentally renounce the very idea of your authorship or actorship or ownership. Don't continue the contact, not even the memory thereof
Let these three ideas be fully developed : (1) I am a doer of nothing. (2) Nothing belongs to me (3) I am capable of doing nothing.
Mother is prepared for any compromise, but we are hopelessly out and out bankrupt in every way. Not even the mental expression of the gratitude. That is most despicable.
Founder says, " This ' neither here nor there ' class of half-baked shards of earthen pots is most tiresome, troublesome to deal with; and that the average modern Hindu is; he is neither a Westerner nor an Easterner. He is neither a theist nor an atheist. He is neither fully fledged Gyani nor an all-renouncing devotee. He is neither worldly nor a world-renounced. He is what he likes to be, as suit him best to serve his own self. He is a crude obnoxious mixture of everything He has a love for material enjoyments as a Westerner. When the question of exerting, therefore, comes up, he is an Easterner and says, " We shall eat less but let us earn with ease and live God-dedication living ".
I so anxiously wish readers may understand my heart. It is not that I am feeling joy in belittling the present age. Just the reverse of it. I feel for the average modern men. They are ten per cent of what they make themselves to be. I am not faddist of religion. Religion is for man, more than that men are for religion. The ultimate aim of religion is to make man better and happier. Nor am I worried about getting a world of flatterers and courtiers around my MOTHER.  I am all the while raising clarion call to all of them, whom the mother has gifted powers to do their little best to take up the necessary measures to enable this world of ours, being reinstalled, on lines that lead it to be better and happier. 
People do want religious institutes and preachers and advisers. Only thing is, someone else should have the idea of supporting them. They are to be merely receivers of benefits. That is in a way most natural with the original Hindu ideals. Religiosity or sacred learning gets poisoned as soon as the idea of money-getting or money-losing poison touches it. 
Founder says, "When in the highest fervour of devotion, any saint hands over his books to a devotee ( and truly devotional is mostly poor one ), how can he wipe out every work done, with the poison of demand of its price? On the other hand, a rich man that goes to him as a religious friend, to quote an actual instance, on being treated according to his status with a lunch costing rupees three, come forth to pay a two-anna piece, the normal price of a pamphlet, which he presents him with. His face is glowing with the idea," I would not take a pamphlet copy free as others do. I will straightway pay it off ", A rich man would be expecting praises for having paid off his two annas for the copy, although possessing lacs. What was expected of him was," Send your printer's bill to me for your next pamphlet ", or a cheque of a substantial amount for other publications.
There are several points of wrong mentalities, which the Founder had come across and which have shocked him on being smitten with the contrast between the talked - over and the actual religiosity.
A demand of some return for some great relief received from Mother, on the Founder's exerting hard and the consequent removing of some unbearable hardship, to be used only for the furtherance of an institute, or for assisting a religious person in his religious work, is called begging.
The logic underlying the mentality has been explained above: " Religious help is to be always free." Because religious work is invaluable just like saving of a drowning man, therefore is expected to be rendered and valued as valueless. What is invaluable soon gets depreciated to be valueless, if the feeling of gratitude dies.
Founder says: You save a rich man's son from being sentenced, you see that a discarded daughter is received in her husband's home, you avert a danger of any disappointed person prepared to commit suicide by your constant day and night praying to Mother for maintaining his equilibrium. do anything, even helping a rich man to get over an incurable disease, or speaking in terms of money itself, to get thousands. Die for them, but a word about contributing to the sacred cause of religious furtherance is called BEGGARY. This modern mentality must change. The religious belief, once so very genuine and the mentality of  " the saints oblige us be accepting " has erelong disappeared.
Please don't think this to be an outflow of a personal injustice. I am striving hard for a change in the mentality of the whole modern religious world. Don't be dazzled by a richness of few counted saints. Study the problem deeply. A question from one of the worshipped saint's life will open eyes, " People came to see me in crowds and asked for instruction. People came and made me talk for three days and nights, without giving me a moment's rest. They did not even ask me whether I had eaten ".
It must be said, this is quite an honest mentality which some few and not simply an excuse for not giving. Surely there are some that give with an honest understanding, viz., that the saints need nothing but that they must support them for their own " Punyam " and future welfare.
I am only explaining the embarrassing situation in a matter of finance, for the new entrant in the realm of religion, as a reformer. In India, the agreeability of circumstances for any religious reform is this belief. Those who are Gadipatis and like Maharajas of the Vaishnava sect, never think of the advancing times. It is no part of their duty to help the world to be more religious. At best, their duty is to continuously play the same part, to them from the times of their forefathers. 
There is another class, which is for dittoing the past and playing the same old gramophone records, blankly refusing to see look at the changed conditions and burning questions of the day. They live in the ideal world of the Vedas, Gita and Puranas and refuse to descend even one step to study the actual step of facts and try to solve the perplexing questions of the modern life. this class is fairly rich, but it prefers idealisms.
There is still another class of high religious souls, who believe in fearful awe-inspiring distance, silence and unapproachability. To have a darshan would be more than enough to make a man perfect - the breath-blowing class.
Inferior values we are not referring to. There is a class, which consists of some living on the superstitions and fears of human nature, some of the avariciousness, some on religious ignorance of the rich educated class that has left all contact with religious routine, some on the blind faith of the illiterates etc.
It has been often put forth as an argument that India is poor. This argument is simple nonsense.  If we judge the charitableness on the basis of percentage, where is the question of poverty? Does westernized Hindu not know that in America religious lectures are actually paid for? Formerly, people and public loved to serve religion. There was an innocent pride of greatness in helping religion, there was a belief, the charity would bring more money, peace and happiness. So, there, a change is required to be brought about.
Is the world going to stop its working, even if there is not a single man on earth who believe in God? Don't worry on that score. Mother's  Message of Mai-ism says on the very first page, " Mai-ism is one's own personal religion to be adopted after the age of discretion and not one's ancestral religion by birth. " [ PAGE 143 TO 145 ]
Late Bro. A.S. Mundkur who has translated " Founder's Psalms " had become a Mai-ist in an extremely interesting way. The Founder and Mr Mundkur were together for only an official duty, for five days. The Founder had gone to scrutinize his 'award' of acquired lands. They stayed in adjoining blocks the Nipani Travellers' bungalow. One Friday night Mr M entered F's room and expressed his greatest surprise on finding him sitting before Mai's picture in worship. " What do I see! Do you believe in Religion after so much learning and free thinking and contact with up-to-date things.? I hate religion. The greatest humbug that has worked horrors on the world." F was equally staggered at such a contempt. Both were pulled into a serious discussion. M let loose his contempt in never stopping mail trains about weakness and abuse points of Hinduism. He won't stop to hear a counter-reply. After he had finished, Founder cool-mindedly told him,"  You are right in whatever imputations you have made but let me have my say. Is there any God or not? " "Yes, but not.... ".  " Do you think for the smooth running of the world, there must be some law? " " Surely but not such a foolish... " " Suppose you are the legislator, what would you have laid down ?"" Nothing, nothing,  absolutely nothing, only live without hurting others, with Love. Help others as best as you can with Service. Remember your Creator, who has created such a happy, beautiful and man-serving world and live always cheerfully, taking life as it comes ".
The F asked," If the religion means this? " M got wrathfully wild: " Don't try to pull me. I am not a child. I am fifty-two my friend. I have studied all religions and have had long discussions with Swamis, Moulvis and Reverends ". F smiled to bring M's wrathfulness down. But supposing some religion means what you say ".  " I know there is none ".  " Suppose such new religion comes forth! "  In a respectful but convincing manner, he began to leave the room saying with the highest emphasis, 'Impossible'. F told him he had to go that night to Belgaum to conduct a worship. M was too generous and offered his car for a distance over 30 miles and back. He smiled and taunted F with a pleasant vengeance. " Please excuse me. I am impersonally telling you. That is my religion, to save your immense travelling trouble by giving you my car. ". He could not contain and repeated, " That is my religion ". Not going to temple but sparing one's car for carrying a cooly fallen from the scaffold in front of you to the hospital. " F smiled, " If you don't mind, will you please have a glance at this book of mine. " He accepted it and the Founder thanked him.
The F returned the next morning. As he entered the compound, forgetting his position as a collector, he came running and shouting, " JAY MAI JAY MARKAND MAI " and opened the motor-door like a brother.  The Founder was surprised.  " What has happened to you??  " Said Mr. M , " Conversion in a night ' Universal ' !! No bitterness of individual religions !! Religion itself to mean Love and Service !! What what what do you so boldly say !! Even if  a man does not believe  in the very existence of God, you call such a man Religious if he lives the life of Love and Service !! Has any religion said so in such a explicit bold terms  ? " Founder said with the highest joy , " It is not this humble creature  who can dare say that. It is Jay Mai that has shown  condescension to the suffering world , out of Her mercifulness for Her children, in this new age. "
Founder says ," Let the patient in his last days eat whatever he likes. If he take these six Mother pills he will be saved." Founder in the most deplorable condition of religion  and religiosity takes the attitude of an examiner, who asks, " Which chapter do you know best ? Which questions  can you best answer ?  You give me the questions  I may examine you with, and answer them  with your very text books  before you. I don't want to lock up my University and Colleges . Tomorrow most brilliant scholars will come forth, if these survive ". 
There should be no startling consternation, at a large number of sub - religions. India with so many sub-religions , each one strictly followed by its followers , would be many times much superior to India with an idealistic, hazy, indefinite, chaotic, one Major Religion in Name, neither in belief, nor in action, nor in life .
I do appreciate the practical hardship and difficulty. A man may think one way today and his view may change tommorow. The wisest foresight is to define your religion as broadly as you can. Don't be retreating step after step with the world's slaps.  It is not merely a defeat but a source and cause of contempt and of mutual hatred  between the blinder and the bound.
Mai-ism brings down six thousand six hundred and sixty six things to six things only. Six things are also reduced to three trios' (1) Humanity, Love and Service (2) Mother, Devotion and Self-surrender and (3) God, Guru and Disciple. Take up any trio and fire on. Mother speed you. No handicaps of what to dine, when to bath , whom not to touch, which temple, which river, which pilgrimage place, whom to marry, which priest, etc., etc.
Founder says, " For all matters , ask your Mother yourself, when in fully serious and devotional mood. Consult your Guru if have any and chalk out your line of action, in which you don't infringe your  selected principles , with Love and Service , Devotion and Self-surrender; I have nothing else to lay down as a compulsory measure. " 
I come back to the oldest of old truths. Your benefit is to be measured in terms of your oneness with your Guru , the intensity of your oneness, the intensity of your self-surrender, love, service and devotion to your Guru. The period of your contact ; the repetition of your Sadhana and time given for settlement and maturity. What Guru gives that much alone the Shishya gets.  As many Rupees annas and pies, the Shishya get. The rest is all delusion and consolation; the crucial-most truth for the modern world that hates the very idea of Guru.
My hearts throbs to declare . " All my labours on them that were not impregnated with the candid and ardent spirit and felling of a Shishya towards Guru are lost."
A mother asked her son to fetch water from a pipe. The boy goes with a vessel and shouts , " Mother I don't get water. " Mother looks. He has held vessel above the pipe. Mother shouts," You can't get even a drop unless you hold your vessel below the pipe. The son holds the vessel below the pipe. Again he shouts, " Mother I don't get water. " Mother looks. He has not held it exactly below the spray. Mother shouts, " You can't get it unless you are holding your vessel in the very same straight line." The son holds it in a straight line. Says he," Mother, I don't get water." Mother shouts ," don't hold your vessel inverted."
The Founder says," Don't expect a single drop, unless in the first place , you have a conviction , you are lower than the Guru. Your juggleries of sweet words , little small nominal services, your cheating with two oranges and three plantains , won't do."
Secondly, you be in his straight line. Don't expect the pipe to shift its mouth to be in line with your vessel. Thirdly if you are already full of perversion , all teachings turn poisonous  like the milk to a serpent. If you turn perverted later, one variety of which is treacherousness to the Guru himself , even then you can't continue  to carry a single drop.
Every one can't be perfect from the first day. One has however a way out., " I will be wicked to the whole world but  not to my Guru."I will be thinking and practising all impurities, but not during the moments I am in presence of my Guru. " This much accepted and observed , put the whims-hurt machine into vigorous action, till the smallest atom of  a charge become a tremendously huge charge.
Guru-Droha , treachery to the Guru, is the highest religious crime. The Guru teaches his disciples and allows him to learn everything and then the fellow turns to break and becomes a different man altogether , as if he had never has met his Guru. Their perverted mentality is this. They think they have an as good right to God or deity, and Guru is only an intermediary  nuisance, just like a peon of an officer. He is simply to be kelp pleased with four-anna-piece. " Once we are admitted in , we know how to kick the Guru. " Such people think themselves within their minds to be much greater than the Guru.  Such people have no idea of the Divine working.  They rely too much on their intellect, and think they have the last card   in their sleeve, of shedding two tears before God  and Guru with a few word  of repentance.
Persons believe that , once they have agreed to do a little something of a prayer or worship, not a single misery should befall them, as if Mother has enslaved Herself  to them for a few crumbs of prayers. They rush on their Guru , get wrathful. Abandon all relations with God and Guru forgetting all life long benefits . When they again gets kicks and slaps they return to God and Guru.
Only a few days back, one person came to the Founder, after a long disconnection. He most seriously said," I was determined not to come to Mother and to you but I finally decided. Let Mother be a Kumata ( wicked mother ) , but I should not be a Kuputra ( wicked son ). Of course, he was seriously hurt in financial prospects and had a painful setback. But he would never bring in his former huge uplifts through Mother's Grace , or his unfitness, unfavorable circumstances , worldly enmity or Prarabdha etc. This is the highest height of  a perversion which the Founder had never dreamt during his whole life.  Just the reverse of what we have learnt from centuries, taught by Shri Sankaracharya  ." So many sons have become wicked but no mother has yet ever become wicked. "Please note, I am not talking of some villagers  or uneducated or penniless people . My experience has been drawn from the society of the highest middle-class and highest education.
My labours are amply rewarded if I am leaving one lesson after me viz., the indispensability of a Guru ( be he whomever you select and change him whenever you decide ), and the strict disciplinary observance of the Guru-Shishya relationship. If you can't be true , good, just and faithful to one person out of millions around you , whom you select , where is there even a phantom of hopefulness for the results  of  a solid Sadhana ? By Sadhana, I mean the smallest effort for the achievement  of the smallest thing about one's religious progress.
For spiritual progress, a time does arrive  when you have to say goodbye to the world . We may or may not leave homes . One Mai-istic formula is Bhagjana, Bhulajana, Milajana and Mitjana ( run away, forget, live  with Guru , wipe out individuality).
Create maximum leisure by reducing your outer wants and activities. Minimize your responsibilities and conserve your energies. Keep yourself in a company of a superman, for as many moments of your every day as you can. See that your desire do not pull you out from your hidden obscure corner shelter. Try to control yourself as much as you can. When you can't silently suffer , but don't seek a remedy which would in turn bring up a forest of more formidable evils. Utilize the first opportunity of running away   from the temptation  again to your safe corner. Set all worldly considerations aside  making their value a cipher , if thereby you escape a pitfall of your slipping in to the mouth of devilishness. Be prepared to be called a coward, a rough man, a rustic, an idiot or even a mad or a bad man , a vicious man, a faithless man  or even an ungrateful man. People's good opinion or applause about you is nothing in contrast to your own moral degradation.
In life, there are there are many calamities and trying situations. When one has to weigh the worldly benefits  and considerations against one's spiritual elevation, or debasement , one must invariably decide in favor of spiritual elevation , foregoing all the worldly calculations and future prospects.
Come what may. Don't leave Mother's Lotus Feet. You have a right to the Mother's Feet and Lap. It is enough that you have tried your best not to be pulled out, and that you have again returned. You area again welcome to the safe corner of purity and rest and peace. Run back at the earliest opportunity. Your right living become so interwoven in your life , that  whenever you make  a departure, you are filled with unique uneasiness and confusion. You must be so guile-lessness-stamped in your face that even the dullest man of the world would detect you out and force you to be driven back to your corner with a little suffering. Develop your mind to be so sensitive that you yourself can't remain composed, till you have vomited out your wrong actions, intentions, sins, faults and follies.
I assure you from my personal experience . If you are a devotee, Mother saves you with only a slight reproach and a warning and a little loss. She changes the minds of people . How rarest thing it is to meet a man who make confessions with repentance and resolution  not to repeat the folly ? Mother helps you in such cases most miraculously. It is the Divine arrangement that saints are harassed by the world , even on false accusations  to make them more and more unattached to the world , and to be pulled toward the God.
Nip in the bud, a vicious thought, wish or action. Let the improvement of others be now, only a side activity of your life. Let that infatuation of duty go. A general high sense of duty must be uniform and of the same intensity and not restricted to wife and children only. Every man has his duty towards God, himself, Universe, parents, brothers and sisters and neighbors and posterity as well.  Wife and children themselves, although fully mature and discrete, never think about the indispensability by your care and protection, as much as you are dancing about under the name of duty. You have to play your inevitable part alone, with the least attachment.
Every man who has worked hard and gone out of righteousness has  a feeling of disgust  at the end  when he finds and discovers the real mentalities of them  whom he looks upon as helpless dependents and dying without him and as ready for very sacrifice for him, when he sees things incompatible with his lifelong exertions and expectations.
Your living as a householder or a relinquisher of the family life is a matter of much less importance than the reality about how you live every moment of your life . You have to pay off your debts. As soon as you are nearing the mark automatically, all the circumstances of life will change, to create a position suited to your new requirements.

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