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Mai's grace Chapter 6 of Abridged Mai-ism





The Founder's first residence in Bombay (Mumbai) was that of Parixit M. Rai in Santa Cruz, the second of P.D. Dalal in Malad and the third of Pramodshankar M. Dixit in Matunga. This P.M.D., a pucca scientist and atheist had wonderful experiences of Mother's Grace. He was suffering from an incurable disease. Someone told him," When you have fully assured the disease cannot be cured by any doctor, tell me, I will bring you a religious doctor who will surely cure you."
The Founder was taken to P.M.D. He could not pass stools without a painful crying for an hour and a half. The host began thus," I do not believe in God and religion and all the humbugs going in the name of religion. In as much however as my wife and children have a claim over me, I do not object to following your any instructions. "His wife and daughter begged the Founder's pardon and entreated the Founder not to mind the impudence. The Founder said," You have no idea of Mother's Mercy. I will be here next Friday."
The next Friday, the Founder prayed to the Mother that was installed and performed his Mantras etc. and gave him water; " Just have a drink and go to your lavatory." The wonder of wonders. No pain at all.  Atheism which was there for over forty-nine years evaporated in two hours. P.M.D. asked, "What is the whole process working? " Founder said, "MOTHER'S PURE AND SIMPLE GRACE."
A change cannot be complete in a day. P.M.D. began to think in a way, that there may be certain effects of previous treatments, which accidentally synchronized with his drinking the " Sanctified water ". He very respectfully and apologetically expressed his doubts. The Founder said," Do you think you are cured? Well then, report to me the results of tomorrow." The same old crying. P.M.D. was convinced that the medicine lay latent in the magnetized Lotus Feet waters.
P.M.D. argued there must be something like a phonetic effect. A certain sound may be attracting from the ether which might have the curing property. The Founder said," What is the meaning of this obstinacy? If you find a wonderful drug administered to you by a doctor of medicine, would you not believe in the story as to how and where it was prepared? What is the meaning of  your fabricating some argument based on imagination and dismissing the theory explained by the successful experimenter himself ?" P.M.D. decided to perform the very same things which the Founder did. The water did give a partial effect. There were repetitions of experiences. Founder's water had a full effect. P's water had a partial effect,. No water sipping, the same old crying.  P had already after a few days, turn to be a believer; but still, up till now, he believes there is something in the Founder himself and he does not go beyond the Founder, although he now admits the existence of God in an abstract conception. He would insist on holding," You yourself are Mai, you can do what you will; I have no proof for believing there is some higher power outside you and other than you working through you. I simply accept because you say so."
A combination of a scientific brain and a devotional heart is a rarity. Science and religion although seemingly diagonally opposite are right and left hands of, or the horizontal or vertical wheels of a compact a machinery, which serve humanity, and are both subservient to the Mother's Divine Will. The one deals with the grossest element of matter and the with the subtlest element of mind.

The Founder had to stay at Malad and could not go to P.M.D. as often as required. P.M.D. suggested," You depute your powers to my daughter." Founder deputed his powers to her for the period P.M.D. was ill. She was made to sit before Mother and the needful initiation and delegation ceremony were done. The disease was entirely cured within nine weeks - the usual time which Founder states to all.

There are certain peculiarities about the Founder, which are interesting. One thing is, he is extremely fond of mango pickles or pungent things. If there is a case of high fever, he would ask for hot pickles or for pungent chutney. As he would go on eating, at intervals, the temperature would go down. Once in Poona [Pune], Founder was called for by a sister who attended Mother's worship on Fridays; the lady said her husband had a fever, their nephew was to be married at Surat and their programme was to start the next evening and they were to perform the ceremony. What will happen?  Said the Founder laughingly," Do you require to be yet taught the remedy, after the personal experience? The whole thing depends on the number of pickles you can spare for Mai ". The Founder returned home. In the morning he was informed a big pickle jar was received from G-sahib. Founder laughed outright and send a note to the lady that he would see that there is no fever at least till they return from Surat. There was no fever.

At Hubli, a high fever was reported to Founder by the mother of an officer. Founder replied," Prepare the nicest pungent chutney and send it immediately. " This was at 10 A.M. At 5 p.m. the mother came; she said the fever was increasing. The Founder said in a low tone," What else can it be if you can not send even two annas' worth of chutney to Mai? "  Mother said," What do you talk? I had immediately sent it ". It was not received. The officer's peon had gone home intending to hand it over to Founder before night meals. Said the Founder," Well, you can't go now." He asked his cook to prepare chutney and began to eat it. He said to her," You are not to go till news comes from your home  that he is normal." Very soon the peon came with the said news.

The Founder has funny ways. Whenever there is a serious case of disease, Founder asks for a beautiful notebook with the best paper and best wrapper. He would then retire in a room and go on writing what pleases him. The notebook is not to be returned. His absorption in Mother while singing Her praises and writing them in the notebook would be working miraculously there. Nine Fridays would be the maximum time.

The founder explains the whole working as under: - First of all, let it be clear that there is nothing in me. Mother has me only an instrument for Her own work. She wants that the world should be the world of Mai-ists believing in the six tenets, with all the secondary matters of religion only a secondary importance and considered almost dispensable.

Re: The working process: The installation of Mother is a great thing in itself. Once the Mother is installed. although She may be ignored as soon as the calamity is gone, yet someone in the house would be taking a liking and a devotional relish and though in a broken and discontinuous way, the worship will have a more or less permanent footing in the family on Mother giving proofs after proofs of Her Grace. The Universal simple teaching of Mai-ism will spread gradually and the world will be better.

The Founder says," The highest human blunder is, people, do not realize. Every smallest thing you yourself have to achieve on your own exertion. Nothing will automatically happen by itself." Founder also says," Do not expect higher things to come up without Mother's Mercy and Guru's Grace. On the spiritual path, you need a Guru, whoever he be, who is deeply interested in your welfare, and in whom you have full faith. Let him only one step ahead of you.  That is enough. The test of a solid Guru - Shishya relationship is how far Guru loves you and how far you love, confine in him and serve him. Guru does serve you but on a higher plane.
The process starts with the disciple moving the heart of the Guru to get a certain thing from Mother. The Guru does not know the disciple's innermost intentions or his worthiness and his place and part in the cosmic arrangement. The Guru knows everything past, present and future is a faith and not always a fact. It therefore may happen that Mother may refuse to give because neither the Guru nor the disciple knows what is good or bad for the disciple.

There are instances which show that while Mother is refusing a certain demand, She has been actually saving a man from a long-sighted seen calamity. The difficulty comes in because most of us are habitual shameless beggars. There is no end to asking and begging.

Here the Mai-istic outlook is different. Mai-ism does understand that Nishkama Bhakti is superior to Sakama Bhakti. The difference is here. Mai-ism does not call him a shameless beggar whose begging has no end. Mai-ism does not drive him out, does not spurn him. Mai-ism has the heart of a  Mother. Mai-ism does not call such a person a shameless beggar, but a senseless immature child. It is easy for a college principal to select only first class boys for admission and show brilliant results. That is not for them, who want to see the whole world enjoys the benefit of being educated. Mai-ism believes in lifting the person at whichever stage that person is.

At the All Faiths-Conference in 1933, the Founder said," To the true Mother's son, murderers are brothers and wayward women are sisters ."

The Founder says, people as also preachers totally forget how practically impossible it is for anyone to leave off his desires simply because some preachers tell him," Don't desire. Curb your desires. Be desire less." Mai-ism takes an extremely patient view. It says," Children are bound to be so. Let them grow in wisdom. A time will surely come when without telling them you should not ask, they themselves will not ask."

Moving Mother to shower Her Mercy for a simple legitimate desire is often done by the Guru. Both Guru and disciple, sitting at the same precise hour, where they may be, repeat the same Mantra and meditate on Mother's picture. In synchronism with the disciple, the Guru performs the first part, but the second part of the Guru involves much harder work. He has to be annexing his mind with that of the disciple at one end, and the Mother at the other. He has to be the connecting link, with single-pointedness and devotional meditation. The Mother acceptable efficiency of the second part would depend on the true relationship between Guru and disciple. Mother's Mercy, Guru's Grace, disciple's exertion all three together bring forth a certain desired result. As to the remedies of pleasing God and Guru, the same universal Mai-istic formula holds good: " Love, Service, Devotion and Self Surrender."

Nishkama superiority and Sakama inferiority is a wasteful debate. None can rise above what he actually is by the stroke of a sound on the ear tympanum. We have every right to demand help and consolation from Mai, commensurate with our capacities and circumstances. Our requirement is to be true to Guru and God, with a determined living of "  We shall develop in ourselves the Love Service Devotion and Surrender to our God and Guru and Mother's children, as far as we can." Have the cleanest notion, you have to go on reducing your desires and developing your higher joys."  The Guru has to catch your hand and take you gradually over a mountain without minding your going astray on seeing tempting things. The Guru must just laugh at your weakness, but not spurn or scold. The Guru may fret but he has not to forsake unless the disciple leaves him.

If the Guru becomes Mother to you in mutual relationship, and if you have every love for your Guru, it does not matter, you may be cunning, wicked, impure, degenerate and of perverted reasoning ; everything will be made straight in due course, provided you stick up, love, serve to devote and surrender.

The day you have decided, you will love and serve your Guru and God,, the day you have decided , you will put all your cards before your Guru, the day you have decided, you will try your best, as far as you can to carry out his instructions and wishes, the day you make resolution," Come what may, I shall not leave my God and Guru ", your name stands embossed in gold as in the winner of the race, someday.
We meet with some cases of people where, after nine successes, the tenth result, a failure, makes the whole undertaking a failure. The reason is that people think as if Mother's Grace were simply the wages of certain mechanical exercises. They don't bring in into calculations, their general behaviour to others, their sanctity and purity. Mother wants to make your way easier, only if you are turning your steps towards Her and true religiosity. On the other hand, the response of the Grace-seekers is not sincere and honest; they are waiting for the last item of a certain undertaking to be successful, for turning truant to God and Guru.

One would be surprised and shocked to find a marvellous change in them before and after, the success, in their dealings with all. The really underline fact in such cases is that the approach which seemed to be so very full of humility and sincerity and goodness was only a played part, with great artificiality and cleverness. They become temporarily religious as long as they are in the clutches of a calamity. Calamity went, religiosity gone and remembrance and gratitude gone. In such cases, the Divine Grace and Help is later withdrawn. People trifle with God and God's help and fail miserably. Their outlook may also be called extremely poor because they do not realize that they will be needing God's Grace, all their life throughout.

Please note the subtle most difference. You may demand and get much more than any other man, but your approach counts, how you look upon Almighty and what relations you have. Demanding and donating is the most trivial part of the whole relationship.

The Founder is not explaining some intricate point. Intellectually knowing a certain truth is only a preliminary step. First, you have to create faith in the truthfulness of the truth. The truthfulness must be constantly before your eyes. Whenever the corresponding allied situations of action arise, you have to exert, you have to pass through a continued practice of rising, falling, re-rising, ad infinitum, till you achieve mastery.

People hate things because they are new, as they disturb them from the inertia of their deep stupor. People refuse to stir up because there is nothing new to break the centuries-old monotony already known to them. People forget the highest truth namely, that there can be nothing new in its absolutely fundamental nature in the realm of Religiosity under the Sun because true religiosity was born with the Universe.

There is no hopelessness for even over fondled children. Where is, in all reality, love for God and Guru, as of a child to its mother? A child finds itself uneasy without the mother. Do you feel that? You disown your God and Guru in no time. Someone asks you," I learn you believe in God as Mother." You immediately get funky and said," All deities are same. They are only different names for One  Final - most Thing. " You shrink. You disown Mother. You have not even the ordinary moral courage which a seven years child has, that says, " There, that standing in the green garment is my mother." The same thing regarding your Guru. Have you ever thought deeply? You want your God and Guru to come in when you want and to disappear when you don't want them. Where is even the most elementary fitness? The natural fitness or even a child to its mother?

Millions of things have been stated and will be stated in the name of religion. If you like you may strike out the Guru. The only path of salvation is Love, Service, Devotion and Surrender to your God and that teaching is Mai-ism.
To return to the working, the process is the single-minded prayer, meditation and appeal. The brain and the body must be doing only irreducible minimum things mechanically. Everything must evaporate from the mind. The mind must become one with the all-comprehensive conception you have about  Mother. The prayer has to reach a certain intensity. Your mind must reach the melting point and your heart, the boiling point. Grace - demanding is an actual work to be done to reach the boiling and melting points. It is only one syllable of your prayer or only one name repetition that secures the whole Grace-showering work. The main - most point is, that name or syllable should be from the mind that has already melted and the heart that has already been boiled.
The Founder is for sweating and earning the bread with hard labour with patience and perseverance. There is no 'Choo-Mantar'. For hammering this truth on persons who believe ceremonious performance to be the complete thing for worldly success, it is necessary to state here, that many Mantra Shastri has endearingly told the Founder that there is no greater power than God 's or Mother's Love, which the Founder is preaching all his life.

Guru-Shishya relationship is the very basic body and the soul of religious progress. At a higher stage, it also happens that your Ideal and Deity becomes your Guru, but anyway, you do need a Guru. There are stages in life and moments of weakness when only the Guru can help you.
You ask someone," Is not serving God's children a great act of religion? " No devil will deny. But in front of your house, a man falls from the scaffolding of a building under construction. Someone asks your motor to carry him to the hospital. You have to choose between sparring the motor to carry the man, on one hand, and for your wife to go for her daily routine of prostration to the deity, on the other hand. There the difference comes. The Founder says, " You do not know serving God's children is also religion.".  People would say, " Do we not know such a simple thing? What new thing are you telling us? "

That service to God's children has not been recognized as religious in actual living is a truth. In one of the Navaratra holidays, a relative of the Founder went out with a small daughter ( 8 years ) and lost her in the Bhadrakali Temple. The girl did not know the address of her house. She was sitting on the otta weeping hard and people in hundreds were doing their  " Jay Jay Bhadrakali Mata Ki Jay " in loudest shouts. Not a single man took pity on her. One however proved to be an exception. There was the greatest sorrow in the house due to the girl being lost. The philanthropic man brought her home. He was greatly thanked by the Founder's sister who explained to him the ideal of Mai-ism. The man, excusing himself while leaving, said, " I have lost the camel while going to save the goat. On this last ninth day, I have broken my vow of having the daily Bhadrakali Darshan. "  Just then, the Founder returned after searching for the girl. Founder's sister told the whole story, as also man's regret. The Founder said, " You have absolutely no idea of Mother's Mercy. If you could not go to Mother, because you were engaged in serving a helpless child of Mother, Mother will come to you to give Darshan in the dream. " The next day the man ran down on the Founder to express his bliss as he had the dream in which Bhadrakali blessed him.

The first requirement for the attainment of Grace is " SERVICE WITH LOVE". The service may be physical, mental or financial. Service by a disciple means a physical or mental activity, labour, exertion and worry with the mentality and humility of a household servant to his lifelong master. The physical serving of the disciple is that action, which he would not have done in the usual walk of life, neither for any other person nor even for himself, and which few others would do.  Your service must be solid, unique and emergent. It must have 'thrusts' to your Guru and like the head thrust of the calf must make the cow to milk. Your Guru must be pained to watch the degree of your humility, selflessness and painstakingness.  Your Guru should feel indebted and should be waiting, how he should make the return when you make the demand.

The Founder says, " I assure you, the very idea of the service rendered to any suffering person having a direct bearing with the pleasing of God is not there. Service does not stand religionised. Mother's ideal is religionisation of service. "
Returning to the matter of achieving religious progress, without the actual exertion of passing through an achievement, without not only devoting certain time money and energy but also temporarily considering the achievement to be only your only goal for the time being, and without a determination and discrimination, you can't progress even an inch.

Your relations with the world should be those of love, service, devotion and surrender, of course to the extent possible for you. Anyway, the consciousness about the powerful influences of these factors must be there. Your desires should not be much beyond your worth, nor immoral, irreligious and harmful.
Your relations with your Guru should be that of love and service. devotion and surrender. As a matter of fact, you have to practice on a miniature scale the very same thing as you are later required to do with God. With full knowledge about your insincerity and exaggeration, the Guru loves you for all that, as you are on the line and are sure to reach your destination.

We are talking about Mother's religion. Tolerable insincerity even a little falsehood free from wickedness won't be useful in the Fatherly disciplinary school unless Father acts as Mother. Father in few cases does act as Mother, Mother has sometimes to act as Father. God as Father or God as Mother, means God that deals with us in a fatherly manner or a motherly manner.

Coming to Mother Herself, She wants Love, Service, Devotion and Surrender of a much higher order. Service, as stated, is bodily, mental and monetary. Mother expect you to be worshipping Her and helping Her cause by money dedications in proportionate to your status or what benefits you derive through Her Grace.

 A certain family in Ahmedabad [a matter of February 1950 ] doing business was in rack and ruin. Its trading agency was ordered to be stopped from March 1950 which would mean a winding up of a business giving a net profit of Rs. 25,000 a year. The head of the family approached the Founder and explained the whole situation.  Said the Founder, " You prove your bonafides by offering Rs. 125 to Mother, before which I can't do anything because I have the worst experience of the world after their work is done." A cheque was immediately passed. Said the man, " To be saved from my present situation, I want a loan of three lakhs and an extension of my agency and the cancelling of the order of its termination by the end of March1950."

Said the Founder," You pray like this, installing Mother." They prayed strongly all in one, the whole family, because, unless Mother helped, the family was going to be entirely ruined. None would advance even Rs. 50,000. All the property would be attached. In a less than a week, the German firm cancelled the order and extended the period to three months.  Today's death was shifted. There were letters of joyfulness and thankfulness and thanksgiving with a heart of devotion to Mother. The whole family took to the devotion and Mai Japa " Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai " ( daily one hour programme for the whole family at night ). The agency was renewed still further up to December 1950.

Further, before the usual nine Fridays' time limit expired, the world was as I was overturned and a rich man of Bombay came forward to advance a loan of four lakhs.
Can we imagine greater mercifulness? Mother has helped families out of calamities, beyond imagination, only on a mere appearance of self-surrender to Her.

The merchant came down to Bombay, saw the Founder with his daughter, and a nice Mother-worship which pleased the Founder most.

If anyone approaches the Founder and tears, true or feigned, trickle from his eyes - finished.; Founder starts a new clean slate with the man. Even with a person, who had run away with his clothes and fifty rupees in his college days, there was nothing in the judgment of the Founder, in re-entertaining him as a guest, because he expressed sorrow. Has any Mother discarded her son because he is stingy, or loses his head frequently, or goes a bit immoral? No. Her work is to improve him and not gnash Her teeth, provided he has obediently, lovingly and serving surrendered himself to Her. He is to be chastened and not forsaken. That is Mother's Love. He is to be punished, scolded, guided but protected so long as he is Mother's and continues to be Mother's.
Once during college days, Founder was travelling in a train from Bombay [ Mumbai ] to Petlad. There was a co-passenger who had a basket of sweets, to be handed over to someone in Petlad. At Anand, a junction, the luggage inspector checked the luggage.; the excess was only due to the sweet-meat package. The passenger lost his patience and decided to eat the sweets. The Founder intervened and said to the Railway inspector," You are punishing him for his greediness. He will cease to be good. He does not take notice of you or me. Let him eat away, but should he not give something to me? I had given him a corner to sleep. First, decide my complaint. " All laughed. The inspector left. And  the Founder made a note," This life of ours is a gift or a trust given to us by Merciful Mother like this sweet packet."
Mother can set things in no time with a supreme command. But then where is the playfulness or joy? Mother wants to enjoy the pleasure of seeing how people try to cheat Her, ignore Her. She tolerates our weakness but not our wickedness.

There are two issues: one, the abuse of Mother's Grace and to make Mother carry your burdens. An abuse of Mother's Grace results in a most painful reaction. An educated man had the wonderful experience of what can be achieved by repeating " Jay Mai Jay Markand Mai " attaching thereto a Sanskrit expression of desire. Several months later, the Founder had a letter from the man stating he had great bowels' troubles, viz., constipation. He can not leave the place without pain. Many medicines were tried but the trouble became a great handicap. One night while praying, The Founder got a singular idea," He must have troubled many  while passing their motion." The Founder wrote to him inquiring if it was his play to disturb people during their natural calls. The man admitted he was often trying on people who would be going in and get his faith regarding the Mantra efficacy increased ", on their immediately getting out confused. The Founder took him right and left, stating that a similar experience might have led Gurus in the past to be reluctant about giving Mantra Vidya. The only course open to you is to be repeating the Mantra with an expression of repentance and apologizing when any people are in  ". He had to do that and was cured.
Any pendulum has the same amplitude on both sides. If Mai Mantra is much more efficacious than other Mantras, it is also equally much more punitive for its abuse.

The above instance of a childish experiment-making mind of one of that class of proud men who usually consider other people as inferior. " Others are not human beings " is the disease of the rich educated world.
The other instance was that of his own cook in Dharwar. The cook heard Founder saying to his disciples," Mother will do anything for you; She will cook for you", was alone for two days when Founder had gone to Hubli.  He kneaded the floor, turned it into the dough and closed the doors of the kitchen saying," Mother I am tired. you prepare bread." He went out locking the door and returned after two hours. He found everything as he had left. He began to abuse Mother, as he heard Founder was sometimes doing in his ecstasy. In the night, he had a dream, " Don't be a fool. If you repeat the folly again, you will suffer heavily." Partly with obstinacy and partly with a desire to finish the experiment, he persisted. After all, the Founder was there to save him. He repeated the same thing the second night. He saw a terrible form and heard the words " Have you this cheek after I had warned you? " He fell senseless and had a high fever. He lay unconscious when Founder returned from Hubli. He got his senses after being treated and had a fever for four or five days even after founder had prayed.
Saints advise transferring your burden to your deity in this sense: " Consigning all worries, dedicating them, dispossessing yourself about them, leaving them to the deity, not to be further thought about. ". There can be even a remote idea of coercion for immature people," I am so much for Thee, canst Thou not do even so much for me? Then, what art Thou far? " That is coercion. This view is not impossible. Ask your conscience.
The idea is that of renunciation and surrender and not that of compelling the deity or expecting the deity to do your work or transferring the management of your worries to God or Mother.
Has any man achieved anything without labour? yet how foolishly does he consider spiritual progress to be the work of a magic wand?T his delusion is due to people seeing saints being worshipped, remaining all the while in the dark about how much they have suffered. The Founder is therefor insistent upon having each saint's laid down in black and white. Let at least Mai-ists wipe out all notions about Choo-Mantar mentality.
Your burden you have to lift and carry. Mother will only refresh you. The portion of work to be attributed to Mother has to be just by way of Her blessing your exertions with success. I have read imitation of Christ for times without number.   When the above view was  foremost in my mind, I came to a sentence," Come to me  all ye that labour and are burdened  and I will refresh you ."The  Mother may do much more, but you are not justified in expecting anything more than being refreshed.
Regarding the resulting benefit, spiritual as also worldly, we sometimes hear complaints from beginners about no progress in spite of continued devotion. On analysis some reasons are these :
1] People want to buy heaven out of a penny.
2] Progress is not seen until water actually flows from a well-pump although  water has been rising in the pipe with every stroke
3] Spiritual benefit of cessation of worry is not counted as achievement although enjoyed.
4] People don't differentiate between material and spiritual happiness.
5] Other people's happiness for comparison is pictured in imagination in ignorance of facts.
6] Some won't feel happy unless they happy in every manner perfectly.
7] Some have an extremely narrow view about the amount and type of labour required to achieve some solid progress. The whole difficulty arises from the fact that people do not know their real levels.
Whenever anyone decides to be taking up the course of self-evolution, he usually commits the blunder of putting himself in a class much higher than his real one. His time and labour get wasted. Just as there are physical limits, there are mental, moral, religious and spiritual limits. You can't go beyond them The difference is that physical limits are too gross to be enlarged whereas other limits can be enlarged.
The founder classified devotees into nine groups :
1]  Mai- Darshan -Bhakta  = is just for casually seeing things
2]  Mai-Prasad- Bhakta  = is for small gains and company pleasure
3]  Mai- Arta -Bhakta  = is the actually distressed
4]  Mai - Laukika - Bhakta  = is a good religious honest, honourable householder.
5]  Mai - Sadhana - Bhakta =  is one with a religious goal who exerts his utmost to achieve spiritual progress
6]  Mai - Vidharmi - Bhakta  =  is one who has achieved powers, loses his balance with a swollen head and begins to slip with a retrograde motion.
7]  Mai - Jivana - Bhakta   = is an established fixed soul who lives his life with religiosity, in thought, word and deed.
8]  Mai  - Sharanagata - Bhakta  = lives his life as self - surrendered, caring for nothing except the welfare of the humanity; he lives the life as Mother's World Minister
9] Mai - Ananya - Bhakta  = is engaged in nothing, except Mother and Mother's personal work and contact and communion; he is in direct relationship with Mother and has retired from service  rendered to the Universe
The experiences of the Founder in the hospital at Ahmedabad, and in Hubli for twelve days are instances of Ananya Bhakti.
Sadhana requires a strictly disciplined life. The Founder insists on celibacy, harmlessness, non-acceptance ( Aparigraha), truth and food purity. A Sadhaka should never be under the obligation of any other man. This Aparigraha is of the highest importance. He should always be a giver. Every evil thought, every lie and every injury done to others should be felt as a self-inflicted blow. Regarding food, never forget that each food element, that goes to form your body, head and heart, has not only a material quality but a mental, moral, religious and spiritual property, as well. At least let nothing go below your throat, which is not Mother dedicated.
Don't remain under the old delusion about the results of mechanically done Mantras. It is Mother that grants success, on being pleased. The results of your prayers are dependent on how far you are righteous, pure and benevolent and how far your service and sacrifice for Mother's children go. All these count much more than your flowery language, the correctness of pronunciation, the richness of offerings and observance of spiritual details.
Highest devotion means simply talking to Mother, just as you talk to your mother in the kitchen on your way to your room with your friend to the purport that the friend is to dine with you.
If the definition of Religion as made by Mai-ism be popularly accepted, viz., that Religion means selflessness and love and service to all, the world will be much more happy than by knowing how the universe was created, how many hells and heavens there are. Similar questions do not go a bit to help the average man. Mai-ism says, leave all that to be taught to you by Mother. Your ignorance about these questions is no handicap to your progress or happiness.
The secret of Mai - Sadhana. Associating a certain Divine thought and interviewing the same with Mother's name representing that ideal, there must be repetitions of sublime most emotions till big bee-hives are formed in your heart and brain. The bees so formed by your untiring exertions will bite the inimical evil desires and thoughts. Start with an atom of faith, even though only as an experiment.
Another problem is, although we wish we may love and serve others, yet something prevents us. Then comes the realization of your enslavement to the six enemies within you. [ Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsar. ] Then comes the determination to overpower them. Thereafter comes the tiredness of the constant struggle. Here come the higher joys and the powerful divine spiritual help of the deities to their devotees. Then comes the question of how to keep the deities pleased. Then comes the self - control and self - denial.
Enrich your bank balance of merit and Mother's Grace by repetition of  " jay Mai Jay Markand Mai ".
Just when I am writing these lines, I receive a letter from a devotee ( 20 May 1950, Kocharb, Ahmedabad, he calls himself Mai Swarup Mugdha Shishu  [ Mute child of  Mai - Swarup): " On the night of 25  April this weakling of yours, after dangerously suffering from high temperatures, had difficulty in breathing with most complete symptoms of   imminent death. All kith and kin expected what was inevitable. Only this mute child of yours was adamantine to refuse all help from without and kept on mentally chanting " Jay Markand Rupa Markand Mai, Marak Tarak Eka Mai " with the result he personally writes this Thanksgiving. "
People like to be considered and called religious without being religious. People want proofs of God's Grace. When authentic instances are quoted, they will belittle those happenings or they themselves quote more miraculous cock and bull stories. They would never take the trouble of investigation and enquiry, and on the top of everything, persons concerned in the description of a certain experience, will not bear out the man who works hard at getting such instances.
During a calamity, a man is not himself, he becomes lamb-like, God-fearing and humble. God, Guru, Divine Law all look standing ready. The calamity over, he returns to his original self and wonders how, so very lion-hearted, he had become lamb-like. It is only the good luck of few blessed to have a conviction about which stage was really superior. What a tremendous power, Maya holds over man! But, all the same, Mai-ism is very optimistic.
What is wanted is hundreds of repetitions and any man becomes surely much better than before, with pains, patience and perseverance. The higher the spiritual, and religious and moral stage and living of a man, the greater is the peace of mind, happiness and cessation of misery.
Pray, Pray. Concentrate. Be attracted to Mother. You will have attractivity in return. Make your environment happy by Love and Service.  Make your inner self-purer by Devotion and Surrender. You are many times much better. You will make yourself and all around you happy.
Jay Mai Jay Mai Jay Mai

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